Animal magnetism

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The aim of this writing is to enable you to approach Animal Magnetism. The key to this technique is to achieve wholesomeness in clinging to simplicity and immediacy, and in recovering your own essential inward beings and your intuition. So-called animal magnetism is a therapeutic and developmental dynamics. It is a door opening up on new dimensions, which some people call energetic dimensions. It has enjoyed a remarkable success and an unbelievable influence in the history of thinking, as well as on culture, philosophy and science, the weight of which historical critique has began to acknowledge in the last decades

1. It has inspired the German philosophy of Nature and the study of irrational realities in Western thinking. It lies at the root of a whole group of therapeutic disciplines which are currently used by thousands of people and are even recognized in some States. Animal magnetism has empowered the development of the metaphysical movement, and falls within a school of thought which steers attention towards mans trans personal dimension, one which is consistent with the latest ideas of quantum mechanics and ultimately belongs to the same trend of thought. The key point of this discipline is to re-establish connection with Nature and to perfect, awaken and feel inside oneself powerful qualities and energies, thereby becoming c apable of attaining a balance between those qualities and energies which will be a new balance for whoever were to accost such discipline for the first time -. Through their development, moreover, the said potent qualities and energies gradually evolve in a manner which we had been previously unable to grasp.

The art of animal magnetism is founded on extensive researches, experimental trials, and successful accomplishments. The word animal is linked to soul (anima) and to "animated". It is furthermore natural and in harmony with natures energies. Besides, the use of the descriptive animal directs attention to the existence of an immediate contact. This magnetism is linked to the person and closely tied up with physical vitality and mental approach. It is both mental and physical. In order to develop this form of magnetism, revitalization and reinvigorating  techniques have a beneficial role to play. Among these energies, we will notice the reawakening of the energy sharing the same nature as the one which the Indians refer to by the term Kundalini. It is, however, by no means the only one.

Through animal magnetism, man takes on true responsibility vis--vis his own self, and he rediscovers his central dimension, his vertical line in the universe. Magnetism agrees with the modern quantum approach: There is no absolute objective science, but only ways of conceiving science. In magnetism, every thing must primarily be experimentally gone through, which is done by starting from the premise of ones personal sensory perceptions. As it is said by Mesmer: Magnetism can be compared to a sixth sense. The senses are neither defined nor described. They are rather felt. One cannot explain to a blind man what colors are. One would necessitate him to be able to feel, them, that is, to see them. The same holds true for magnetism. It must be mainly transmitted through inward feeling. It is only feeling that can make the theory of it understandable

2. This new discipline, therefore, is unconcerned with either words or with logical modes of thinking. We are dealing here with a science which is not of a Newtonian character, and which accordingly demands to be analyzed on the basis of its own peculiar methodologies. Magnetic concepts might be conveyed more effectively by the paradigms of modern quantum physics. Quantum physics has lied at the basis of the nuclear bomb, the transistor, the laser, the instruments making use of light so as to transmit information, and the superconductors, and it will likewise be the foundation underlying the coming generation of computers. Even without such tools, however, the essential philosophy of quantum physics is accessible, inasmuch as man is part and parcel of the universe which such physics describes. Quantum mechanics, after all, belongs, from both a practical and a historical point of view, to the same current of thought which animal magnetism is affiliated with. In quantum mechanics, indeed, observer and observed are interrelated. The emphasis is placed on being a participant in the experience. Up to today, many people are unable to understand the true philosophy underpinning the discipline of magnetism, due to the fact that such discipline necessarily requires an attitudinal jump and an open vision. Compared with a classical therapist, the magnetic therapist follows a different methodological approach to understanding. His is a science of feeling and participating in the experience which transits through his self and his body. Learning animal magnetism carries the signification of learning, at the same time, new communication techniques which are based on non-verbal communication. Our culture, conversely, devalues the body as an experimental medium. A truly scientific paradigm, however, should take the body into account, since, as we are taught by quantum mechanics, the observer does influence the observed. We are an integral part of the reality we observe, and we are only able to observe what our senses or the extensions of our selves in the form of observational tools enable us to perceive.

In the course of this forum, we are going to speak of a scientific approach, what we intend to convey by that expression is a scientific approach which is in line with the quantum science of the last decades. It is precisely on account of the fact that our body and our senses are made in a particular manner that the so-called quantum paradoxes materialize. What is regarded as science is for 95% visual / auditory, and is only minimally lived through the body. The height of absurdity, however, is that we are in the body 100% of the time. There exists a prejudice whereby, if a thing might be seen, it is in principle deemed to be objective, whereas, if it is felt, it is categorized as being subjective. Sensation is an immediate phenomenon.

Magnetism is extremely simple. Thinking too much is of no benefit to a better understanding of it. In order, however, for you to be able to perceive and attain results, it is rather necessary that you, too, should immerse yourselves in the experiment as active participants in it, and that you should drop the castles erected by thought which prevent you from realizing something which, by contrast, is rather clear. It is enough to let one's mind function in a different way, and to overcome an array of limiting beliefs, whereupon a person might be able to discover, beyond the screens set up by thought and imagination, the existence of a reality in which energy can be experienced directly. Animal magnetism points out the path to be chosen by the hypnotherapy of the future, being a hypnotherapy in which the energy-related concept is at the heart of the system, no difference subsists between the outward and the inward, the concept of consciousness and higher states of being is central the therapist is personally involved in the system, and participates with his present being and with his vitality in the change and further creates an energetic field together with the patient by utilizing sensibility as his main tool in order to steer actions which are dictated by his intuition and without creating images, only causative agents which produce power.

Animal magnetism, therefore, enables the codification of a cluster of elements which, if one were to pay heed, would be found to be present in every effective therapy, but which actually fail to be analyzed because of the frequently reductionist spirit of our age. In actual fact, the reductionist approach itself is but a product of out mind, which unceasingly seeks to recoil back into its comfort zone and thus eludes confrontation with the unknown. Every hypnotherapist knows by his intuition the extent to which the points we have stressed here above are part of his work when the latter truly proves effective. In any event, he is always aware of the fact that adding such points to what he is busy practicing cannot but make it improve. We do hope that this work might open up somebodys mind to a new sensibility, and confer on him a scientific paradigm by which to frame his operations. Even if you limited yourselves to put into practice a single point among the ones underlined in the first part of the post, you would be able to better your results. You will end up unveiling a different orientation of the spirit. Whereas in terms of the classical approach, the hypnotherapist is like a person who walks down into the canteen of the unconscious, in accordance with the approach adopted by animal magnetism, the hypnotherapist who is at the same time a magnetist works with what are viewed as the higher planes of consciousness.

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