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November 5, 1955

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Maylands West Australia

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Part Time Practice

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To share my knowledge and learn from others who use hypnosis as a theraputic tool I am clairvoyant /medium with gifts I use as a Phychic Healer. I was involved in the Concsious Living Expo( mind /body/spirit for 10 yrs as a Vocal Vibrational Healer using my voice to work on the human energy field Nearly 95 yrs ago Edgar Cayce said "every cell in the body has its own vibration & consiousness"' Now confirmed by the Science of Spectrometry which shows us that at a sub-atomic level we are all light & sound each strand of DNA has it own frequency .My main interest in hypnotism is to find a method that will help the subject access their own Light - Energy field in the physical body at this level and advise and prescribe what their own body needs to heal/cure its self physically emotionally spiritually.Every body has it own freqency as unique as a fingerprint,When it out of tune its dis-eased ( this is where I work ) so what works for one doesnt always work for another, .As recent as 2 ½ yrs ago after emergency Neuro surgery MRI's showed 2 possible metastasis in cervical spine I refused to see Oncologist I stayed in the country for 9 mths doing what" I do!" the last MRI result although they show up as metastasis they were not behaving as them so where probably not! I have never gone back for further scans I believe given the right tools every body can do this. & hypotism is an excellent tool,,,,,hoping to meet others interested in healing with sound who use hypnosis as a theraputic tool .

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While working for a hospital 16 yrs ago as Health Adviser ,Dietitician, Phlebotomist.( UK) I faced serious health problems. Psychic since childhood I first started astral traveling to connect with the spirit world at about 7yrs..Taught hypnotism by my father( who met E. Cayce) at 15yrs.was using that with clairvoyance & palm readings as “party trick.I put all that work behind me when I got married & entered the business world .Then undergoing major surgery some 16 yrs ago.I re- entered the spirit world and reconnected to my spirit mentor a Great One.who I have shared many lifetimes with. I left the medical world & started studying all Natural modalities now a member I.C.H T. International Council of Holistic Therapists. Diploma Swedish Remedial & Shiatsu Massage. Certified Watsui Practitioner (aqua shiatsu).Master of Reiki and Seichem.Level 3 practitioner E.F.T ( for last 10yrs).(emotional freedom technique trained by the only Master in Australia. Peter Graham).Councillor with experience in the field of abuse.I have develop my own unique phychic healing methods. Because of my knowledge of the spirit world I served on the commitee of Phychic Development Ass( est 40yrs ago )here in WA . Initiated into the local Nungar tribe as an Elder because they see me as ancient shaman returned to heal them This is an honour few Wadulas (whites) have ever achieved.Certiicate Australian Academy Hypnosis (Rick Collingwood) As a volunteer I recently started to use hyonotism with great success to over come the sickness and pain caused by chemo -therapy.It works excellent with the dying as large amounts of morphine make people very sick towards the end to be able to give them a peaceful death is so much better for them and their families.


I am in the local Born to sing Choir 200 strong we raise money for local charity, an Artist I paint energy fields and symbols that I see when travelling in the universe.(see cd cover)I write lyrics and poems.I guess you could say reseaching all modern and ancient healing methods. I love walking on the beach at night at certain special moon times. tuning in to the universe energy forself healing awesome !!.

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Hey, I loved reading your profile and your posts on the lightworkers' group! Sounds like we have similar spirits - would love to connect with you and share energy and light! :-D
Hi Pauline,You may already have this PDF Ebook from Victor Zammit but just in case you don't here is the link to his website.... Rob
Love your sense of humour !!
Glad for the laughter... my true delight in the dark!
I am going to put my comments from other sites and disscussions on my page as I keep losing track of disscussions below is my reply to the disscusion on different minds that are refered to in hypnosis
Permalink Reply by pauline owl 1 day agoDelete "" The Mind """is the complete electro magnetic energy field there is no separation and is not compartmentalised at a basic sub- atomic level we are all tiny frequencies of light and sound there is no material body at that level our 'mind "'is in every partical of that light/ sound that we ARE (( 80 yrs ago E.C.said .said every cell in the body has its own frequency and consiousness we now understand that this is so ) therefore there is no seperation we just choose (free will) to access at different frequencies these hold all the memories of our spirit ,,, What we have been ,,,,,,what we are,,,,,,,, and what we will be ,,,,,this information is accessable to all at all times just a matter of excepting "what is "and going for it ,,,,,what we will be ! is interesting taking people in to future lives is giving us information on world conditions 500 yrs in the future ,,Suggested Reading Dr Valeria Hunt The Infinite Mind (science of human consiousness ) any thing by Dolores Cannon specially The Convoluted universe ,,,,the reason our minds are so powerful is because they are part of the energy of the universe PART OF NOT SEPARATE FROM ,,,,May you always use the THE UNIVERSE LIGHT to guide you on your search ,,,,,MAY YOU NEVER STOP SEARCHING!!! Reply to ThisUpload FilesAttach File(s):
Hi Pauline. Thanks for the information. I've been in school all weekend and haven't been able to get online. I have been trying to ground myself more and it seems to be working well as I'm feeling back to normal and not experiencing too much weird stuff at night. Thanks for your help! =)
Hi Pauline, thanks for the add! On 2/14/09 I will birth The Light Seed Temple. Perhaps you'd like to start a branch in Australia, that would be awesome. Let me know if interested. If you are, please email me at HypnosisDaniel at I prefer that to this (public) email function.Love and Light,Daniel
Hi Pauline! To download, just right click onit. You'll emjoy it. I know you'll do well. Any questions, anytime, just ask. Love & Light Paul
Ahhh Pauline .. I found it. I don't know as much as you do it seems about groups. My time here is limited at best but late in the am like it is now for me.. and taking a break at work... it's perfect for that. If I can help otherwise .. please let me know. Love and Light Elizabeth
That's brilliant Pauline, I am looking forward to seeing your drawing. I feel at home in Africa and realise there are other Lemurians here also. I always wondered why I hated the song "Auld Lang Syne" till I learned that was the last song to be sung when Mu sunk.(originally a Lemurian song) It is wonderful to be able to do so many things without having to learn them, and to train people in everything I have ever learned, and never learned
Hi Pauline! Don't know Simone. What is his site, I will visit him.Did you read in the book about regrowing the 3rd joint of a pinky finger? It's in my ebook. Love & Light Paul
Namaste my Mystical SONGBIRD friend... light, clear seeing, healing, music, joy, turning high the dimmer LIGHT switch within, creativity, and painting, oh what a juicy friend!Looking very forward to sharing LIGHT secrets!Infinite JOY!
Pauline. If you read my ebook, you'll know that talking to my self, I healed me from a bad stroke which initially paralyzed me. I have had other wonderous things occur when hypnosis and belief is applied. I do beleive truly that what the human mind can concieve, it can achieve. ye2ars of practice and experience have proven that to me. Love & LightPaul
Hi Pauline. Was in Australia the year of the olympics, but to see my daughter who was an exchange student at Sydney U. While there she helped a fellow student get over the fear of flyimg, and another stop smoking, but she doesn't consider herself a hypnotist. She actually just got her Ph.D. in marine biology, and did some research there for awhile. Loves it but talks funny for a few weeks when she gets back. I would love to go again and see more of the country. ERT is a great tool. May I reccomend that you read my free ebook on my site, and then I will answer any questions you have about ERT. It's easy, and it works wonderfully. Paul
No, it wasn't me Pauline, I'm afraid I can't help you with that:-)
Hi Pauline,I didnt' get the message, it can be all pretty confusing learning your way around but you did manage to put one on my page so you're getting there. Lol.
Pauline, I believe I sent you a friend request, maybe we can send messages so we don't take up all the room in the comments, with our conversations Ha! I would love to hear about your book and how you're doing etc.,I read (incorrectly) that you had 97 car crash(es) not a car crash in 97, that's why I said to take away your license before you killed yourself. Ha!
Hi again, Africa has many pyramids, I know of 3, possibly 6 if something we have found from the 75,000 year old site pays off, the stones there point to what seems to be 3 pyramids. These are in an area where I was asked to see Egyptian hieroglyphs on a stone, an area that has some of the oldest stones on the planet, almost 4 billion years old. Plus on the Adam's Calendar site my friends found a stone image of Horus. So the Egyptian influence is very strong. However I believe this to be Lemurians who were the predecessors of the Egyptians, and Mayans, and Inuits, and Incans, and Tibetans. I had a meeting with a Lemurian when I was doing psychic investigation on Mapungubwe near the Zimbabwe border, he said he was a Lemurian, I said I thought he was full of shit, so he blew me about 10 feet backwards with Third Eye energy...I believed him after that!!
Hi Pauline, Blockages in Chi can be cleared with any Universal energy, Reiki is probably the best, but yes they can be cleared with radionics. Art
Pauline,I see that we are not much different, and born close to the same time, mine, Nov 3rd 1956 in Redcar England :-) I LIVED at the beach and also used to sing opera. Being a healer has been big in my life too.I look forward to reading more of your posts and I am sending you love, you are obviously very brave so I know you will succeed in your own healing.
Nice to meet you Pauline.. we have alot in common it seems.. ahh Art.. he is a darling to get to know too.... Blessings
Brilliant Pauline..SA is certainly a wild place but I am doing psychic research here also, just went to the oldest construction on the planet two weeks ago, 75,000 years old! an observatory like Stonehenge. Haven't been back to Aus for 4 years now and might stay here now! Studying esoteric work for most of my life and now training people in everything you can think of! Have you had good experiences with past life regression? check my website for a bit about what I have done..Blessings, Art
Hi fellow scorpio, and fellow Aussie!, thanks for that, I take a bit of flack from some people who are not on the same wavelength and am surprised that many hypnotherapists(I hope they are therapists not hypnotists) have no idea they are working with the soul. I have written much about this and have another two books coming out, one dealing just with the soul so people can learn a bit about what they are dealing with. So many people just work from the books and don't have any curiosity about their own work. I threw the books out years ago when I learned that this work coincides with my life time of esoteric studies.It is so satisfying when you can reverse bipolar disorders or suicidal depression with this work. I also work with radionics a lot which requires a knowledge of homeopathy, using the molecular structure of a substance to send in healing across the planet. Let's talk! Blessings..Art
Hi debs thank you so much for you offer of health advise ,,I have qualification in that erea from College and the Universe I am being told you understand them too,! welcome into my field fellow light worker ! I to love freo use to live there ,did you come over for the concious living expo? I was involved with it for over 10 yrs (stand & stage) & magazine its through that i might be able to give you some advise. for puplishing your work i have 8 writer friends one Carla was on Oprah example dont do it if you expect to make money (google )clif Sanderson he told me he makes 9 cents a book.the old way ,,, internet puplishing is the way to goThey hold master copy of book and only print when you order,,,,new writers say its the only way to go,,, looking forward to exchanging ideas ,i am meta -physical healer ,,,,love & light
Hi Pauline, nice to meet you. You asked if you would know my books, well I haven't had them published as yet but I'm looking into self publishing. Just last night I met someone who is going to introduce me to someone who can help me with building a web site and online distribution.I've been to Perth once and loved it, Fremantle was just wonderful.You said you fell ill, 15 years ago, I've gained extensive knowledge in natural cures and treatments for many illnesses, so if you would like to share, I may know of something that might help.Deborah
Hi Pauline!Nice to hear from you!Yes, definitely - please contact me when you are thinking of coming here and I would be really happy to meet with you.Happy New Year!
Thanks, thats my favorite one too. I appreciate you taking the time to notice.Celeste
Good to have you here. I think you will find plenty of information about the unconscious mind in this community. Since you are interested in healing come on over to the medical, health and wellness group and consider joining. Your unique perspective would be a valuable addition to the group.
Hi Paulinenice to see you here :-)
Greetings Mate lol Welcome to hypnothoughts have fun learn and help others that's what it's all about here!Best WishesAmanda
Welcome to HypnoThoughts!