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I will NOT advertise in the forums, blogs, homepage, etc. in any way and will limit all promotion to the designated areas. I understand this site has a "no advertising" policy and will respect it and the members who appreciate this rule.

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March 19, 1959

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Provocative Therapy Provocative Change Works Hypnosis

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I co train with Frank Farrelly and teach my own Provocative Change Works events as well as running 2 private clinics in Leeds and Manchester. I also teach in USA, Asia and Europe

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I look forward to further discussions with you. Happy New Year and many wishes for a new year filled with well-being and inner peace.

Great to see you at Hypnothoughts, Nick.

Provoke away!

Hello,Nick! Welcome to HypnoThoughts! I'm a newbie to the forum myself but, unlike you, I am also brand-spanking new to thestudy of hynosis as well. Itrust that you will find the forum members to be wonderfully warm and welcoming and that you will find a wealth of thought-provoking discussions and resources here!

Hi Nick,

Welcome to HypnoThoughts.


Szeles Comedy Hypnotist

Welcome to Hypnothoughts. I'm confident you will enjoy it here. I"m curious. What attracted you to hypnosis/NLP in the first place?

Melissa Roth

Your Medical Hypnotherapy Connection

Welcome to HypnoThoughts!Roger MooreHypnosis Health Info

Welcome to Hypnothoughts please join us, and say hello in the Unofficial Welcome Lounge created as a gentle introduction point for new members, and returning members to say hello in a friendly relaxed environment
trust you will have an enjoyable

and fruitful time here,

Love and hugs,


Lawrie Shaw the Sunderland Hypnotherapist