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April 22, 1974

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to network with/get to know other hypnotists. My skype is vana_therapy

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I consider myself more of a direct Elman type hypnotist. My areas of interest is PAIN, Street Hypnosis, Addictions. I live in the UK but aspire to take hypnosis to Greece, where it is not well known, and stage hypnosis shows/street hypnosis are almost unheard of. I qualified as a brief solution hypnotherapist and a master nlp practisioner. I now enjoy learning from accomplished hypnotists such as don patterson, barry thain, jonathan chase, dave elman. I am still curious looking to learn more. I am also a life coach, studying the work of Anthony Robbins. His work has been a major positive influence on my life. I also like the CBT approach to problems and beliefs. Judith Beck work is my favourite.

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i am greek and married to a frenchman, we are both parents to a little boy.


hiking, jogging with portsmouth joggers club, badminton and of course HYPNOSIS. i am also interested in the stockmarket

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"Thank you so much for all your responses! It really helped me change my mind. I sent her a text and offered her a refund after deducting my normal..."
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Refund, where do I stand legally?

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Have you checked out the DVD series from Ron Eslinger for hypno-pain management? It's quite good and really makes it feel a lot easier than it should be. :) I loved that course set even tho I don't do much pain management work. :)

Of course Vana, I am at your disposal.


Hello Vana,

Thank you for the request. I consider myself to be a beginner at hypnosis because I am still working on getting my certification as a hypnotherapist. Although I have studied for three years, I have only hypnotized five people.. my favorite book is "Trancework", by Dr. Michael Yappko. I also like the Elman Induction, although I don't believe that somnambulism is always the objective in therapeutic induction.

Please feel free to contact me through this forum, as I always like to share new information, and love learning about the therapeutic approach with hypnosis.

Peace be with you.

Hi Vana,

Thanks for the info regarding the Rewind Technique. I ended up signing up for the course with Mark Tyrell and I am excited! Will let you know how it goes. :)

gia sou, xarika gia thn gnorimia, kai shgnomi gia thn kathisterisi ths apantiseis alla den to xrhsimopoio poly pleon to site.

Thank you for the welcome.

Hi Vana, Have we been friended? I'm about to invite you to join 'Mindsci'. The annual premium for membership is 5,000 but i will allow you in for 50. pay me when u c me :)

Hi Vana, Thank you for the friending. Great to know you :)

Hi Vana! Thanks for the friend request! Glad you're here!



Yes, I'm the one who says life is good. Now repeat after me, Steve thinks life is good, I am alive, it is the same life, how can someone else think life is good, maybe it is. Maybe it is.

Yes, I have my ups and downs, some traumatic downs, and life is still good. Repeat after me one more time, "Steve is wacky, wacky must be good too."

Thanks for inviting a very serious caring person to be your friend today, I won't regret it.



Thanks, I wish i had written the book myself!


Hi Vana,

Thank you for adding me as a friend. So how long have you been in practice? What would be a good question to ask you?

Oh and Portsmouth isn't too far and yes I am on skype as paradise hypnotherapy



) .


Thanks for the invite and the interest in Targeting Pain.

I will send to the UK by first class in the stated price. If you want priority, it will be extra but I would have to check to find out how much.

I see a pain management group on your page, tell me about it.

In peace,


. , , . , , - !!


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Hi Vana,

Welcome to Hypnothoughts. I hope you like me find your time here rewarding.

Marc Carlin

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Welcome to HypnoThoughts.


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A warm welcome to hypnothoughts community,I trust you will have an enjoyableand fruitful time here,Love and hugs,FableLawrie Shaw the Sunderland Hypnotherapist