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January 3, 1942

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Encino CA

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Full Time Practice

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To network and to learn as much as there is to learn.

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Pain management, addiction and anxiety disorders.

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I have a master's degree in counseling psychology and I am certified in clinical hypnosis. I have been in practice for 10 years. I specialize in addiction, anxiety disorders and pain management. I am also a singing teacher of 35 years.


Sing, play piano, listen to music. Read. Film. Politics and world affairs.

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Definitly a hack of some kind. I have since changed my password.

-- Don


thanks for the compliment. If I can I would be glad to answer any questions


Hi Susan,

Thanks for your comments about smoking cessation and traceable data.

Everything I asked and suspected was carried out in a study which was carried outabout ten years ago and thein reading the results, the comparison between single session suggestion therapy and multi-session therapiesshowa mind boggling 40% difference in success at the 6 month stage. If you send me your e mail, I will contact the author and ask if he minds me sharing the data. best regards

Dave Morrice

Thanks for the early mornin smile, Susan. I'm impressed with how quickly you dove in. You must be a kindle fan. Gotta love that instant gratification!

take air,


Hey Susan, my site is but you can get my book on amazon at

I would love to hear what you think of it.

Be well,


Hi Susan thank you very much for your reply . I like the metaphor you wrote aboutdo you have any further writings on thisit would be appreciatedwarm regards Janine Aire
Susan,Malibu - Ventura.
I guess now we're friends! ;-)
Re: Hi Henxy,I have a technique written up on panic attacks. It might be in the script bank. I have it on my computer though. I work with panic attacks A LOT and this works.Email me privately though and I'll send it via regular email. Ditto: anyone else who wants it. If I can't find it here, I'll post it again.SusanDear Susan,I saw your post and was wondering if you would mind sending me your technique for panic attacks, please. I have my first client for panic attacks on Sunday and although I have worked with stress and anxiety before, I feel this may be a little different. I would appreciate any advice you can give me.My email address is: fionamck@hotmail.comMany thanks indeed,Fiona
HiThank you for friendship :-)

I should say work on myself... I'm not a therapist. I'm a writer.
Thank you for the warm words on the other post. I'm in a vulnerable place at the moment. I should not have allowed one person's words to have so much control over me.I'm only learning. I've been working with a therapist who does a kind of hypnotherapy for reparenting to overcome PTSD and DID. She has been teaching me some self-hypnosis techniques and recently this has become a big part of my work. I thought I might gain some more insights on what is possible here at this site.
Hey Susan, and...I'm glad I'm glad I'm here too. And I do love common sense as well: sure beats the two cents I'm sometimes offered. :)
Because Susan, we...share a common appreciation for John Cleesatel, I thought we might also be fiends and so I'd be delighted should you accept the offer of freindship I'm sending you.
Hi susanI love reading your contributions to all the various discussions - I'm still something of a newbie and feel so lucky to be surrounded by such knowledgeable people.I noted on one post you offering to share a deep breathing/insomnia script and would love it if you could email me a copy as well if that offer you made still holds. samantha@vanillaskieshypnotherapy.comMany thanks in advance Sam x
Hi Susan,Will enjoy meeting and talking with you, even at a distance.In addition to the broken rib, I've been snowbound most of the week. Hence the "flurry" of activity on Hypnothoughts!Don
I imagine how your clients fall in love with your empathy. You are awesome, Susan!
Thanks, Susan...hope your day is going well! Kelley
I've just been reading the dove" and maybe I'm obtuse but the lines of argument all seem very confused-sprinkled with impressive levels of self righteousness. As far as I can make out people are talking about 'claimed sensitivity as weapon' and whether we choose to be hurt or not. Am I right?All the very bestMark
Lol I meant your comments in general not just the ones about me...
Hi SusanI hope you're well and thanks for your kind comments. I'd just like to say (at this risk of sounding like an attendee at a mutual admiration society meet) that I find your comments informed, intelligent and infused with obvious humanity : )Mark
Susan, hi. I'm still new here and wanted to invite you to be a friend, but missed that button and have someone coming in a few moments. Just wanted to add that I saw your discussion about when "it" doesn't work and jumped in halfway -- it got a little out of hand, but I hope my comment was helpful. I also love reading and want to make sure you've seen Havens & Walters, Hypnotherapy Scripts, 2002, an Ericksonian Approach. Not only are their scripts so good I see them often used by others without attribution (of course, I don't know for sure who used them first), but he's got a great chapter on how to write your own.Cheers,Stephanie
Stream of thought ... following on from Albert Ellis' idea that we often undervalue the positive ... a metaphor/visualisation based on Homeopathic Carbon (Graphites). I'll try to weave in a theme of self-worth, the essence of Graphites. (This is written on the fly ... just ideas!)As you know, carbon is the element of life, it is found in all living things, there would be no life without carbon, but the feeling of the carbon atom, and the carbon patient, is that she is small, plain, humble, and insignificant in a vast universe. As you relax, imagine you are a tiny mote of carbon, floating in the vastness of space, remember that you have the power to join with other carbons to form chains of molcules that form the basis of life on earth, there is nothing plain or ordinary about carbon ... it is the staff of life, and its softness is the source of all goodness ... giving meaning and value to life on earth, gently bringing comfort and warmth to the home, dignity to the family ... to all around her ...
Hey Susan;I really enjoy all of your contributions to the discussions. I tried e-mailing you as you suggested for your "sleep" script, but it came back to me as wrong address. Could you email me atamindsetforpositivechange@bellnet.caThanks again,Brenda Kaiser
Hi Susan , weve never meet, however I do remember seeing you on a video at H.M.I., that was held at a A.H.A. conferrence. ~ great job !
Hi Susan,I had an insomniac intake today, hasn't slept in six years, that is when his wife lost her job, had their first child, life became out of control,,,, he's young and resents the wife not working and he is, in his own words, doing everything to keep them financially afloat..And I so enjoyed seeing some Sir Winston Churchill on your site, my dad's from Sussex, England, so I grew up with Robby Burns and Sir Winny quotes,,If you have any advise on insomnia,, great....Hope you have a great evening,Scott Cooper CHt,Clarkston,
Sue:Thanks for your kind comment!Keep On Trancing!Your Hypno-Friend,
Hello Susan! I know it's been a while since I talked to you last, I hope everything is Fantastic. I was wondering if it's still O.K. to call you in order to give advice for inducing different kinds of amnesia. I still have your number, and never called because I've been so busy with school.- Chris
Hi Susan! I was wondering if you could send your calming technique for insomnia as mentioned in a previous post here. Thank you so
Paul Mostman, Ph.D., Cht. will be giving a free presentation on that fantastic new technique xalled Emotional release therapy at the IHF Valley meeting on Oct. 15, 2008, at 23501 Dolores St., Woodland Hills, Ca. 818-606-6679. New guests admitted free. This is the fabulous technique which enables a therapist to assit a client in permanently eliminating old negative emotions and feelings which have affected his/her life. This technique has proven effective for over 15 years with no negative feedback whatsoever.R.S.V.P. To Jackie Goldberg (818) 606-6679any questions contact Paul Mostman at mostman@Earthlink.netHope to see you.Paul
Hi aren't by chance the same Susan French who used to live next door to me in Porter Ranch in the 70's? Taught guitar and voice at Lively Arts? - Victoria
Thanks Susan.I have accepted the request.By the way my email address is jcharley@gmail.comThanks again.Crit
Susan, can you please send me your breathing script. Thanks.Crit
Thanks Susan -- I see you're very popular here. Thanks for the invite.Garrett
Do I find that group on your site here? I'm still wandering around getting to know the set up.
Hi Susan,Yes! Now I realize who you are. I'm glad you enjoy the DVD as much as you do. Please do 'pick my brain', it keeps my mind stimulated and active!
Hi Susan,I look forward to meeting you and learning more about you and your work. Thanks for the invite!
Hello Susan, There are three books I will recommend.Regression Hypnotherapy< byRandalChurchill---TransformingTherapby Gil BoyneandAnalytical Hypnotherapy by Edgar Barnett M.D. There are also some DVDs of live therapies showing these processes. Please to order.With Respect, Gil Boyne.
Thank you for the compliment Susan... It is unfortunate the way everything has transpired at HMI, however, George had to do something to keep things going, whether we agree with his methods or not. I have been finding the opportunities of not being there, to build up my own business. Either way, I do miss being there.
Hi Susan, nice to see you on here! I hope all is well with you!
Hi Susan,I need to get an updated picture so that I can put it up. I would love to meet you for coffee/conversation.Regards,Shelley
Hi Susan,Thanks for inviting me. Have we met before at HMI? I work in the Distance Education Department as well as see clients there.Regards,Shelley Halpern
Hi Susan,Would you like an affliate link so you can get half the referral fee for out of area clients?Mark Barrus
I love it Susan... great comment about Sugar Mommas...
Hi Susan!With you, me, Susie Jargo, and Susan Jacobson at HMI we make life very tricky for Maribel. I'm waiting for the day that all four of us are up there making appointments! But Maribel's too smart to get us confused.When are you usually there?
Hi Susan,It is good to see you hear.I am sure you will like it here.Doreen
Hi Susan, and welcome. This is a nice group. Many well known hypnotists, and great at sharing. Drop me a line.Paul
Hi Susan!Hope all is great.
Thanks for the friend invite Susan!Val
Welcome to Hypnothoughts. I think you will like it here.