Motorcycle accident victim treated with Mesmerismus techniques

Created: 04/24/12 08:33:22AM by @muneer-abdul-rasheed

Salaam (peace)

The following is a case which I shared with my mentor Dr. Marco Paret.

On Monday (4/22/12) I was just informed that one of my coworkers was hit while on his motorcycle.

At that time I was told that he is in the neurological ward of because of a head injury in addition to 2 broken legs.

Note: Later I found out that it was one leg broken in 2 places.

I plan to see him in about an hour and as always thought that I would touch basis with you.

Since he is the cameraman who shot almost 98% of my programs; we have pretty good rapport.

Therefore, I will bypass the preliminary steps of gaining rapport and go directly with the passes.

I also will have to sense, if I can hold him with a gaze giving his situation.

Note: I remember that you told me before to be extra sensitive to the head.

This session ended with my magnetizing the water which was purchased for him

Note: The first session was conducted during our lunch break so we could not stay very long. The magnetic passes were conducted for roughly 30minutes.

Note: The second session was conducted during the evening following the afternoon session.

During the fascination process Joe (my friend) held his gaze until he drifted into a trance state. Various passes were carried out over his body with special attention to his injuries. Treatment was for an hour.

Today, (4/24/12), marks my 3rd treatment using mesmerism with him.

His right eye which was very black swollen yesterday only has a trace of purple coloration. The swelling has also reduced considerably.

When we arrived he was slightly awake. However, after I started the various passes he went into a deep sleep at started snoring.

Note: There were probably factors in conjunction with the passes which caused him to go into deep sleep.

During that time (sleep), I decided to mentally ask if he could hear me to which he showed some movement.

When I asked him (mentally) to move his right hand he moved his right arm to a degree.

After the above, I continued to magnetize him as the previous two visitations. Today's afternoon session was 45minutes+-

I may see, if I can go again tonight.

On the way to the hospital I called Joes son (also my coworker) to confirm visiting hours. Unfortunately, it was too late, but told him that I would visit tomorrow. InshaAllah (God Willing)

I hope to have more to share soon. InshaAllah

Salaam (peace)

Muneer Abdul Rasheed