Introduction to the power of the eye

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I post in this group this article that I hope will be of interest.
What's the power of our eyes in our ordinary conversations? Is it possible to influence somebody else just by looking into his eyes? Science says yes. When a person looks at another person always there are perceptible physiological reactions. And words acquire more power with the right gaze.
Experiments show that if we are looked at, hearth rate and skin conductance change and even cognitive processes can be influenced.
It is also proved that eye contact influences neural processing of emotional expressions (Striano Kopp 2006).
Using rightly your eyes is really a subliminal process as our partner (whe rightly done will not notice it but will react to it.
But note, you cannot lie when you use this kind of gaze as eyes transmit our deepest thoughts. You must therefore learn to be master of yourself.
A good gaze add to whatever relationships skill.
The induction of hypnosis is also popularly linked with the power of an hypnotic eye, but very few are the hypnotists that today know how to correctly have a truly hypnotic or mesmeric gaze. Most of the hypnotists use words. Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP, for example are based on words. Words are yes useful and can be hypnotic, but many times they not so powerful and mesmerizing.
How can we develop a powerful hypnotic gaze? Note how knowing the secrets to master your gaze is also useful in ordinary conversations. If we would observe from an neutral observator standpoint a discussion many times we would discover with astonishment that the winner is the person that mostly master the power of his gaze (at least unconsciously). Love at first sight is also clearly a recognized fact of gaze. Our unconscious mind is deeply affected by gaze.
In our school we have studied for years the power of the gaze.
Source of our interest were two masters that initiated us in this art, Virgilio Torrizzano that was able to put people in a deep trance with his gaze in a matter of seconds, and Prof. Erminio di Pisa; this latter was able to cure many illnesses with a specific process based on his mesmeric gaze. He was very requested and had an incredible high rate of healing success. we realized recently a video where we showed the complete process that is really instantaneous.
Everybody can easily begin developing his hypnotic eye skills.
To have a really entrancing gaze your blinking rate is fundamental. Each of us blinks, but somebody blinks faster. Fast blinking is normally linked to emotions. When we blink we change mental images. We can learn to master our emotional states and achieve an higher and stronger state. Practitioners of an indian (and also western) art consisting in staring at a point called tratak, are able to stay for long time without blinking. with time and practice they master in this way their emotional states.
Tratak can be a starting exercise. Another can be trying to read without blinking. You will notice that as you reduce blinking rate and you observe somebody, your words will be listened better. This is backed up even by scientific research (words will have more influence under direct stare). But this is just the begin. If you master your eye, you will get better results in all your relationship and public situations. If you are an hypnotherapist you will hypnotize better, if you are a salesman you will convince better, if you are a manager people will listen to you.
There are additional techniques that permit you to master your inner state that so easily eyes can transmit. And you can go even further. But always you must begin with the first steps. Feel free to write us for further informations. we have written a book called "the magnetic gaze" we have also a free fascination (power of the eye) course at or visit our site