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I will NOT advertise in the forums, blogs, homepage, etc. in any way and will limit all promotion to the designated areas. I understand this site has a "no advertising" policy and will respect it and the members who appreciate this rule.

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May 2, 1955

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nuevo, calif

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Full Time Practice

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the resetting of lifes pathways

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i have been working in this field for 22 years as full time / of course i written books, seems like all of us have ha ha. at any rate , iam a 2 generation Numerologist, and have blended this background with the study of Autogenics and Hyponsis. this form of this craft lends its self to be very personalized

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You are making quite the splash.... enjoy the splashes ...
I LOVE Surprises! Thanks for the add.. I look forward to your posts.~Samantha
Tony;What a lovely message you left for me. Thank you!Sherry
Thank you for the friend invite! I'm enjoying reading your posts.
Thanks for the friend request, Tony, and welcome to Hypnothoughts!
Tony,I look forward to talking to you around here.Walt
Thank you for the friend request, I look forward to getting to know you !
hey bro, thanks for the add.Antonio
Welcome to the neighborhood. There's a lot to learn here and nice people who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise. Let me know if I can help in any way.Melissa Rothwww.alabamahypnotherapycenter.comYour Medical Hypnotherapy Connection
Hi Tony,Welcome to HypnoThoughts. I look forward to your contributions. :)Kathleen HanoverImagine That Creative - Marketing and PR"The Pretty Goodest Public Relations, Copywriting & Marketing Lady on the Planet"
Welcome to HypnoThoughts!Roger MooreHypnosis Health Info