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March 7, 1953

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Southern, CA.

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To learn and share.

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Worry, stress, and anxiety, that's right, those things that don't exist until we create them. And then I'm amazed at what we have them do for us, or to us. I'm fricken amazed that they don't exist until we start thinking phrases like: what if? And then follow it with something bad, and then use it to suffer. Based on how many people do this everyday, there should be enough work for every hypnotherapist and even for therapy for hypnotherapists for a life time or longer.

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I love, and not necessarily in this order: Life, how our minds work, learning more and more about the unconscious mind, the mind body connection, Ericksonian and NLP, that we can reframe anything and everything, having wonderful ideas all the time (All?), how powerful our imaginations are, learning at HMI 2006-2007 and HPTI 2012- 2013, my Daughter, Gus the dog and all past dogs, Cleo, Sugar Buger, Sparkey, Bandit, and Bear, Magical moments and miracles.


Discovering solutions, discovering ways of uncovering solutions, creating the space and allowing solutions to arrive. Marveling and learning about communication and the magic of language, body language included. *batteries sold separately. Art. Reading books and learning about hypnotherapy related subjects and NLP.

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Steve! Yes, so lovely to meet you last weekend - your humor is infectious :).

I'm looking forward to our paths crossing again - here and in the "real world!"

Hi, Steve! Wow, I really need to check in on HypnoThoughts more often! Are you heading to Las Vegas for HypnoThoughts Live? If so, I'll see you there!

It was so great meeting you Steve, who is an artist. Juan's secret jealousy isn't so secret, but who could fault him when it's because of you...? I had a great time and I am really enjoying the classes. Hopefully we'll see more of each other at future classes.

I saw you!!! ((At least I believe it was you.) Way to go giving a plug to HPTI! Bravo!

Thank you, Steve. You are no slouch, either, from your posts since your profile is a bit thin. (But w/HMI you have to be pretty great! lol) I view it as an honor to learn directly from Roy and am grateful to have the opportunity without enrolling in the full program. I'll be taking other classes from HPTI in the future. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to discussions with you, too! Namaste, Michelle

Thank you Steve, I really appreciate all of your comments. Yes, absolutely Life is Good ! and "Steve is wacky, wacky must be good too" :))my new friend lol

I like your positive philosophy and "being in the moment is important" even though occasionally I find it challenging to be in the moment. I got hold ofEckhart Tolle "A New Earth" and I'm sure I'll enjoy it....

By the way, I just wanted to say the reason for my title "I need to escape...from myself" is from my personal experience (even though I am normally positive and happy) and from chatting with friends/colleagues who feel trapped. For sure there is a reason for feeling the way I do, but only when I think/analyse my feelings the reason comes up (so you and John are right)...and I know I am responsible for resolving it.

Thanks again

I just emailed you some scripts

Thanks for the tip off :-) I missed the deadline, though!

I like what you said! I look forward to getting to know you. :O)
I wish my twin is fortunate enough to keep the friends she makes and that her business is as successful as you foresee! I'm sure her morning was a pleasant surprise. The gifts of time and energy are quite precious and most welcome.
personally I am and have been for awhile a follower of Abraham... Esther Hicks... unfortunately many who are on a "linear path" just don't get it YET.. but I sense as WE evolve more people will come to understand it more.
2 of 2If his therapist is experienced and responsible her reaction is predictable -- Steve. She will recommend that he continue his treatment elsewhere. She will terminate their professional relationship and she will reject his romantic longings because her license, reputation and career could hang in the balance. On the other hand, if she walks off into the sun set with him, it may not be a happy ending. It could be a bigger curse than blessing... He needed to hear that...Good things can come from any situation, Steve, but you must be smart enough to pay attention and understand the situation in order to make the best of the situation...Michael E.
Per your request:I'm in love with my psychotherapist, NO transferenceI have no interest in attacking you -- SteveYou are reacting to the idea of group members being challenged and ignoring the issue. How sad.I think your last post was complete BS and a disservice to every one concerned. This is not rocket science Steve! When group members offer advice that puts people at risk for serious pain, it can give every one in our electronic community a black eye. I think that it is important to openly and respectfully challenge other members advice in these cases, which was the case in this thread.What amuses me about your post is that it will be obvious to any one paying attention that you didn't actually take the time or trouble to read the original post.1) The poster fell in love with his therapist from the very first moment that he saw her- He has been concealing his attraction and feelings for his therapist from the moment their "therapeutic" relationship started.2) The Poster asking for help was/is still seeing his therapist. He has not decided to tell her what he is feeling and thinking and it is breaking his heart! His secret is tearing him apart --One poster tells him to enjoy the moment and savor his feelings?Two others posters join the discussion suggesting that there is a chance that his therapist feels the same way that he does and advise him to pursue a romantic relationship-- Possible yes. REALISTIC - give me a brake!1 of 2Michael E.
Steve, per your request:I'm in love with my psychotherapist, NO transferenceYour comments appear to be well stated, wise, and on the mark, from my perspective (and that could be viewed as my bias).And then there was a bunch of us humans keeping our egos alive playing the right and wrong game. The way you can tell when that is happening is when the focus goes away from giving advice to the person asking, to telling someone else who is giving advice that they are wrong. And if that isnt enough, it gets a little trickier, the advice focuses back to the person asking for advice telling them to not listen to what so and so said etc..etc.etc..Well we are all people too, and we are susceptible to humanistic faults......And if anyone wants to attack me and or my advice, please do it to my profile page wall or email. And please dont feel hurt if I dont respond back the way you may be used to, I can tell you right now, you are right, how you feel is correct.Good things can come from any situation.SteveMichael
Many thanks Steve for...responding to my last comment on my comment wall as I relish the thoughts shared therein and I believe others who have a mutual interest in our topic "enemies, real or illusion?" may also enjoy them as much as I did.Yes, I agree with you that it really is all about perception and isn't it wonder-full that each of us has the power to choose what that shall be.As to where all of what I think, say and do comes from: my perception is that it comes from the same source as everything else, the One Thing expressing Itself through an infinite number of Ways; of Which I am but one. I believe each of us is evolving in a process of re-membering that we are all the same thing and as we awaken to this truth we give up our limited concept of ourselves as limited beings and identify ourselves as being Pieces of the Unlimited Being That Really Is. As we move into that Realization then what we then think, say and do is no longer egoic expression but rather reflects higher expressions of That Unlimited Being. I find that in your loving words and thank you for same.Finally, my philosophy is a simple one. I'm here to have FUN and I am. To do otherwise would be to believe in something other than I do about What Really Is So and my purpose of being a Piece of That. So with that idea in mind, let's let the good times roll, and in re-membering Who We Truly Are, let's just create the Greatest experience of Life that we can imagine. Thanks for playing this wonderful Game of experienceing Life with me. I am counting you among one one my really specal friends that you have shown yourself to be. So again thank YOU.Namste',Ron
Thanks Steve, for...seeking my thoughts re: balancing of friends and enemies. Here is my response to same.For me, I do not have any enemies as for me the concept of enemy is an illussion, or a myth if you will. That is to say in my chosen truth of Reality there is only One Thing of which Everything (which includes Everyone) is a part. In One, everything must be in harmony and in balance and nothing could be in opposition to another less The One Thing would not be Whole and in Balance and It would cease to exist. Nevertheless, each Individual Which is A Piece of The One Thing has all of the same attributes/ characteristics of The One Thing. As such, Each Thing is Totally Free and Unlimited. As such, They are free to choose whatever ideas they wish as to what they experience as Reality. Undoubtedly, many such Piece, in Human Form, believe in a concept of enemies and accordingly they have experience of same. I suppose for some such individuals they may percieve of me as an enemy and of coarse they are Free to do that. However, in my experience I have not found that having enemies is much fun so I do not choose to have any and that feels good to me. And that's okay with me if one of my friends sees me as an enemy as that's his/her/its business, not mine. I believe that it is inevitable that we are all waking up and that in the process we move into the realization that in fact we are all the Same Thing and that any concept of seperation, unharmony and imbalnce is merely a"bad dream" and in a sense we will laugh at our mistake in thinkig it was real. Now, of coarse I could be mistaken in all of this but I do not care much if I am as choosing this for my truth delivers to me an experience of This Life which is so much FUN for me that it is hard for me to imagine that I would ever buy into any concept that would deliver me less than all the Joy and Peace that my present viewpoint does. And I am open to :better" viewpoints.Namaste'Ron
I love your...attitude Steve. :)Ron
Hey sometimes... you feel like a nut .. sometimes you don't!
Lol...I guess NOW we're friends! Have a great day, Steve.
Steve I think I just said you were an infection.. a good one at that.. Giggles with Life.
Huge Hug Steve. Your energy and smile are infectious!!!!!!
Steve, thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog post. I do appreciate your thoughtfulness, as I appreciate all of your insightful contributions here on HT.Have a wonderful day! Kelley
Thank you for the warm welcome.
Steve ... I haven't seen you in ages... and Yes I haven't been here as much either. Have been more active in the skypnosis group ... work hours changed.. shows.. but I have missed your warm smile ...
Dear sir,can u give/send me the physical and emotional suggestibility/sexuality questionaire. how can i use that suggestion to induce/help hypnosis?
Steve, It is never too late to add it?specially not when it is hypno friends!
Hi Steve:Thanks for connecting. You were going to explain something later, and then I dropped far off the site for a season or two. So I'm back. Do you remember? I am an artist too. Not sure if this relates. Blessings to you and may your summer be bright! Jen
I always get a great deal of goodness from your postings. Thanks for sharing ...your thoughts.~D.
Hey, lovely Steve!X
Hi Steve,Yes that was my post, so many people opposed me I took it down, thanks for the kind words, I didn't mean to offend so many people, and I am not that kind of person, so I felt bad and took it down, but I still believe what I have said.Christine
Happy New Year Steve!It has been fun getting to know you."cheers" (visualize glasses...and your drink of choice)Here is to... making this new year motivating and exciting.~D.
Hi Steve,I have no problem with you seeing me as a bunny!Have a wonderful new year, and a fresh and happy start to another chapter in your life.XX
Thank you Steve for the kind words. I wish you a wonderful New Year!Roger
Thank you Steve,I wish you all good things this New Year.Wendy
Nice to see they've let you back out of the institute, er uh, I mean, good to hear from you! I trust that you've managed to have a great holiday, and I hope that 2009 is very prosperous for you, that way you can give me some cash...Leigh
Hey Steve,Yes, yes, yes. . .to all that you said! Hey, I recently sent you an email and got one of those "fatal error" mailer daemons. Did you change your personal email address and not tell me??So, when do you want to get together? I think of you often (like just today when I pulled my Dave Ellman book off the shelf and started paging through it again), and I can't wait to get together and talk hypnosis, etc. I miss our wild weekends too, sweetie! (chuckle)
Merry Christmas Steve....Wishes your way... think deeply and let them dispel into the air .. its all Magic...
Wishing you and everyone you love, a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happiest of New Years!John
Dear Steve,Thanks for the message, you are an amazing man, keep in touch my friend, thats what good friends do,Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Eve.Enjoy this Holiday Seasons and many More.Truly your friend, Doreen
Thanks for that response. Did you find Jamie's 5 pack bundle on Amazon? Ff so can you give me the link. I found the 5 pack bundle on his site for like 60 something us dollars.
Spreads Joy around Steve ... now thats thinking of you .....make that some fairy dust too .. and you already sparkle.. now you can dazzle everyone Steve
Special Thanksgiving Steve... Did you get out in the crowds today...? I was thinking a great time to hand out cards... need to handle stress? etc. I worked my 12 hr shift at the hospital last night... so only had food and sleep for me
Hi SteveYou commented in my blog "I think you were going for: If someone did come in with the same problem the girl presumably had, this would be a good opportunity to get or be prepared, and was asking advice about that preparation. Still I thought there was information that others may have learned from regarding therapist and clients and what it is we really should or should not be doing.It was interesting how I could feel the frustration in your writing."You were absolutely right and yes I was getting frustrated as I couldn't get that across. I think that is why I ended up hitting the wrong button or maybe it was a subconscious thing. Thank you for understanding what I meant.
No that was mine. I went to make a comment and then changed my mind and hit the X to delete the reply but had gone up to read what I put so was at the top of the page and I don't know a total blond moment just hit X andthen realized that I had deleted the entire thread.It was just getting rather confusing anyway as I obviously shouldn't have used the call as reference.
Hello Steve,To answer your questions:1.) Eat Right for Your Blood Type - although I think it sounds like a grand idea - in general it lacks scientific back up. There are many other factors that are not taken into account - such as how a body deals with insulin, how well ar thyroid is working, how much exercise a person is getting in a day, how much water is being consumed, if the person's favorite food is kale - so they get a great deal of good vitamins to go with the diet, if the person's favorite food is jo-jo's and they get a daily high, (foods that even on this diet - they wouldn't give up - or they would say they would...but wouldn't), etc. etc. Everyone is so different that to limit (just picking one example) beans or corn because your blood type indicates that you should (so says the Author) - I wouldn't put all my eggs in that basket. However, the theme of the book that indicates that we should be aware that each body is different and it should be taken into account that what we are eating could be causing harm - or on the other hand, could be extremely beneficial to our personal well being - I like that theme and hope more people explore it. I think all books are a good read - if for nothing else than to get the juices flowing.I would also say...if it isn't processed, if it isn't poisoned (such as meat) with hormones and antibiotics, if it doesn't have added nasty sugar ~grin~ then try the diet...If it doesn't talk about leaving processed food out of the daily intake..If it doesn't talk about the crud that is now infused into the American meat sources..If it doesn't talk about kicking 'all natural' sugar cane sugar (and any other processed sugar) to the curb...I would question its validity and move on.2.) Dogs Barking: The thing to remember with this is that anything that is reinforced is likely to occur again. So...with that said - it is good to remember that there are two kinds of reinforcement: positive and negative. Positive is when the dog is barking and you open the door and say "oh you good dog" and pet him. Or you could throw the ball. (I am laughing) Negative (the more tricky one) is when the dog is barking in the back you open the door and yell at him "Bad dog" or even worse you get mad and run out there and kick him (I don't advise that...but do know it happens more often - dare I say 9 out of 10 times - than we would like to think). Both these behaviors are negative reinforcement and will INCREASE the dogs barking. Why? because if the dog isn't getting positive attention, he will take the negative attention. Some dogs...will then get into the habit of just barking to bark - a soothing mechanism. Another thing to keep in mind is that if the dog has been doing it for a long time - he has been reinforced many times. (either by himself in a self-soothing role or by others when they gave him neg/pos attention). The longer it has went on...the more you have to really be consistent in your role when deciding to curb it. I can email you on how to do that - too much to write here (and I have already wrote a book on here - I doubt too much more would fit).3.) Power of attraction: I guess I look at it like this - it doesn't matter what we really need. It is what we THINK we want/need that propels us forward. One must hope that what we think we want/need is truly what we want/need. Because as I understand it - what we focus on, we get.Just one example: If we think everyone hates us (it isn't what we really need) but we can manifest it by how our insecure actions annoy others, etc. etc.Or if we think we need that pool in our back yard we can manifest it - because it motivates us to make more money. Both examples - we don't need. Both examples require our associations, triggers, etc. etc. of our unconscious mind in combination with our conscious thoughts. We just think it. Our thoughts create our reality - which is why I love hypnosis. To think we can have our thoughts working toward one goal - is awesome.What do you think of my thoughts on thinking thoughts?~grinD.
Oh Andrade.I strongly agree with you, I must have seen 80% of Bandlers dvd's so far and there very inspirational but then again only seen Erickson on youtube.I must admit i have learnt so much from my mum so have been very fortunate.Thanks for the warming inspiring words.Keep in touch.Chloe-Marie.
Hi there Andrade.I was reading your page and found it very intresting.Gosh i love Bandler and Milton Erickson.Hope to speak to you very soon.Chloe-Marie.
Hi Steve,Bunnies do that same put them on their back thing and they play dead- no real hypnosis going on there ('think of a carrot...'). Bunnies tend to bark less than dogs, but I'll have a word with my 3 and get back to you!Oh, my poor husband- I had forgotten he was there! What if he had an itchy nose?! My poor, poor bunny IS real...Honest!But I do like the Miss (parallel) Universe idea!Thank you SO much, Steve, for making me laugh so very much. What a wonderful gift you have!Do stay in regular touch please, you are a real ray of sunshine! x
Belleruth has a site called "". So, you don't have to read! You can just listen to her CD's. :) She is my go to person whenever I have a client with a health related problem. And she has a FABULOUS voice backed by very well produced music. Cheryl O'Neil turned me on to her when she was my mentor at HMI. I love to read...and like you have an entire shelf waiting to be read. Am fortunate to have the time to do so. But they say experience is the best teacher! I didnt know Abraham had daily quotes...but it doesn't surprise me. Their marketing is incredible. I am going to hear BASHAR channeled by Daryl Anka ( Oct 11-12. Check that out...he is supposed to be a very entertaining ET. Nothing to do with hypnosis...but when you start expanding your consciousness one thing seems to lead to another. So, you might enjoy it!Take care, VictoriaTake care, Victoria
Hi Steve. Melissa (below) said she couldn't remember where she read about the immune cells being effected by hypnosis. I've been working with cancer patients and have a few references for you. Check out: Candice Pert's book on "Molecules of Emotion"; Carl Simonton's work on Guded Imagery for Cancer patients; Belleruth Naperstek's book on Guided Imagery ( her CD's are great as; Bruce Lipton's books, "Real Energy" by Phaedra and Isaac Bonewits. Oh, and Gregg Braden talks about it too. Fasinating stuff. Esther & Jerry Hicks book on "The Astonishing Power of Emotions" talks about healing through the alteration of beliefs and emotion. Interesting metaphysical knowledge on how shifting mental thoughts creates positive vibrations and healing. Love the Abraham information. Hope that helps!Nice to meet a new friend.Victoria
Hey Steve Thanks for the inspiring post... I will be sure to throw any useful information your way.... I definatly have been working on my confidance over the last few weeks. It's like a fellow hypnotist always says..." Some people believe in their doubts, others doubt thier beliefs, all you have to do is believe in yourself to acheieve all your goals, dreams, and assperations." ~Wayne Lee... Thanks again and hope to see you around in the forums.Best Wishes AlwaysAmanda
Hi Steve,You are sweet, one thing I didn't forget, no matter how hard I work, I never stop having fun :)Thanks for reminding me...Love Doreen
Laffing and smiling... check your email!
Click on email and then click reply .......
John, for the life of me I can't remember where I read the data about hypnosis increasing the number of immune cells in circulation. I've read it several times in research papers over the years but can't tell you where. I spend approx. 2 hours/day reading research papers on one topic or another. This is one of those that keeps coming up from different researchers at different times. I may have been reading research on diabetes because in the same article it stated that hypnosis also lowers and stabilizes blood sugar. So sorry I couldn't be of more help.
Steve:Thank you for your kind words and your friendship here.I recieved both of your messages, btw.I hope you have fun and lots of learning here.Kep On Trancing!Hypnotically,Johne
Hey Steve! Nice to hear from you! I definitely got a laff out of your little note with the artfully vague hypnoese (did I just make up that word??) You are so cool! It wasn't just a laff I got; it was a feeling of comraderie and that we share something special because we both understand the ways of hypnosis and the experience of having been at HMI. Let's definitely keep in touch--I love hearing from you.
Just like I remember you, very witty, funny, and sincere, all at the same time... All the "cool" people are on here, great that you found our secret club.
Welcome to Hypnothoughts. I think you will find ample opportunities to learn from this community. Enjoy.
HMI rock's we have a club to join. I think you will like alot
Hey buddy, how have you been?