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August 7, 2013

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Heidelberg, Germany

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Full Time Practice

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Networking with other hypnotists. Also I want to encourage people to sign up for my free Extreme Street Hypnosis Newsletter by visiting my webpage

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Instant Hypnosis NLP Instant Inductions Street Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Stage Hypnosis

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I am a hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and educator. I teach: -Instant Hypnosis -NLP -Street Hypnosis -Hypnotherapy -Advanced Hypnotherapy Best Practices


Instant Hypnosis, Martial Arts. One way or another, they are going down. :-)

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Hypnosis Skit
Sean Michael Andrews
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Posted a response to "After Emerging From Hypnosis, The Client Is Still Suggestible... REALLY?"
"Okay, I like the fMRI idea. Is it generally accepted that "hyponosis" (whatever that is) or trance can be detected with fMRI?"
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@sean-michael-andrews • 2 months ago
Sean Michael Andrews
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Sean Michael Andrews
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"Sign up for my pre-conference class on how to do Killer Demos! I'll be teaching instant hypnosis, how to choose the easiest subjects and many other..."
Sean Michael Andrews
@sean-michael-andrews • 2 months ago
Posted a new Comment on "How can I learn how to hypnotize people?":
"Sign up for my pre-conference class on how to do Killer Demos! I'll be teaching instant hypnosis, how to choose the easiest subjects and many other..."
Sean Michael Andrews
@sean-michael-andrews • 2 months ago
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How can I learn how to hypnotize people?

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thanks for the request!

How's the throat? Hope you're felling better and better! :o)

Mr. Sean can you inbox me?

Thanks Sean, my box arrived 6 days prior to my birthday. Tell Don hi!

My proposal was accepted to present my information from the 2012 American Academy of Family Physicians on their 10 most asked questions and insights from doctors. Looking forward to running into you there.

Hi Sean, Great to spend time with you in the USA, looking forward to seeing you again when you come out to Australia, and thanks for the link up to Hypno Thoughts, cheers Darren

Hi Sean , no I didn't received it... I saw your video hypnotizing a girl via mobile pone ... That's really awesome... Looking forward to learn more from you this coming year... Happy new year Sean..

Hi Sean,

I'm not sure you got my message on your website contact page. Just want to make sure your Seattle class isn't full. I'm getting the $$ now and intend to attend. Money is coming slowly, but surely! Thanks.


Hi Sean-thank you for your friend request :) Hope your day is inspiring and wondrous.

Hi Sean,

Thanks :-)
We look forward to getting to know you better and to enjoy learning from your direct approach to hypnosis :-)
Bye ciao,
The English Sisters

"Hi Connor!

I started out studying Ericksonian hypnosis, but then gravitated to Dave Elman's style. A lot of the time I do pure Elman style pretalk and induction and then sometimes throw in some Ericksonian stuff during the therapy. Sounds like we are an almost mirror image! :-) Pretty amusing!"

-Sean Michael Andrews

So i was wondering what was taht elman pretalk...

That was such a great surprise! I really do appreciate and will enjoy your talents. Thank you ! :) K
Thanks Sean you're the best! :)I wish I could join your classes!
is this a show(late night as seen on t.v. commercial) or real stuff?
Thanks Sean,I'm looking forward to sharing with and learning from others in the group. Make it a great day!Troy
Hi Sean hows it going buddy, not heard from you in a while but i am sure your upto some great things ;-)RegardsYour Friend in uk
Hi Sean,I'm Orxan Ibadov, an owner of the most visited hypnosis blog on the net - I would like to become an affiliate for your Instant Induction Course and bring you sales. I have sent message to your email, but did not get any answers from you. Can you please give me the instructions to becomeing an affiliate?I also wish you Happy New Year.Best Regards,Orxan
Your latest news letter helped me to find the information that I was trying to find about Dr. Spiegel. Thank you and I'm glad that I get you news letter.
Sean,When do you plan on having your next Street hypnosis performance in NYC. I would like to experience the thrill of being street hypnotized by you.
Hey Sean, wish I knew you were in Tempe last week, it would have been great to see you and your team work first hand.
Hi Sean,Do you plan being in Vegas next year fo another Hypno on the Strip course?
Hi John,Yes! I am the same Nadeen. I educate during my shows, and I run seminars. I have people constantly asking me to do private sessions on the ships and because I would never have the time to hypnotize everyone I always refer out. I direct people to the NHG site as well as educate them as to what to look for in a hypnotist in their area. My shows are very entertaining but what I really do is use stage hypnosis as a platform to get people interested enough to use hypnosis for improving their life. Please send my best to your clients!Kindest Blessings,Nadeen
Hey Sean,Hope your doing well, our common friend, Hypno RIch,YEP COOL GUY, says hello....Regards Ed
Hey Sean,The car was packed and we were ready to leave early in the morning for the drive to Seattle and with a check of the weather we found that I-5 was closed due to flooding. Same for Amtrack. So we missed it.But since we had planned to be studying Conversational Hypnosis during that time, it's exactly what we did. My wife and I studied Igor's entire course from the CD's I had purchased some years back and had not found the time to get through. It's a great course.It was my best option for not allowing us stay in a disappointed state. So we made ourselves happy and learned quite a lot.Howard
Hello Mr. Andrews, thank you for be my friend. I am new in hypnosis. I have seen your videos and i am wonder how fast you hypnotize people.Thank you so muchOliver
Hi Sean, thanks for leading to this site in your newsletter. Looks like a good one. My wife and I are off to Seattle tomorrow for a 6 day Conversational Hypnosis Course with Igor Ledochowski. Will let you know how it goes...Howard
hi sir do you know how to hypnotize a volunteer who doesnt believe in hypnosis. are you a pro wrestling fan?
thanks very muck sean for the news letter
Do you do any online classes avilable with economical price?
Would you ever come to Kauai for a training seminar?
Hey John-John. :-) I hope you're doing well. Thanks for letting me know about this site.Cheers,--KC
Hi Mr. Andrews. I wanted to say how much I enjoy your videos here and on youtube. I really enjoy your approach to hypnosis. I just listened to an interview you did on the site keys to the mind where you discussed street hypnosis. You made a comment about a deepener , called a voit deepener. You had mentioned it is very strong. When you do it, do you use it by itself in conjuntion with a head rotation deepener, and or a 10 to 1 number countdown? You also mentioned you do the voit deepener 3 times to get them nice and deep. Could just expand a little bit on that? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Take care.Keith
Hello Sean! It's great to find a community of everyone I want to meet such as yourself. Can't wait to check out your DVD.-Chris
Hey, Sean,In answer to your question on my blog (about my hypnosis umbrella), I'm going to write another blog post so everyone can read it.Thanks for all the encouragement,James
Don/Sean.....YES! That was me!!! Somnambulist at large! World's fastest (ha ha). I went to your web page and thought you looked just like that guy in my stage hypnosis I know it IS you! I love the name, Sean Michael did you come upon it? It's wonderful! So glad to see how you've been putting the training to use.
Hey Sean,it's me Zzizou,love our hypnosis tricks.But I'm a beginner and didn't actually start practicing yet(don't know how to begin).Would love to be able to do one or 2 tricks of you,even the simple ones.
Ok, there's no place on your page to click to send you a private message like there is on the other pages. Please re-send your email to me. It got mangled by cyberspace. Thanks.
thanks for adding me sean, great to find you on here.cj
Excellent videos... I really enjoy your down to earth approach.
Hi Michael. I bought your DVDs a while back and they are great!
HI Sean..I received your 2 DVD set of Instant & Rapid Inductions.. Just got in from work and found them delivered today. I'm about to start watching & look forward to seeing you in action.Thanks,Paul
Hi Sean, I know I am sorry too. Really wanted to be there.Oh wow wonderful. I will get in touch with you when Boston is over. Our group down here has interest in the course, so we will have the people there for you. I know you will have fun in Boston.PS : we can drop people in Ottawa instead !! (lol)We will talk soon.Kenda.
Hi Sean Thanks for the kind words .......I would really love to attend one of your classes ........please keep me informed of any that you have coming up .....craig
Hi "Sean", I will put them in trance and have them quaking in their claws before you get there. Wouldn't want any trauma to occur before their honorable demise (we are talking about being HUMANE to lobsters, now!). Hugs, Bonnie.
Hi Sean ....I just recieved you new DVD .....Loved it !!! Thanks
Hi Sean, or is it Don? You are too funny! Glad to see you on this site. I'm sure you will have something brilliant and entertaining to add. I look forward to seeing you shortly. Better start putting those lobsters into a trance already! Bonnie. p.s. I like Steph's comment....I know you have her hypnotized!!!
Hi Sean. Unfortunately Jason and I can't do the NGH. We really taxed ourselves out taking the Stage course in TO - and we just cant swing it this year. We are both disappointed. But we wouldn't have much fun going there and coming home broke. Next year. Sean would you ever consider coming to Ottawa to teach one of your courses ?
this guy is the BEST...take it from me!!! ;-)
Hey Sean,Nice to see you again !!!Kenda.
Yeah, Bob is great and a really down to earth guy. I have talked to him a few times on the phone since. Look forward to your next video
Hey Sean,Love your youtube video's! It's great to see a student of Omni show people just how fast a instant and rapid induction can be :)

My new Instant and Rapid Hypnosis DVD is out now.
I'm assisting Don Rice this weekend for a stage show....which will be lots of fun. A team of teenage girls... ..I like it very much... and the teenagers are the most fun to work with. They enjoy the laughter so much.Thanks for being friend... We can't have to many I think!
I'm very happy in Mesa,,,,ewwwwwwww Ice? Were cooler than normal today and overcast will get to about 62 today ..... You do stage shows also Sean?Beth