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Hmmmm, reading, I suppose: especially anything to do with Life and enhancing one's experience of It.

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Thank you for your friendship Ron...have a great day!
Hi Ron,I always love it when someone agrees with But, some 'truths' seem to be 'truer' than other 'truths.'As for me, I value common sense above all else.I'm glad you're here.
Thank you Ron, I'm excited to be here with all of you!
Thanks for introducing yourself.
Thanks so much for the greeting and very excited and keen to learn more. Its all still very new and can't wait to understand it much moreDarren
Hi Ron and thanks for your offer of friendship which I'm delighted to both accept and offer in return.For your information I am a working therapist in hypnosis, based in Montrose in Scotland. I also work as a magician, mentalist and musician.I'm currently writing a book on 'how to' hypnotise succesfully which will include a DVD entightled: 'The Kalabassa Experiment'. I'm having fun with it and hope to release it later this year.Do please tell me a little about who YOU are and what you get up to. Also where you are based.Yours aye,Bob
What a lovely welcome, thank you very much Ron, I look forward to discovering this friendly forum further :)
Thank you,, Ron. I look forward to exploring with you!
thank you, nice to meet you :)
Welcome Ron, thank you.Namaste,Michael
Ron,I look forward to your friendship.Walt
Very happy to have you as a friend Ron
Sometimes I think that mind is more important than mere events, because mind is where we live.Don
So many kind words, Ron. I'm only used to hearing the other kind -- but many thanks, even though I don't recognize myself!Don
Ron,Your post to my wall is a very good reminder for me. As I'm not one to think I have enemies outside of what I consider "people with unhealthy issues of their own who tend to have to, or want to, make life less joyous for those around them in order for them to feel good about themselves," and that is only a certain level of people in a place that pays me for my services of labor," (my day job).And your comment puts everything back in focus. They are not my enemy, they are me, the me that hasn't figured out that life is for enjoying, and what they are doing is not at me, what they are doing is to themselves. And though they are not asking for help as they probably don't see a problem, it is not my job to judge them as any different than anyone else. It's funny, because there was what we called a real evil one a couple of years ago, he/or she left, and another one of the same filled the same shoes. But what I used to think of the last one was of a person who allowed me to learn how to cope with the worst. And by doing this for me, I learn how to help others cope with many other things in their lives. The balance is always there, when I'm feeling out of sorts, I merely need to step back and see where I wandered off course and merely step back to the place that reminds me of how wonderful it all is. Therefore, thanks to your thoughts, I have no enemies, there is balance, or the whole thing would just fall apart, and the saying, "I have met the enemy, and it is me," sounds cool, but when it has no more meaning....then I'm on the right track, and we are all one doing the best we can, and helping each other should trump judging and feeling like a victim in life. It is truly about perception isn't it?I applaud your philosophy of life.Now tell me if you will, when and how did you discover these spiritual in nature beliefs, I am curious, was it from family, outside of family, or did it just come to you?Your friend,Steve
Hey Ron,You made me think, when I said I could use a friend too, I started thinking about balance. Everybody talks about balance this balance that and how we should keep a balance of things. So if I take on a new friend, does that mean if I want to keep balance that I have to take an enemy too?Just a thought.Steve
Thanks for the invite -- I am delighted to be your Friend
I can always use another friend too.Steve
Thank you, Ron! I look forward to our exchanges. :) Kelley
Sorry for the late reaction Ron,The feeling is likewise.Hope to talk with you again some time.
Welcome. I think you'll like it here. let me know if I can help.Melissa Rothwww.alabamahypnotherapycenter.comYour Medical Hypnotherapy Connection
A welcome to Hypnothoughts ...enjoy the company of many experienced professional Hypnotist...Pattie
A warm welcome to hypnothoughts community,I trust you will have an enjoyable and fruitful time here,Love and hugs,FableLawrie Shaw the Sunderland Hypnotherapist
Welcome to HypnoThoughts!Roger MooreHypnosis Health Info