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November 3, 1956

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As a Client, Part Time Practice

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I am a hospice nurse


Reading, walking, swimming, painting, meditating.

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Wendy Parker
@wendy-parker • one month ago
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Looking for pain management hypnotherapist in Gainesville Florida area
I have a friend with stage 4 neck cancer, post radiation. His cancer has gone but he now has severe tongue pain due to the radiation. He is taking pain medication and...

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Welcome to Script Bank. I hope you find it helpful and possibly add a script in the future.Chris
Thanks Parker, its a great way to get new perspectives thats for sure.Have a great rest of the day.Love and Light
Hey Wendy!I like your contributions to the site. It's good to have you here. Thanks, and have a great week.
Thanks Wendy!My lovely wife is an O.R. Nurse here in Marshall Texas. I have great respect for those of you that do E.R. work. I had the occasion to work in the E.R. as a Chaplain in a volunteer rotation a few years ago and have seen some tough stuff first hand but nothing like you guys put up with on a regular basis. It is a true calling.Blessings to ya!JT
Hello to a fellow Texan,I enjoyed a trip to your web site.Thanks!Be Blessed,JT Moore
Thanks for getting back to me Wendy,We've been around for 20 years and do our best to make people comfortable.Where is Wylie in Tx?Ryan
Hi Wendy. Thank you for the thoughtful message! You, too, are doing great work in the world! Keep in touch.Peace.
Wendy, it is good to meet you. I try not to be a pain with the humor thing but sometimes everyone can be so serious. Nothing like cheering up the mood on occassion. Again, good to meet you.Bruce
Thanks, Wendy. I'm just getting my web page up.I see you're a nurse. I'm doing some great stuff with medical hypnosis: pain management, IBS, and even diabetes and cancer. It's amazing what comes our way. Now if only I can boost the number of clientsCheers.
Thanks...took it recently in Alton IL
hi wendy did I see a comment on Frie site from you about your friend going to see a person channelling Jesus ? if it wasnt you do you know who it was ?blessings
Hello Wendy, thanks for the comment about my web page, I must say that I was in 2 minds about using the picture as a friend of mine said that it looked as if a disgruntled client was hurling themselves out the window! Thanks again.
Wendy ... lovingly .. I read what you said..97 car crashes.. and said OMG...Love
Hi wendy I am still laughing at the 97 car crashes ,,I thought saying you should hand in you licence ! was a phychic message had to tune in to see if it was !! & we dont always get shown whats in store for usI really dont understand my way around sites I find Art Long incredible knowlegable and keep losing his input ah!yes to messages in stead comments does that mean email to my site ? blessings
Hi wendy fellow Scorpio ! yes we do have a lot in common dont we we always manage to live near water and have a leaning towards the healing- artslook forward to chatting in the future,,,,,, blessings
Hi Wendy,When common thoughts of joy merge on a specific day or season, a greeting is sent your way. Happy Holiday.Your Friend,Steve
As I have for you - Wendy!
Thanks mam....... have a great day
thank you 4 saying thank you
ya thanks .... now i got some idea about this group..thanks a lot..i am aryan & just now i had completed my studyes & working as a Design engg in a pvt ltd company..i think you are a docter na...mam you are 52 years old but you look very young.. looking great because my mom is also 53 years..
Thanks mam ... but i am sorry to ask you that i don't know what is this group mean too.. what is this hypothoughtsplease tell me ... i am a member but i don't know any thing about this web pageThanks & Regardsaryan
I am going to start my Christmas Tree decorationsASAP. That way the Holiday will not get away from me again.Tonight I will self hypnotize myself and get going in the morning with added eneray. Thank you for the comments. I always say Hypno Sister. I like Hypno Nurse. Enjoy.
Hi Wendy,So glad to meet you here! Hope we can meet sometime.Blessings,rebecca
Hi Wendy,I read your suggestion about slowing down time. Doable!Pearlan
Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, Wendy!
Hi Wendy Parker, it's Wendy Packer. We have a lot in common, hopefully we'll get to know each other. All the best, Wendy aka hypnonurse
Welcome to Hypnothoughts and Texas Trancemakers!
Thank you for adding me to your group. Do you know what the numbers on a members space mean and how I can check to see if I have any? You are a nurse? How many years?
Pleae forgive me I just found it on page three of your discussion! lolCarol
Mmmm...Was my reply to your discussion 'What is real' a littlle too esoteric and off the wall? I dont see my input on your discussion page.Regards.Carol
Welcome. Glad to have you here. Take a look at the medical, health and wellness group and consider joining. We could use your insight on issues there.