Spiritual hypnosis

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Melissa J. Roth

09/28/17 06:46:50PM

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Who teaches the best spiritual hypnosis class you have taken? 

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09/29/17 01:25:59AM

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Hi Forum,

If someone might a touch naive about clarity who asked "what exactly Is spiritual hypnosis," then would that be a relevant question?

Melissa J. Roth

10/01/17 05:54:05PM

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My client is not looking for past life regression per se but rather the realm of opening up to the spiritual world and higher self. She's done PLR and not found it suitable for what she wants she says. She's looking for karmic connections, purposes, etc. I'm not 100% sure what exactly she's looking for but she describes it as a connection with Spirit. Sorry, that's all I can tell you.


10/02/17 03:33:15PM

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Thanks Melissa,

A very welcome answer I believe.

It also gave me a good piece of thinking to think about it because, if spiritual is beyond the material, and all hallucination is beyond the material, then all hypnosis is spiritual in nature :) is it not?

Good question anyway.



Melissa J. Roth

10/03/17 09:35:56PM

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I have more specific information from my client as to exactly what she seeks to learn. This may either open up the spectrum of instructors or narrow it. I don't know. She wants to get back in touch with her higher self to live more in line with working out some of her karmic lessons. She feels she used to be fairly psychic, channeled "helpers" from the other side and felt the presence of her guides. She reports that she had a series of life events that caused her to put aside her spiritual practices for several years. Now that her life has settled down she doesn't seem to be able to get back in touch with her higher self or her guides. She originally got into this practice through hypnosis and thinks taking a class would help her reconnect. Does this additional information help? This is certainly not my field so any advice that I could pass along would be appreciated. My personal note is that this woman probably won't be able to travel due to health issues (why she's seeing me. I'm good but I'm not Harry Potter) so anything on-line or a book or recording is probably going to work out best. Thanks for all your help.


10/04/17 04:14:38AM

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I've stumbled across Daniel Rechnitzer before now (universal intelligence, Oz). When he talks about the subconscious mind and hypnosis, he's bang on the money. But then he talks all sorts of weird stuff about superconscious, sort of like Ines Simpson on acid. The whole sales funnel thing seems a bit cult-ish, but there might be something online or a course/video there that connects with your lady for that spiritual connection through a hypnosis/sc setting.

For your reference - http://discoverui.com/

I'm not recommending or endorsing - it just came to mind with your post!


Fable Goodman

10/04/17 04:50:36AM

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There was a vast proliferation of hypnotic recordings on this theme back in the seventies/eighties.

Perhaps it was such a product that introduced your client to the area? 

may be worth asking which hypnotists she has come across before, as obviously, that style has worked for her before. 

And it is easier to retrace your footsteps, down a familiar path.

Most of these recordings are still available, (as are books dvds ect).

My intuition says that someone like Dick Sutphen Might fit your client's bill, 

Again without recommending or endorsing... you might ask her to check him out.



Of course even though this is not your particular area of interest, that does not mean that you are not the best person available to work with her on this.

perhaps simply encouraging her to go back in her mind and re experience /revivify the sessions that seemed to work for her in the past, with the suggestion that she will be able to reconnect with all that she has learned, as she lets go off all the things that are getting in the way.

You never know, this might turn out to be your new speciality.

I am reminded of the time a client  once asked me: "do you believe in Intuition?"

After some consideration, I replied:  "No.....  But I have the strangest feeling, that some day I might!"


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10/04/17 08:14:35PM

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Finding True Magic , Jack Elias is grounded but he goes to some unusual places. He's in Seattle and a very interesting guy.


10/05/17 11:53:25PM

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I remember using core transformation to open the third eye and hypnosis with a psychic in Alabama and I got an amazing reading.  It sounds to me she is interested in exploring Transformational states of being.  I am open to Skype or FaceTime to explore this further with her.

Roy Hunter

10/06/17 11:51:15AM

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My latest book is about spiritual hypnosis, and next week I am teaching a two-day workshop in Portugal regarding how to facilitate spiritual hypnosis.

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