Acting and Hypnosis

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Acting and Hypnosis

Group Description

Hello everyone,
two of my passions are Acting and Hypnosis. The first one I began to study a few years ago, I became professional in this field and am currently director and acting teacher. In Hypnosis I'm taking the first steps. I've done some training with Miguel Cocco (Portugal) and lately I read and studied about DTI - Deep Trance Identification. I found many points in common with the work of Stanislavski and Michael Checkov wich I studied. I am currently reading the book DTI by Shawn Carson, Jess Marion and John Overdurf and watch the 30-day program (Youtube). I love it! Congratulations on the excellent work.
I created this group to get more insight's of who is inside the area of the DTI or Acting and wants to share more experiences, knowledge, views, challenges, exercises.

Thanks everyone!

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