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October 17, 1967

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Santa Monica

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Part Time Practice

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Collaboration, networking with peers as well as brainstorming the possibilities ...

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Guided Imagery & N.L.P.

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~ Handwriting Analysis & Goal Orientated Outcomes ~ H.M.I. Graduate 2008 ~ Guided Imagery Facilitator ( master level ) w/ Dream Counseling ~ Neuro - Linguistic Practitioner ( master level ) ~ Nutritional Protocol ~ Huna (1st Level) ( Hawiian Wisdom ) from Advance Neuro Dynamics ~ Shamanistic Healing, training in Topanga. ~ Sociology and Sustainable Living philosophies, i.e. Permacultue & " Green " design.., Topanga Peace Alliance Member . ~ Maori energy work, Peruvian plant medicine, as well as other indigenous spiritual practices . ~ Guided Meditation with Vipassana & Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction techniques. ~ Crystal Energy Healer ~ Toast Masters; member of the 90210 group ~ Watsu: water healing ~ " FROM LOVE I COME , THROUGH LOVE I JOURNEY AND TO LOVE I SHALL RETURN . I AM LOVE & I LOVE IT ! "


Dream Journaling , Beach going , Concerts , Ecological Concerns Green Design , Permaculture , Sustainable Living Concepts , * Peace Proponent , Hiking , Dancing & musical events, artistic / scientific endevors, Percussion , Performance Artist ( Fire-breather) , dipping into ancient antiquity ~ from time to time, Looking for the possibilities here and now...

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http://Steve Lovold

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Thank you Steve, I used vistaprint to build my website. It was actually easier than I thought. You should check it out.
Hi Steve! Yes I would be interested in at least visiting your dream group! Perhaps this would make a very good way to begin a new decade.
Hey Steve,It is nice to meet you. I live in Brunswick and I am embarking on a journey of learning hypnosis and NLP and want to meet new people with like intrests. Can you tell me more about yourself?Rami Halabi
Thank you very much Steve, much appreciated!
Thank you Steve.
Thank you for the welcome Steve. I look forward to learning, meeting new friends and sharing when possible.Namaste
Hello Steve,Thanks for you welcome and comment.Best regards,John
Thanks Steve, I'm looking forward to making new friends and learning and getting help with learning hypnosis.
Thanks Steve
I've just noticed you've recently had a birthday. Much happiness to you!
Mahalo...I'm happy to be here!
Hi Steve, Many thanks for your welcome to the site. J.
Thanks Steve, my name is Norwegian but I'm not, I am English!
Hello, Steve-- thank you for welcoming me! I had just been wondering if I could sort the membership by location and it turns out that you're a local boy! Must be a sign...!
Hi Steve,Thank you for the welcome. I'm looking forward to poking around and enjoying what I may find.Peace, Love and Light,Nancy
Hi Steve. Thanks for welcoming me to the site. I look forward to connecting with you!
Great to connect!Charlotte
Hi Steve,Thanks for the welcome noteK
Dear Steve, that link is dead now ... but if you go to and click on the meditation link you can listen to the meditation there.It is a good one. :)
Hi Steve,Thanks for your friendship.
same to you brother! Happy Earth Day to you to! Hope you are ding great.
Hi Steve,Thank you so very much. If you enjoyed the video, perhaps you could put a nice comment on it. I'd like to get George to let me do another one, perhaps in more depth.Thanks so much.Susan
Hi Steve, I am so sorry that I thnk I must have missed your question about Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way before? The short answer is that I think some of the ideas are reall yuseful in building a daily practice into your ife. I particularly like the 'morning pages' which is what i would call daily 'free-writing'. How are you getting on with it?
thank you so much for getting back to me Steve. I really appreciate your time.I will keep at it. I could work on anchoring some patience with myself lol.
Hi Steve- I have a question. I have been doing some NLP exercises on myself but the anchoring is not working. I did it the way Richard Bandler says to do it but when I go back to the anchor later -nothing happens. Any suggestions?
Aloha Steve,Delighted to hear from you and to make your acquaintance. I love your pictures! Let's keep in touch.Regards,Don
thanks for the welcome Steve. I can't wait to get to HMI
Hi Steve glad to hear things are much better for you now active service has a way of messing you up, hypnosis has great potential for service men and women.Worked with the Rangers and Green Berets back in 97 at fort Bragg was a good time hooked up with some USMC force Recon in Iraq in 2003 great guys. Be good to catch up and have a proper chat sometime take care Nath
Hi Steve! Thanks for the welcome note and it's great getting in touch with a fellow HMI'er.Be well,Brenda
Hi steve get on to Art long site he is the expert on the pyramids and pretty much every thing else ,,,,hes a pretty amazing guy most knowledgable person I have ever met on
Hey Steve, Thanks for the Welcome. I look forward to knowing you better. Nadia.
Thanks, Steve. Looking forward to getting stuck in.
Thanks Steve...I'm truly fascinated by this field and really look forward to learning a great deal.Dave
Cool, it probably is.
Thank you Steve that was pretty good... How long are you doing Huna for?Michelle
Thanks for the welcome, Steve.Peace and love,Adrian Cameron
Hey, Steve -- Thanks for the comment on my blog post. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm getting ready to teach a class at our community college, and these thoughts were occurring to me as I typed. Love your page!
Thanks for the welcome Steve. It looks a great site to be part of.Helen
Hi Steve. Thanks for your warm welcome! It's an intriguing and mesmerising website - and you're all a great bunch. Looking forward to debating, observing and learning.
Thank you - some days it takes more than one reminder - but life should be joyous and abundant!
Steve...Thanks for you kind words!Blessings and Abundance...Zoilita
Well Luis it's nice and cloudy for a change.
Hello there,How west coast today?
Thank you, so you're like a forth scandinavian then, with viking blood in your veins:-)
Hi Steve,Learning hypnosis certainly opens your subconscious mind up and leads you closer to becoming your higher self. I see sychronicity every day, through songs, movies, and any form of communication, it's amazing sometimes. I studied the law of attraction for 31/2 years and was intensely focused on attracting a major lottery win. The man from the lotteries commission (he makes the phone calls to notify winners), came into my work as a client and I was just astounded at what the universe attracted to me as result of the personal work I had been doing. Just an example of manifesting coincidences.
Hi Steve,You certainly have a great range of experience. I'd love to know more about Shamanistic healing. I'm from NZ but haven't heard of maori energy healing.You asked where I believe all our emotional problems stem from. I recently wrote a book called Mirror To Mirror that outlines the concepts that came to me through inspiration. These ideas started to formulate approximately 2 and a half years ago when I was searching for my own healing after many years of dealing with individual issues that were arising. The concepts are built on the precipace that the first chemical reaction we ever experience, is in the womb when the host, or mother, feels emotion. Each emotion causes a chemical reaction within the body which the feotus also shares in. The chemical reactions experienced form a neural pathway in the mind of the child, that are then played out by the subconscious in life, in 9 years cycles after birth, repeating the pattern that was originally created within the womb. I created a rebirthing hypnosis using sounds effects from the womb, and also a resurrection hypnosis which perpetuates the death of the old patterns and arising into new patterns. I see birth and death as 2 sides of 1 coin and both were needed to impress the subconscious mind of the need to delete the first created pathway, and to initiate a new path in the mind. From the experiments (approx 15 people so far), I found the rebirthing brings up all the patterns and emotions that were first created, attracting events and people to bring them out, and also provides a choice to follow a new path. The resurrection, which follows the rebirthing shortly after, then puts to death the old patterns and leads us to become one with our higher self. The experimentation has showed massive release in less than a week after both are completed and a move into an entirely new mindset as a result. I'm still waiting on further results to draw conclusions but it's all looking good so far. It just takes time to watch the effects.That's a brief summary of it all, but the book covers it in more detail with examples of how I came to these concepts. So what do you think?
Steve, thanks for the welcome note! I'm a hypno-rookie to this site & it's great to jump in and get involved!Have fun!Paul
Steve, You should see my collection of chess sets!Paul
So steve, how come we haven't met before this? I'm been here in GH since 1973. Corner of Balboa & Lorrillard, and have been active in the valley chapters of hypnosis groups. (NGH, AHB, IHF) ERT is a fabulous technique, which works rapidly and permanently. Check out my free web book What the mind can concieve at www.Emotional-release-therapy.comPaul
Not too sure...but she is beautiful...would love to know more about her though..
thank you!
thanks for the welcome Steve. The site looks like a real gold mine of information and contacts. I look forward to spending some time exploring it.
Thank you for the advise. I should look into hand writing anaysis further.
Well Steve, this is a good place to keep in touch! I like it!
What can I say, I'm a transformation junkie. Now to put it all to good use!You too share some juicy interests. Looking forward to comparing notes on the journey!Jen
Wow you do hand writing analysis? I wonder what it means if you have horrible hand writing skills. I am so embarrased of my writing, but it's not like I have done anything to rectify it.
Thank you Steve, I will have to take a moment to consider in what capacity to participate in GI-GM. Marianne
Hi Steve,Thanks for the welcome. I've been meaning to join this group for some time, - but life happens. Now is a good time, eh?In peace - irene
Hey Steve,Thanks for the welcome
Yes Steve...the Course is the core of my practice. I'm actually a spiritual counselor who uses the medicine of mental imagery (hypnosis) to help my clients undo their problems.
Aloha Steve.... Enjoy!
Hi Steve,Could you keep mails to my group "Passion for Past Lives" on subject please. The group isn't about energy working or anything except past lives really.Thanks for your membership though.TY
It was rhetorical, but thanks anyway. So what oil are "you" cooking with? ;o)All the best!:o)
Dear SteveThank you for your email. Most kind.Warmest regardsCarmel
Peanut, Extra Virgin Olive or Flax?... now that is the question!:o)
Thank you.A lot to learn, and all these master minds...I feel like a kid in a candy store.
Aloha Steve and welcome to,hope to see you on one of the great events around California.Doreen
Hello and Welcome, Steve, my name is JADE, I do not go by the name of Pamela, hence "JADE". I lived in Venice Beach for several years. I miss Santa Monica, MDR, SM the most. I just came back from visiting SM Pier and took some great photos under the pier, also at Huntington Library. I won a National Art Competition & was in Riverside of all places. Still, I was home. Where is your practice and who are you studing with there? I would love just to hear where you are so I can get total recall and feel home. I live in Colorado now. Cold, snow, no beach, but sun most days. So miss the beach!! Message me privately if you want to just talk. I am already getting home down visions. Thanks for the memories, lol and the add.
I remember you very well, your drawing & our journeys together. I just totally blanked on your last name. We sure lost track of each other.What are you doing? I am still full-time Hypno. Seeing clients and spending a good deal of time generating interest. I've been teaching alot and really enjoying it. I am constantly looking for new venues/groups.Do you know anything about headsets with a microphone? I need to get a better mic to teach online and for recordings.Glad to hear from you again. Look forward to many interesting conversations.
Steve did we attend HMI together? I'd forgotten your last name...
Welcome to Hypnothoughts. I think you will enjoy this community and find it helpful.
Hi, Steve! It's great to see you here. Don't forget to join the HMI group as well. There should be a link to it in your invitation email.
Welcome to hypnothought