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How to Develop Hypnotic Credibility

Posted: 2018-07-24 By William T Batten


“In Neuroscience for Hypnotists, William Batten goes just deep enough to deliver practical insights about the brain and more. The topics covered have boosted my confidence, professionalism, and most importantly, my curiosity. This book adds to the wonder of both human potential and hypnosis.”


- Billy Weisberg, Hypnotherapist



“This is a highly recommended read to anybody either in the field or wanting to understand how the brain and body really work.  Having a great style or writing with a fun attitude makes this read fast and easy.  Would definitely recommend this to any digital library as a great education tool.”


- Jack Chang, L.Ac., C.Ht.




Some hypnotists have amazing skills and still struggle. Transforming someone’s life isn’t the same as persuading them to give hypnosis a shot, after all.


Potential clients want you to help them.


Doctors want to refer people to you.


But what’s the one thing that stands in their way? What’s something that they need to see to know that you are right for them?




When talking to people, you need to be able to refer to the science. Once upon a time, this wasn’t the case. In today’s world, science is what elevates you above the fakes and frauds trying to woo your clients.


It doesn’t take hours of study, though. Neuroscience for Hypnotists explains how hypnosis and the brain work. In it, you will read stories, compelling descriptions and realistic scenarios that help you remember the facts… and explain them.


You don’t need to be an expert. All you need is everything that’s right here:



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