Transgender support?

Created: 06/08/15 06:37:47PM by @graham-old
Hi friends,Like my previous post, I am raising this question in this group precisely because I am assuming that we are generally more accepting of LGBT clients.[This is purely theoretical, for the purposes of discussion.]I was disgusted this week by a piece in Time by Paul McHugh. He uses pseudo-science and half-quoted research to justify referring to transgenderism as a delusion.So, here's my hypothetical question: Someone comes in to your clinic having been influenced by views like McHugh's, or perhaps religious persuasions. They want you to help them with their sickness/delusion/fantasy.They absolutely refuse to entertain the idea that they are different to their biological sex. Any suggestions in that direction risk losing rapport and sending them away.They just want to be 'fixed'.Would you accept them as a client? And if so, how would you proceed?