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New Westminster, British Columbia. Canada

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Full Time Practice

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Fears and phobias, pain management, childbirth, smoking cessation and much more.

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After many years in a very busy full time practice and seeing that there was a major need for quality hypnotherapy training in Canada, I wrote the curriculum and opened the Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy in New Westminster, British Columbia Canada. It is my passion to help students graduate with excellence in this incredible field. In 2009, I became a Clinical Lecturer for The Department of Family Medicine at The University of Alberta. In 2010, my course became an official medicall elective for post-graduate residents (physicians) from The Department of Family Medicine, University of Alberta. I was awarded IMDHA "Educator of the Year" 2011. In 2013, I was accepted into the College of Family Physicians of Canada as an Allied Health Professional. I received my initial hypnotherapy training from Doris Gray at the Meridian Institute and since then have taken many other trainings. I continue to co-author articles with Dr. Fred H. Janke, Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Director of Regional Medicine, University of Alberta. We are working towards bringing hypnotherapy forward in the medical community amongst physicians and program directors. Dr. Janke and I presented at the "On The Edge" Medical Conference in Whistler, B.C in April 2012 and on April 2013, we presented at the SRPC medical conference in Victoria B.C. We are planning to present at future medical conferences, bringing our powerful message about hypnotherapy and medicine to physicians. The Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy has an excellent page on Facebook where we post quality hypnotherapy information in the form of university studies / trials, articles, clips and information. Please join us there under the name The Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy. PIAH website - My office / practice website is -


Downhill skiing, hiking, nature walks, beach, equestrian events / horses, cooking, travel,reading and much more.

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Hello Sherry, I keep running up on your name and linkedin won't let me send you an invite and I am not sure how to send you a message here since they changed the forum here. I see you have done work with bell's palsy clients which is of interest to me.

My email is if you wish to reply or you can connect to me through linkedin if you enter my email.

wishing you the best,

Scott Hogue CChH

Hi Sherry thanks for contacting me. I am very new to this but am finding it quite interesting and exciting.


Thank you!!!

Hello Sherry,

Thank you for contacting me.

I will be interested to learn more about your interests, in research and in hypnotherapy. :)

Thank you,


Cheers, Sherry


Hi Sherry,

Congratulations on your outstanding work and being named the recipient of the "Educator of the Year" for 2011!

All the best,


Thank you for the welcome Sherry, much appreciated. Still new at this site, so any tips would be appreciated.
Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to experiencing the exchange of knowledge on this site.

Hi Sherry,

I'm honored to say the least - and extremely fortunate to have you as a mentor! Thank you for your invite.

The best to you and yours,


Just wanted to say congratulations on your affiliation with U of A that I heard about today; great work!



Hi Sherry: Thanks for the welcome. Yes, we are neighbours -- I live in the West End, but that's not far by SkyTrain. I've been thinking that I should come out to New West to look at your school with an eye to enrolling at some future point; I've already read your on-line material, so I know I'd be welcome, but your kind greeting has made that even more certain. I'll look forward to meeting you in person!

All the best,


Hi Sherry~Thanks for reaching out to me as a friend. I see we have alot in common. I look foward to exchanging ideas with you, there is such a wealth of information and ideas here on HT that it's good to have some on reach out to me.Warm regards, Rita
Hi Sherry,Thanls for adding me! Looking forward to hearing from you again some time. Have a super weekend.All my best to you and your practice,Bob
Hi Sherry, good to be here-slowly familiarizing with the site...
Please accept this invitation to join the Canadian group to discuss issues unique to the Canadian situation (as well as meeting other crazy Canucks!)
Sherry:There are times in my life where very special things happen; this is one of those times. I can not express my deep gratitude as to your reaching out to me. A simple thank you seems inadequate but still I offer mine.Tony
Hi Sherry thanks for the friend invite. I'm enjoying HypnoThoughts and the diverse resources of ideas and people.David
Hi Sherry, I am honored to be chosen as a friend at hypnothoughts. Thank you!I am concerned, among other themes, with helping people to combat fears, so there is an apparent area of interest.Thank you again for connecting,Sherab
Great photos and look at those curls, so cute.
Hello, Sherry!I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you VERY much for adding me as a friend. I really do appreciate it!I hope to have the opportunity to meet you in person at some point in the future. Until then, though, I look forward to following you on HypnoThoughts.Thanks again!With YOU in mind...Robert Lamar
Hi Sherry, Thank you for all the info. I will see as much as time will allow me.My thanks and regards,Mansour
Hi Sherry, I plan to get my son settled at the University and take a look around. Being a nature lover, I am sure I will love BC. Any suggestion what to see in a short visit?Regards,Mansour
Hi Sherry,Thanks for adding me to your list. I look forward to visiting your sites. I am sure I will benefit a great deal. My son is coming to BC to do his Master and I might come to get him settled. Never been to BC and I am looking forward to the trip.I am in full time practice in Thornhill Ontario.Good luck and best wishes,Mansour
Nice to meet you. Regards from Alabama.
Hi Sherry,Thank you for connecting with me.
Olah Bella, hope you are having a wonderful weekend. We are going to the Freakers Ball later tonight. See you Monday.
Hi sherry
Hello Sherry....Jagi and I are having the time of our lives at the womens show here in Chilliwack.....wishing you were here..... it is sunday and we are almost burning out from so much conversations with you lady and talk to you soonlovingly Ruthy and Jagiand PS Thank you for our big start in life
HI SherryI lived in the lower mainland up to the summer of 2008. Looking forward to connecting.
Hi Sherry - I look forward to connecting! I used to live in Cloverdale 6 years ago, and am now in Thunder Bay.
Hi Sherry, thanks so much for connecting with me. Nice to discover I'm not the only one from Canada - or like Linda below me - from Ontario ;) Looking forward to being in touch!
Hi Sherry:Thanks for your invite. Luv the philosophy "Look outside and dream, look inside and awaken"from Ontario, CanadaLinda
Hi Sherry,Thanks for the welcome.Kurtis Sanders
Greetings. How are you? I love that quote
Hey Sherry...... yes you have found me.... I was lost here in was nice to see a connection with you again ..... I miss you all allready.Warm RegardsRuthy
Hi- thanks for the invite -maybe we can get together one of these days.
Hallo Sherry,thanks for your freindship. Im new here on hypnothoughts. I`m a Hypnotherapist-Practitioner. I`m Member in the ABH and NGH.BestRalf
Hi Sherry and thanks for the warm welcome, its nice to be aboard. It's always a pleasure to communicate with like-minded people.My kind regards,Dan.
Hello Sherry,You sent me an invite in February, and as you can see I haven't been on this site for quite awhile! I hope to meet you in person one day and tour your school as you have really excelled in the field of hypnotherapy. Good for you and lucky for your students :) Regards, Janice
Hi Sherry, Thanks for your warm welcome. I'm looking forward to communicating with other hypnotherapists and sharing thouhts and ideas. This is a great site!Thanks once again!BestGreg
Hello Sherry!! Thanks for adding me as a friend. I have just recently opened a business in Ontario, Canada in a small town...things are very slow but I'm hoping for it to pick up very soon. I'm sure I'll be looking for some information on marketing ....from someone who has been in the business for a while...what you have found works well...what the majority of people look for with hypnosis treatments.Anyway I will be searching for and sharing what I have discovered and I look forward to talking to you again. Bye for now
Hi Sherry!Thanks for the welcome.I'm new to the "email/internet thing",but I think I'm getting the hang of it.It's great to communicate with people who areon the same wave length!Hope you're having a fantastic day!I love Tom's Easter comic - too funny!!
Thank You, I have found alot of stuff here and had a blast with alot of new friends.
Hi again Sherry. I promised to let you know when my website went live so here you go: www.mindshiftinghypnosis.comHope all is well with you.Best,Mike
Thank you,'s a pleasure to be invited to join this group. I look forward to some great information exchanges.
Interestingly, Modesto is centerally located: about 90 mile from San Francisco. Sacramento (state capital), Yosemite, and Fresno. There has been a revitalization of downtown Modesto, certainly a lot of growth, from 2000-20007 and yet there are some indications of small town friendliness. I'm happy to call it home - I guess there is a certain "charm" about it.Glad you were able to visit. Did you get to anywhere special in town?With curiousity,Carl
What a small world - the Modesto connection! Thanks friend!!
Hi Sherry,Sorry to be so long answering your email but I this is the first time I have been on the site for a couple of months due to work, working on my website, etc. I was at Michael Ellner's seminar in Richmond last was great. So much knowledge, humour and wisdom wrapped into one person.I should be ready to go online in about one week so I will let you know when the site goes live. Meantime, I hope you are busy and doing well.Best,Mike
Hi Sherry,Yeah A lot of people are giving me messages. I bought a DVD stage hypnosis training. I also might meet a guy in Vegas on Stage hypnosis when I'm down there in April.I found videos that are good to learn from and entertaining. see you next week.Keith
Hi SherryGlad to get in touch. I have seen your website a number of times. Always good to have neighbors!
Hi Sherry. Thanks for the friend invite. Nice to see a fellow Canadian.Alana
Hi Sherry, thanks for your personal welcome to Hypnothoughts. I haven't spent much time on Social Sites however, this seems a wonderful way to be connected with like minded therapists. I'm sure we'll talk more in the future. Regards, Jacqueline
Hi Sherry, Nice to meet you, All the Skiers down here appreciate the COLD weather you have been sending us from BC. We intend to reciprocate with some nice warm winds this summer. I am afraid I have given up skiing myself. now I am busy with Grandbabies.
Thanks for the welcome, have a great day.
Sherry....thanks for inviting me to meet you..may we discover our strengths and synergize our dreams and design futures and a communities worth living in delivered as destiny...Jack
Sherry wonderful web site and it looks as though you have been training quite a few students. Congrats on your efforts to keep hypnosis is the forefront of CanadaBest wishes Ed also thanks for the add =)
Thanks, Sherry.I am new to and any suggestions you have to help me understand how to navigate through the site or use it correctly would be helpful.
Thanks! What a great site!
Sherry,Did you send an email telling me of your background as an HRD instructor? If so, please tell me again about yourself...I finally was ready to respond (came up for air) and then could not relocate it so must confess I seem to have sent it to cyberspace file 13. As to hypnosis, I am redefining my practice with a complete refocus on "long distance leaders & performers" or very normal well adjusted above average type folks who which to become extraordinary through potential maximization. Picked up two new such clients this week (1) long distance bike rider for sports enhancement & (2) leader of a womens resource group. My teaching schedule limits my ability to handle only a hand full of clients so intentions are to have long term clients wishing to work on multiple opportunities over time. Do you have any such success stories that you are willing to share with me? Thanks...DG
Thanks for adding me Sherry
Hi Sherry,Thanks for adding me as a friend
Hi Sherry. Good to "meet you". Lookingg forward to learning and sharing experiences.
Hi. Sherry. Good to meet you.
Hi Sherry,Thanks for the invite.Love & peace,Michael Anthony
Hi Sherry.. Thanks for the welcome. THis site looks like everything I've been looking for. I look forward to getting to know people.
Hi Sherry. Thank you for your kind comments!
Hello,Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Feels great to share the excitement of life. Many Blessings~Jill
It is so nice to meet you, Sherry.I was very excited when a friend sent me the link to this site. Right now I've been sort of lurking about, taking in information like a sponge! It's terrific!~Val
Thank you for the add
Hello Sherry, Thank you for your invite, it helps me feel so welcome here. I feel there will be much to learn and hope my inexperience will not make me stand out too far.
Hi SherryGood to meet you too.Love and LightBernie
Hi Sherry!Im'e pleased I made you laugh, I have this effect on people. If you saw me in a pair of shorts you would have hysterics.Martin
Hi Sherry
Hi, Sherry, thanks for the add!
Hi Sherry Look forward to getting to know you better - Roman
Hello Sherry, Always nice to meet a new person that walks a similar path.Peace, Red Crow
Greetings from Toronto! I have heard of your institute and the good work that you do!
Okay... just curious - I have another life as a lawyer/consultant working in workers' compensation system design and evaluation and there's a convention of North American workers' compensation administrators in Vancouver in late October....
Again a WOW. You have really developed what I am endevoring, Congradulations. My life has been very full, I thought till I read your bio.
Hello Sherry,Thanks for adding me to your friends.I am looking forward to learn more about you and if there is a way for us to contribute to each other businesses and growth.Warmly,Sigal Zoldan
Hi Sherry! I love your hobbies! They are all so wonderfully active, hopefully I'll have a chance later today to check out your site also. If not today I'll definitely make time for it this weekend!
Hi Sherry,We are a certainly a group second to none. Nice to hear from you.Pearlan
Hello,nice to meet you online,how is your school doing?www.mitchellinstitute.comStey in touch, william
Thank you for your friendship! :-)
How nice of you to welcome me. I am interested in reading more about this site.Pearlan
Hello Sherry! Thanks for writing. Good night.
Welcome to the Medical Group. I look forward to reading your posts.
10-4. Enjoy the blessings in your cornucopia of work!
Hi, Sherry. Did you have a chance to see that DVD of mine and to view the sample on the other site? Happy Friday.
The photos are carefully selected and represent occasional blessings. Miami is great, especially when there's time to allow your hypothalamic thermostat to reset and adapt so that you sweat profusely instead of falling out. WHICH Olympics in BC ??? Which sports??? sports? p.s. If you want to see some real wisdom, google Iona's writings. Ooops, I forgot I'm spilling the beans in public !
All five of them are now up.
Consciousness creates reality is all I know by now. Look at my photos when all five are up and you will see my soul. Yet I am still jealous of B.C. and not ashamed to admit it.
Greetings and welcome.Iona Miller
Hi ! I am personally very jealous of where you live. My main involvement with patients now is EPFX(QXCI)/SCIO and I'll bet a couple of nut-free blueberry muffins that you already know what that is.8-)
Thanks for contacting me. I look forward to connecting with you and sharing what we do.I've added you to my friend list as well.
Hi Sherry, well your the first person to "add me" I was recommended this site by a friend, basically i've been studying gerry keins material for a year and now i want to get more serious about it. Also do you know of any good hypnotherapists Winnipeg? Cheers!
Thanks, Paul
Thanks for making me your friend. I am sure, that over time, we can learn much from each other. I toast your success in our field. I hope to follow in your foot steps.Paul
Thank you Sherry. I am excited about and impressed with the awesome realm of hypnotism. In time, my skills will be honed.
Hi Sherry,Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I'm smiling!Linda
Hi Sherry,Thank you for adding me as a friend. I just joined this group and it looks amazing...
Thanks for adding me Sherry...I look forward to chatting with clinical practice is in Brisbane Australia...Lorna
Hello Sherry,Thanks for adding me as a friend. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful and understated field for healing. It's good to hear from you.Best wishesLinda
Thanks Sherry,I am new at this and I hope you get this note.My Practice is in Ontario and my web is
hi, sherry.
Thanks for the friendly welcome!
That's great! I've never used a chat room before but I've never had a reason to have one.Thanks!Karen
Welcome! So glad to see you here. I hope we can spend some time together and get to know each other.
Hi Sherry,It's nice to meet you as well.Visiting British Columbia is on my top 10 places to visit.When I get there, and it most assuredly will be during a winter season, I'll be sure to look you up.Hypnotically yours,Marc
welcome SherryCongratulation for your opening of the Institute of advanced hypnotherapy.Thank you for adding meAndy
Hi Sherry, thanks for adding me.
Hi there Sherry... Thanks for adding me to your friends network. Congrats on opening your school. I also teach so I know how rewarding it can be :-)Stay Well,Kevin
Hi Sherry!Great to finally meet some Canadian hypnotists!~w~
and I'm glad you didn't try (to resist!) It's wonderful to make friends in all parts of the world, isn't it?=)
Hi Sherry,Appreciate you adding me to your network!!!Have a great one,Larry
Sherry,Thank you for taking the time to share your history and feelings. I can feel your sincerity. I am glad I'm going to get to know you, I can feel your heart centered vibration already. If you'd like to talk sometime, let's do it.Randy
Hi Sherry,Thanks for inviting me.You appear to have attained some wonderful success in your practice. Congratulations and continued success!Randy Shaw
Really That would be nice then we could exchange Idea's online maybe someone who runs the site would be up to the challenge
Hi Sherry: I'm happy to have you as a friend on Hypnothoughts.I love this site. Only wish I had more time to spend on it!I appreciate any adviced shared by members.Have a wonderful spring!Amelia
Hi Sherry, very nice to meet you and thanks for the friendship.Michael
Thank you for adding me as a friend. I am honored.
Hi Sherry!
Hi Sherry,Thanks for adding me to your list of friends.Always with your success in mind,Tom
Thanks for adding me as a friend. I hope to get to know you.
NIce to meet you Sherry.Greetings from the wonderful world of Hypnosis in San Diego California.If you ever come to this part of the world, please give me a callDiane Edwards
Sherry,I'm pleased to have you as a friend. Good luck with the new institute.Daniel Oromaner, MBA, CCHtInner Power HypnosisTempe, Arizona, USA
Hi Sherry!I'd be honored to be your friend. Thanks for considering me. Feel free to call on me if I can be of any assistance to you. Wishing you continued SUCCESS in all you do!ron....
Hi SherryIts a p;easure to meet you, Good luck with the new school.Hugh Cole Texas Tranceman
Hi Sherry, Great to meet you. Darren
Hi Sherry! Very nice to meet you :) Congratulations on your new school!
Hi Sherry,Thanks for sharing your friendship. let me know if there is anything that I may assist you on now and in the future.

Sherry,Thanks for adding me as your friend.Peace,Jack
Nice to meet you Sherry!
Hello to you from Serbia!Nice to have you as a friend!Zoran
Hello Sherry,Please add me as one of yoru firends and become one of mine - if you can please add the photos I do not know how to do that.Glad you are doing such great work. Hope all is well with your sister. I so enjoyed our time together at the Infinity Institute Hypnoanalysis Course in Troy, MI.Blessings,Dr. Anna
Thanks, Sherry! Deb
I haven't taken Roy's hypnotherapy course, but I did take his Parts Therapy course last year. Very good course.If and when I get a chance, though, I'd love to take Roy's hypnotherapy course. The more training, the better, right? ;)Joshua
Hi Sherry. Pleased to have you here.Doreen
Hi, welcome to the site, Sherry. We're practically next-door neighbors, geographically-speaking. This site is full of fun people, so have a great time here!Joshua
Pleased to meet you too!Best wishesJamie