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Seth-Deborah is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Certified Hypnosis Instructor and is a Fellow with the National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists.

She has presented at the National Guild of Hypnotists, the International Medical & Dental Hypnosis Association, the International Hypnosis Federation, the American Board of Hypnosis, the Institute of Advanced Studies in Health, the Dermatology Nurses Association, Kaiser Hospital in Alameda, St. Rose Hospital in Hayward, Sutter Health Hospitals Alta Bates, UCSF Integrative Medicine Forum, Herrick and Summit in Oakland and Berkeley Seton Hospital in Daly City. She became nationally known on her appearance on the Discovery Channel’s “MythBusters” and has presented on the field of medical hypnosis at the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy in London. She also presents an elective class to the Health Sciences students at UCSF and Samuel Merritt University as well as class in Hypnosis for Medical Situations at American Health Education.

She became nationally known on her appearance on the Discovery Channel’s “MythBusters”. She presents on the field of medical hypnosis including UCSF Integrative Medicine Forum as well as teaching an elective class on Medical Hypnosis at both UCSF Health Sciences and Samuel Merrit University, a health sciences institution. She also presents at the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy in London.

Seth-Deborah was a recipient of the 2005 Award of Excellence in the field of Health from the International Hypnosis Federation. She was inducted into the "Order of Braid" with the National Guild of Hypnotists in 2011, and in 2013, she received on the the highest awards within the National Guild of Hypnotists the "Charles Tebbetts Award"- Spreading the Light of Hypnotism.

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February 6, 1949

Where do you live?

California but a New York City gal in my heart

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Full Time Practice

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A place to throw ideas around, get information, and meet and greet.

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Medical Hypnosis, Medical Hypnosis Certification

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Medical Background since 1969 as a Oncology Nurse and OR nurse then became a Nurse Anesthetist in 1975 (hubby is a physician too). We both have made turn-arounds as to the power of the mind on our body. I am now a Certified Hypnosis Instructor with the NGH and teach Medical Hypnosis at Marilyn Gordon's school. I am also a member of the National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists.


What??? Time for hobbies??? My favorite thing to do is being with my family! After 11 years of trying to get pregnant and 7 In-Vitro attempts, 15 years ago I was blessed with the best daughter a mother could have. Studying Mandarin and visiting China too.

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Seth-Deborah Roth
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Seth-Deborah Roth
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Seth-Deborah Roth
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"  an added resource of the latest for your client"
Seth-Deborah Roth
@seth-deborah-roth • last year
Seth-Deborah Roth
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"Thank you so much for sharing Kat.....and yes you are right about the use of hypnosis helping to lower costs. In the Blue Shield study about using..."
Seth-Deborah Roth
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"So wonderful !!!!Would you be willing to briefly describe your comfort adjustment technique. Having a 3 minute technique is so useful when someone..."
Seth-Deborah Roth
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" was where I first saw only hypnosis for a skin graft from leg to upper body."
Seth-Deborah Roth
@seth-deborah-roth • 2 years ago
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"Ha ha... 1973-1975. Ether ..yes...Cycloproprane...yes in OBThey wanted us to see all the anesthesia stages with ether. Have a Happy New Year's  "
Seth-Deborah Roth
@seth-deborah-roth • 2 years ago
Posted a response to "Hypnosis for Brain Cancer tumor removal"
"Yes, I know. I remember in Nurse Anesthesia training (oh SO many years ago) being amazed during my first case how little pain response was involved..."
Seth-Deborah Roth
@seth-deborah-roth • 2 years ago
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Hypnosis for Brain Cancer tumor removal

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Thank you for the welcome Deborah.

Thank you for reaching out. I am certainly looking forward to participating in this forum. Rachel

Hello Seth! I love your website and I see you have a medical hypnotherapy certificate course too. I will have to call you Monday to find out more info.

Thank Missy

Hey SDR!

I'm so excited. My proposal to speak at Hypnothoughts Live got accepted. I'll be presenting "Dealing With Primary Care Providers" based on the information that I gathered while at the 2012 American Academy of Family Physicians Scientific Assembly. I'll finally get to meet you in person.

Thank you for the information on Medical Hypnosis, that's going to save me a lot of time and money. I really appreciate it. I want also to perfect my skills with children. Can you make any recommendations? Thank you for your time. I look forward to your course.

Yes, the schedule is so jam packed that there's no way I can see all I want to see.

Thank you
Hi...thank you for reading my blog and making a comment. Also, thanks for the info on the twins. I've been doing this doodling/writing thing since I was really one taught it to me, just started doing it. Lani Nicholls
So sorry to hear of Henry Buldoc's passing, he was an amazing man. Found his teachings an writings to be of great value,,,he was a light in the world. Happy Home Coming Henry. Lani Nicholls
Hello Seth-Deborah. Just wanted to say thanks again for sharing you knowledge and wisdom. I value the Medical Hypnosis training I did with you. Lani Nicholls
So sorry to hear of Henry's passing, he was a remarkable man. I've used and valued much of his teachings and writings. He was a real light in the world. Ahh Henry, Happy Home Coming. Lani Nicholls

Hey Mrs. Roth, thanks for joining my Skypenosis group.


p.s. I just saw your appearance on Mythbusters again - you did an amazing job and a service to the profession by portraying it in a good light. Great job!

Not seen you here for some time.I hope all is well with you.Love and hugs,FableLawrie Shaw the Sunderland Hypnotherapist
Just to say HI!It's nice to put a face to your postingsPaul
Hi Seth-Deborah,Thank you for your welcome to Hypnothoughts. I am hoping to have a chance to speak with you at the NGH Solid Gold Weekend at the end of February, in Las Vegas. I have a successful private practice in Brea, CA and am a graduate of HMI.....but, to-date have not joined NGH. I guess, I am hoping you would not mind giving me some feed-back on the upcoming NGH weekend. Would you consider it an opportunity for a non-NGH person to network with some of the presenters on a one-to-one basis? Any other words of wisdom on how to make it a completely fulfilling event (in terms of education and networking) would be greatly appreciated.Thank you
Hi Seth-Deborah Roth,All the best to you this Holiday Season.Your friendSteve
all success for your operation.Stephen
Thank you. This looks like a great community of like-minded people. Take care.
Hi, thanks for your kind welcome. Look foward to learning from the site.BCB
Oh btw. come join the add-on WHD group here on this community. Your presence and advice would be so helpful to all.JW
Seth-Deborah, I love reading about all the fantastic work you are doing! I am looking forward to chatting with you more at Solid Gold.PS has anybody told you lately that your smile is absolutely gorgeous!Many blessings to you,JW
I am fine. Thank you! Thank you for your interesting Hello message.
Whaere about in New york ??
Just a Hi! from an old friend.Love & LightPaul
Hi from sunny Athens of HELLAS (Greece).
Hi Seth-DeborahThanks for the comment. I am very fortunate in that I love my job. Actually it is a bit much to call it a job as it is also a passion. I studied NLP and hypnotic language patterns way back in the dark 1980s when I was a college lecturer and like yourself been studying ever since. I love the subject which is why I am passionate about what I do. When I first qualified I thought I would do mainly work involving smoking cessation, confidence and weight management. However what seems to have happened is that I have gravitated more towards integrating hypnosis and energy work with my educational background whether that be helping business clients to master their sales and marketing mindset or coaching clients towards abundant health. It is certainly a wide and varied business to be in and there is never a dull moment. I also run an online health coaching service through a Health Coaching website where clients can have 24/7 access to health surveys and the latest information on health related issues. So yes I keep busy.If I can be of any assistance then please just ask.Wilf.
Hi Seth-Deborah,I lived in Long Beach, California area when I was a child. My dad was in the Navy, so I lived all over the USA. I am in South Carolina since 1963. Thank you for your warm welcome!Monnie
Yes, I have seen you at the Club too. What to say, the word "Secret" was absolutely enticing and I 'had' to join. Wouldn't want to be left behind. Hehehe.Your website is very impressive I must say. It took me quite some resistance-breaking to build the first page of my site. Its very basic, but it did make me sweat a bit. So, you see, I totally respect you for your efforts.
Thanks Seth, Hope you enjoyed preppingthe metaphor
Hi Deborah,Thank you for the welcom,I am in Jacksonville,FlLynda
Thanks for your email and welcome. I see you're going to China soon? We went to Beijing and Hong Kong last year...amazing places and I'm certain you'll enjoy yourselves!
Hello Seth & Deborah.Thank You for your email.The photo was from an adventure trek through the blue mountains in Jamaica.Hope you are all wellMervyn.
Thank you for your welcome, as for the picture, well nice of you to say.John
Thank you - hard to believe that all my life I wanted to conform, and then realised that being wacky suited me better. :)
Hey, thanks for the helloI enloyed your blogs :)
Hello,I look forward to learning and recieving input from you. Let me know if I can be of any help aswell. I also have two teenage daughters;.)Rosa
Hi Seth-Deborah,I can always tell where the good stuff is.....I hope you enjoy people learning from you and we can both stay happy. Thanks for your friendship.Steve
I was consulting to Singapore Airlines and they referred me on to other clients and so I followed the gold seam.
Thanks!. Smiling hides the wrinkles.
You're too kind. Thanks for the warm welcome. I hope to get to learn more about you as time goes on.Jim
Thank you for your nice welcome. It is so nice to join a grou of like minded professionals. I am really looking forward to this!Victora
Hiya right back at you,Cheers for the welcome and all the best for you too. What do you prefer to be called, Seth or Seth-Deborah?Regards,Seb
Thanks for adding me as a friend.All the best,Monique
Hi welcome from the UK. hope you are well? and thank you for the hello. slowly working my way around the site. have a good day Adrian.
Hi Seth!How are things in your world? Thanks for the hello.Still working with Beverly and offering classes through SF Continuing Education. New plans in the works that may take me out of state. But it won't be to New York!Francesca
Hello Seth-Deborah,Thank you for the add. I believe we met briefly on our morning walk at NGH this year. Pleased to meet up again in this virtual world!Stephen
HI Seth,Thanks for the welcome and look forward to hearing more about what you do within the Medical Establishment. I think we're some way behind you here in the UK as far as medical acceptance of hypnosis goes.I had one General Practitioner (Doctor) on my training course in Clinical Hypnosis & Psychotherapy who went into a GP Partnership and then found his fellow Doctors wouldn't let him use his new skills in the Practice-he had to set up a private practice to use them!!I look forward to your posts.Kevin
Hello there, I'm so very glad I have joined this site as I've met some very interesting (out of the box) thinkers. My photo will be up sometime this week. It's on my website at along with my CDs and books I've written. Have a great and wonderful day.Bob
Thank you, The Shirt is well known at the NGH, I think more than me, but it is a great Anchor. lol
You too Seth-Deborah! Maybe we can meet at Solid Gold this year if you venture out that way. Congrats on the Distinguished Hypnotist honor!JW
Met you in 2000 at the Solid Gold in Las Vegas. We had brunch with a group at Bellagio. I trained with Marilyn Gordon initially.Seth
Hi Seth, at last I see you "in person"; thanks for the friendship.Del
Thanks for the kind words Kevin and Congrats on the presidency position!Seth
Hi Seth,Yes, I am familiar with you and your work. I was a member of the S.F. Sleepwalkers for sometime up there as I lived in San Rafael for about 3 years till heading south to S.D.Although I never got to see you work I have heard many great things about you and your efforts in medical hypnosis. Keep up the great work. Helps legitimatize the field and give it a better name. :-)I have kind of taken the "helms" down here as the president of the San Diego Hypnosis Network (Formerly called the Sleepwalkers as well) so if you are ever in the area and would like to speak at a meeting, definately let me know. Or if your just in the area and would like to get together for coffee or something... Whatever!Have a wonderful day Seth...Kevin
I Seth,I will definetly call upon you! You do same.xoLB Delete Comment
Hi Seth,What a pleasure it was meeting you at the conference last week.You gave a nice presentation. Glad we got together for dinner and the Moonlite session at the beach. You are a wonderful spirit.Look forward to connecting and meeting again soon... let me know when you intend to come down to LA.Warmly,Liza
Seth - I really enjoyed working with you at the Walkabout. China sounds like it will be an quite an exciting experience! Lets talk sometime soon.Mandy
Congratulations on being invited to the China event!It's wonderful news. And BTW...those Mardarin could be admired as the only shopper who can speak to the oranges! :-)Best wishes,Rosemary Conte
Hello Seth-Deborah,Great meeting you. I just checked out the schedule for the IHF conference. I am considering some of the classes. I will probably wait until the last minute to see how my work load will be at that time.Bye the way, I really like your name.Steve
I am so glad you enjoyed the Walkabout experience. We really wanted to make it something special that both advanced and beginning hypnotists could take something away with them . . . and something playful and creative. It was wonderful to meet you and your husband and Kaye says hello to Samantha!
Thank you for inviting me. Really great to have met you in person and see the great things you are doing in the world of medicine.
Nice to meet you here!
Thanks for inviting me your friend to be your friend! I really appreciate all of your imputou do great things... you do really great things for all in our profession.
Hi, S-D. Good to see you here.Joshua