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Only 52 days left to book for this unique event.

The Therapeutic Inductions approach will teach you how to utilize Inductions as an essential part of therapy, not merely the gateway into hypnosis.

What you will learn:

* A fresh approach to hypnosis
* An understanding of how and why inductions work
* Waking Hypnosis and why it still uses trance - regardless of what James Tripp says! ;-)
* Progressive, Rapid, and Ericksonian inductions
* Turn the "standard" inductions into therapy tools
* The essentials of "Reframe Therapy"
* How to create inductions on-the-fly
* How to tear-up your scripts and learn to read your clients
* Performing impromptu therapy

When & Where

Saturday April 2nd, 2011 at Crossways Retreat Centre, Northampton.

What's included

* 1 day of exciting and practical hypnotherapy training
* Hands-on practice sessions
* Free lunch and refreshments
* Full course notes

You can find added info, including video updates at http://inductions.wordpress.com. Or, you can book now (for the early-bird price of 75!) at : http://howtodoinductions.com/training

Trust me, you're gonna love this!

Graham Old
How to do Inductions