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When is Your Birthday?

October 5, 1955

Where do you live?

Denver, Colorado

Hypnosis Experience:

Part Time Practice

What are you looking for on this site?

I desire to learn from the experience of other Hypnotists while adding to my own "bag of therapeutic tools". I enjoy helping people to fulfill their goals.

Areas of Interest:

Pain Management, Test Anxiety, Stress Reduction, Age Regression

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I discovered Hypnosis after receiving Jungian Therapy for a number of years. After witnessing much healing (and many wonders) emerging from my own subconscious mind, I took a big step and acquired the training to become a Hypnotherapist. I continue to explore the remarkable resources of the unconscious mind, and strive to always remember "to press my nose against the window, to watch the snowflakes fall".


I love bicycling (I've taken some really long and wonderful journeys)! I create beautiful objects with clay, and also enjoy casting cool stuff in resin. I sometimes write poetry, and I'm an amateur inventor. I enjoy watching movies, and I especially enjoy reading books about (and by) Hypnotherapists.

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Hi Robert.......nice to hear back from for a 'favorite', hmmmm. Not really sure I have a clear-cut favorite. Stress reduction stuff is enjoyable, I have liked doing grief work, and even enjoyed the smoking cessation process (although I have only done two). I have pretty much enjoyed most everything......chewing tobacco, teeth grinding and test anxiety has also been fun. I have stayed away from working with clients with abuse issues.....just feel too new to hypnotherapy and not as experienced as I seem to feel I need to be. And yet, I know that I probably need to just jump in and do it, huh?

So what about you? Have you specialized (which I want to do) or are you working with most everything? And how big is your practice? Mine is fairly small at this point......I see about 3 people each week, but since I decided to leave my day job a few weeks ago, I am hoping to jump start my business and take it to another level......

And I must say, I left the conference yesterday, and two hours after I arrived home I was sitting with a client and everything felt more energized and wonderful........hope you have the same experience!!

Thanks for your friend request Robert. As you can tell, it's obvious I'm slow (although that's a suggestion I DO NOT want to give myself).. I'm thoroughly enjoying Scott and Michael and will be taking the 2013 course...I'm a hypno junkie..trusting you're having fun too..

I love the metaphor list Robert. A nice addition to the tool box!

Robert,Nice to connect with you during class today. I had to laugh because a friend sent me a list of new icons called "assicons". They are sooo funny and very appropriate to many situations. I'll have to send them via a regular email I think?Enjoy your day and I am looking forward to this class!Julia

Hi Robert,

Thank you, I unfortunately missed the live class today due to time zones!!!

Looks like I will have to miss them all I am off to Lanzarote on Monday and I will be arriving when the class begins and flying on the way back.

Have read the text for today though.

Hi Robert,

Thank you for asking me about texts for my course at HPTI. The primary text is partstherapy, with a chapter of THE ART OF HYPNOTHERAPY to be sent to you as a PDF file. However, you may find it worthwhile to obtain that text as well:

Best wishes,
Roy Hunter

Hi Robert:

Looking forward to meeting you in the next couple of weeks. Donna aka Nudges,

Looking forward to meeting you!

Thanks for the add! Looking forward to meeting you!

Hi Robert,It's nice meeting you here at Hypnothoughts. I wish you the best of success.
Welcome to the community. There is a wealth of information here and nice people to share it with. I think you'll like it here. Let me know if I can help. I'm curious about what attracted you to hypnosis in the beginning. There is a good discussion on pain control and hypnosis on the medical, health and wellness group. Also, there is a pain control group.Melissa Rothwww.tranceworkers.comYour Medical Hypnotherapy Connection
Welcome to HypnoThoughts!Roger MooreHypnosis Health Info