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Oceanside Basic Hypnosis Training

Posted: 2017-07-01 By Theresa Micheletti

Premier Hypnosis Training Center's     October 15-21,2017

Basic Hypnosis Certification Training 7-day Intensive course

Learn Self Hypnosis, Behavior Modification, Regression, and Past Life Regression. and a sample of NLP...Hands-on...experience being the hypnotist and the client using Sylvia Browne's approach getting to the heart of your client's issues and quickly eliminating them.

Testimonial "I would like to tell anyone who is considering going to this class, DO IT, I went last year and it was a life changing event. It was wonderful. Do this for yourself, you will LOVE it." Leesa  C. B.

Location:   Pacific Grove, CA at Asilomar, a beautiful retreat area next to the ocean near Carmel, Pebble Beach, Monterey, and 17-mile Drive in central California.

Prerequisite: High School diploma or GED 



Register by Sept. 15  $1850

More Information: You can find more information and the student application by linking to:

Contact: Theresa--

Instructor:   Director of Hypnosis, Theresa Micheletti, CH, MH, CCH, learned hypnosis at the age of 11. She has been doing hypnosis for clients across North America for 25 years. She is an international presenter and speaker. As a protege of Sylvia Browne, she was chosen to be Director of Sylvia's Hypnosis School, SBHTC for 5 years.  Since SBHTC went on hiatus, she started Premier Hypnosis Training Center.

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