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San Diego

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Full Time Practice

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Epigenetics, neuroplasticity, medical and clinical hypnosis (particularly hypnotic pain control and mind-body work), forensic hypnosis, dementia and cognitive disorders

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Working with several local Integrative and holistic medical practices. Began working successfully with dementia and cognitive disorders in 2006. Mobile hypnosis and distance sessions offered. Offices in San Diego and El Cajon, CA.

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That Thoreau quote is one of my favorites from literature and specifically from Thoreau. :-)

Thanks for contacting me Michelle. The information you sent will be very interesting. As I already see amazing results from my doll therapy I feel there is still so much to learn about dementia and what is hidden deep in their sub conscious minds. This is why I am studying clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Robyn

Michelle, Here is the thing. I want to meet the most people possible while at Hypnothoughts Live! in June. To date, I have dozens of people to network and interact with. Would you please do me the favor, if you see me, greet me. Help me find you, I am using more tapping with great success especially after clients experience revivification of past traumas or even delights. Give me a Shout Out, ty Dave

Thanks for the heads up on deleting discussions. I contact NLP Comprehensive this morning by email to verify whether or not they meant to have the course posted on YouTube. I also deleted the discussion in the mean time. Thanks again,


Thanks for the add! Pleased to make your acquaintance :)

Oops, sorry for the delay. No, I have not read any of them, Michelle, but have connected with Michael Hawley and compared approaches...

thanks for the welcome Michelle, I'm looking forward to being involved in this community of practice. Dave

What an oversight! One that didn't even matter...what does THAT tell us?! LOL :)

Thanks for the welcome, and nice to meet you.


HI Michelle,Thank you for the welcome.Cathy

Hi Michelle, many thanks for adding me.

Looking forward to interaction.


Hi Michelle,thank you for welcome and happy you added me to your friends list.Your profile shows a terriffic person.my best wishes to you.


Hi Michelle,

Thanks for the welcome. Looking fwd. to some interesting exchange of ideas on here.

All the best


Hi Michelle,

Thank you for adding me to your friend list and welcoming me. I look forward to talking to you and everyone on this platform. I see you're sharing great stuff.

Fauziah Shah

Hi Michelle, looking forward to great discussions!

Thanks Michelle, I'm enjoying seeing all the discussions and look forward to talking to everyone.



Hi Michelle,

Thank you for the welcome message! I'm enjoying this informative site tremendously!

Evelyn :-)

Thanks so much Michelle!

Hi Michelle, thanks for welcoming me - back at ya! :-) x

Thanks for the invitation and the welcome, Michelle.



LIFE got in the way and I haven't actually scheduled a program YET.

I happen to like Wednesdays, as it seems there is little else going on...

I am leaving to a weekend conference now and will get to the schedules on Monday. What areas are you most interested to explore?

Thanks for the invite,

In peace,


Hey MIchelle,

Thank you very much for the suggested reading - it's going on my must read list immediately! I've found I'm passionate to learn more about nutrition, including the addictive aspects of what my son calls "space food"... :)

Thanks Michelle - I love this community & the vast resources here! :)

Thank you for your kind words MIchelle. I actually just graduated SIUE and will be attending graduate school for Professional Counseling. I too found the entire experience to be amazing and thesceneryhas only gotten better!

Thank you Michelle! It's good to have such a good support!

Hi Michelle, thank you for your kind welcome.

Thanks Michelle... Already engrossed in everything!! I can't wait until I've really got some time.Sankara

Thanks for adding me, and your positive comments.

Many Blessings to you~

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for the warm welcome, the warmth & kindness is returned to you & your family.


Thank you for the kind welcome!

Thanks for welcoming me into the fold! Can't wait to meet everyone.

Thank you for my kind welcoming! I am looking forward to being a part of.

Hello Michelle,

Yes you did see me, yes I did mention HPTI, it was so cool being there listening to Dr.Jeffery Zieg speak about Milton Erickson and his experiences and what and how he learned from him. I hope I get to re-watch it, they said it will be availble but I don't remember when, I just got home, spent the afternoon with Jackie and Dan from HPTI, they were there too.

Enjoy andmaybe enjoy some more, I hear it's a wonderful way to do it,


Hi Michelle,

It is great knowing you and I sure do always look forward to reading your writing as well. Your gentleness of spirit and strength dodefinitelycome through in your posts.

gentle day and namaste,


Thank you for the welcome Michelle. Best wishes for a great day!

Thanks Michelle.


Thanks so much for the welcome to HT, Michelle!


thank you very much Michelle... you gonna be my good friend.. my greet here from Indonesia for you... Thank You.

Thank you very much for that Michelle, and as we say......One person at a time. Look forward to hearing from you in the future, Aaron

Hi Michelle, It's good to here from you. I work at the Jennifer Diamond Cancer foundation and the Disney Family Cancer center as well. I do hypnotherapy workshops every few months at both places. The workshops are on how hypnotherapy can help those with cancer. Are you ever up this way?


Thanks for the welcome Michelle - I'mhappy and honored tobe amongthis company.

Thank you for the friend invite.

Hi Michelle:

Thanks for the invite. I see we have many interests in common. Surprise, not:)

Looking forward to getting to know you better. Agree about the ongoing studies.

"Depression is a recurring disorder for many people. Thus the finding that repeated episodes of depression contribute to inflammation in the body highlights a potentially important role for untreated depression as a contributor to a range of serious medical problems," commented Dr. John Krystal, Editor of Biological Psychiatry. "These data add to growing evidence of the medical importance of effectively treating depression

Here is an article that just came across my desk. As the other Michele can tell you i love to share and learn on a daily basis.


All I can say is.... you're Wow!
Michelle, looking forward to catching up on things this weekend. I'll call.... Well Kent, I am a Hypno- Junkie, but you all knew that didn't you?
2579 points. You have been busy here. I am still just curious.
Hi Michelle. I had not known that you were doing Ultra Height hypnosis. I am also very interested in this. I am coming to the conclusion that this is a most powerful regimen. Perhaps we could study together some time, Kent.
Thanks for the add Michelle, you're right, there's so much we don't know and so many possibilities! They say we only use about 10% of our minds power... I believe hypnosis is a way to unlock the "other" 90%!!!Keep in Touch,Will
Hey thanks for the ice promo Friend! Never saw that picture!
Hi MichelleThanks for the welcome. How are you finding the Steven Brooks online BHR course?
Hiichelle,thanks for inviting me to be your friend, i am very happy for that and i look forwards to getting to know you better. Tha quote from M.W. its very inspirational. Thanks for everything.
Hey Michelle...how is the SKYPE hookup coming... You are missing loades of fun. Check out the post in skypenosis...Hypno hugs AinoI'll call you later today.
Hello Michelle , this is a great quote from M. Williamson that you've put up here on your wall. ~ very cool
Thanks for that information!Do you know if I have to finish the HMI course to become part of the AHA?
I met Bill last week; we live in the same town. I was fortunate enough to sit in on one of his wifes, Big Mind, Big Heart demonstrations, cool stuff, and cool peopleHave you listened to any of his blogs?Dan
Thanks for the add. I noticed at the bottom of your post "via Bill Harris" Is that the same Bill Harris from the movie "The Secret"
Hi Michelle,Thank you for inviting me to be your friend :) I really look forward to learning a lot from this site.Kerrie
Thank you for the nice welcome!
Hi Michelle!I do have a zest, that's for sure!Thanks for connecting. :o)
Yeah! We can have multiple connection now. I will check it out. Thanks for the infomaiton.
Thank you for the lovely welcome, Michelle! I plan to spend a lot of time on your page reading! I just know you're having a great day!
Hi Michelle! I appreciate the witness. It only strengthens my joy for living to be seen as someone who enjoys living.....do you know what I mean? This is one of the most beautiful aspects of our human consciousness. The sun knows that the flower will blossom and continues to shine on it. I believe that this is the most essential practice that we can do for ourselves and each other.I also live by Ghandi's words "Be the change..." I am happy to meet you in this way over the internet and look forward to learning more about you.Cheers and have a wonderful day!
Did I ever say thank you ... Graciously...?????Thank you...
Glad you are back in the swing of things .....
SanDiego is a great place but yes--seems further and further away with the traffic! What do you specialize in just in case I get a call from someone in that area--which I occaisionally do.
Hey Michelle,That's a hike from here, Kzoo still has the best pizza in the state at Bilibows... or how ever you spell it.Have a great Sunday,Scott
Thank you! Hoping things settle down now after the 1st of year and can join in more.
Hi, Thanks for adding me. I look forward to getting to know you!
Thanks Michelle--are you LA based?
Thanks for the welcome Michelle! Looks like a warm group & wealth of experience, so I'm looking forward to joining in.Happy New Year!Chris
Hey Michelle,Neil's show's are definitley like a good bottle of wine, they get better with age,,,,,I'm pleasantly surpirsed everytime I see his show... Chrome Dreams was fantastic with an incredible acoustic set.This tour was great as well,, especially to hear Neil do what he loves,,, the Beatles,, Twist and Shout was a blast,,, the whole audience danced up a storm.... it was great.Where is Somerset Center MI?Hope you have a Merry ChristmasScott
Hey Michelle,What a concert, Neil did some beatles, Twist and shout, ect ,,,, Thanks for the heads up on the encore,, it was The Sulton,, hope I spelled that right.Have a great day,Scott CooperClarkston, MI
Hey Michelle,,, just talked to a buddy that saw the show,, said he did some John Lennon,,, A Day in the Life,,,, and The SultanNow I have to go,,,, !!!!!!!!!We're having a snow day here in Lovely Michigan,, which means,,, kids,, kids and more kids,,, Time to go build a snowman!!!Have a great day,Scott
The Sultan,,, John Lennon,,,,,Have a great day,Scott
Hi Michelle,Sorry you can't make it to the event. No worries though... There will be many others. This time around however I will be presenting on what I call "Time Quest Transformation" which is part of what I will be teaching in my upcoming NLP Practitioner intensive.Although I will not be teaching all of it in just 3 hours, I will be teaching an introduction to it, giving attendees some solid tools on how to work with clients with even the most challenging of traumas in a way that is safe and ecological for the client and in a way that GREATLY reduces the risk(s) of severe ab-reactions that can occur (and with some therapists are encouraged). I while being able to truly rid the client of the trauma, guide him/her in learning all of the incredibly valuable lessons, AND truly changing the way that they feel about the event.I created these techniques do to witnessing many forms of regression work that turned into severe cathartic experiences that, although allowed the client/student to hold conscious understanding of "the root" of a specific trauma thus creating a feeling of peace for a while, did little to nothing to help them fully change the way that they felt about the issue and keep other traumatic memories from popping up that were associated to that same event.I kind of refer to it as "branches" that pop out that are connected to a particular event. In more clinical terms, it's when a "gestalt" is created from one specific and significant emotional event. The challenge is, that it's believed by some that when you get to the first significant event (this sometimes includes people delving into past lives) and bring conscious awareness to it while "giving yourself certain resources", that every other significant emotional experience that is connected to and reminds you of that first event will somehow disolve.Although great in theory, not so great in the real world and I've had to clean up the after math of a number of clients who went to specific trainings and or therapists who used such processes but did not make sure they completed the work. I will be teaching you guys how to truly fill the person up with what they ultimately desire so that the resources they truly need are VERY STRONG, quite possibly stronger then they can ever consciously remember feeling AND teach you how to do it yourself by simply understanding how to have fun with your own neurology!So that's what I'll be presenting on. :-)Rest assured, I will probably present on it sometime in the future.
Hi Michelle:You left a mssage to me regarding how I can advance my skillset and ge further practice. First, I want to thank you and secondly I just wanted to let you know that your suggestions were not in vain. I did join Sllepwalkers though there seems to be an impending membership shakeup. I also joined the yahoo hypnosis power user group, started a Meetup group for practitioners in my area ad had a Craigslist add prior to your suggestion (I may need to re-vamp it). I am smoke cessation certified from HMI but have not had the pleasure of having a smoke cessation client yet.On another note, I did my first three rapids last week with the same subject. Ever so often my wife will agree to a session (usually once a month). I am anxious to be led into trance by another hypnotherapist. Anyway, thanks for your kind and thoughtful suggestions.Sincerest Regards,hypno_ra
Thanks for the welcome ^^ I see you're also doing BHR, hello fellow student! LOL :D
Hey Michelle,Glad to see you on here as well. I've actually been here for quite a few months now. Don't post as often as I'd like though. EQI is pretty much a 24/7 gig.Stay Well and we'll see you at the next meeting. This time I'll be presenting... :-)
Thank you Michelle. You let a very insightful and thoughtful post on my page.
Thanks. St Peters is a great place to live. See you around the site.
Thank you for the welcome. You go girl! LOL
Thank you, I look forward to talking to you.
Thankyou, I am enjoying this site a lot, it is great meeting people who have a lot of the same interests!
Hi MichelleIt seems that we are meeting all over, and I will be happy to be your friend - also here.I look forward to find out what this is all about, exept Hypnosis.hans
Hi Michelle,The Windy City, besides getting colder by the day and growing larger every year, still works and is a decent place to live. However, that SoCal weather penetrates my dreams as often as hitting a hole-in-one. Thanks getting back to me.
Hi Michelle, thank you for the welcome.
Hi Michelle....How are you? Thanks for the add.
Thanks Michele, You are very nice to welcome me and thanks for visiting my website. Are you a member of the NGH?
thanks michelle,glad to be here. everybody seems really friendly here.hows your BHR course coming along? Im due to go see stephen this weekend and next, i'll let you know how it went.
Hi Michelle,Thanks very much for your comments on my page.Im particularly interested in your recommendation of Stephen Brooks.I found that he has a course running this weekend in London.http://www.british-hypnosis-research.com/stephen/course_two_weekend_ericksonian_hypnosis.htmlI've emailed to see if i can get onto this course.I was wondering if you could tell me if you had taken this course and how you found it?What expierence level is needed to gain benefit from it?I've literally never taken anyone into trance and have only book knowledge of how to go about it.Would i gain much from this?Thanks very much for your helpJohn
Thank you! I already feel somewhat at home here. I'm sure I will find the right people and info!
Thank you for extending your friendship. I am glad to meet you and look forward to conversing with you about Hypnosis.
Why, thank you, Michelle. Perhaps, it's just too much time on my hands. lol Yes, I am eager to begin hypnotherapy as a full time practice and changing the lives of many - including my own - in the process.
Oh hi there Michelle,Gosh i haven't spoke to you in a while.How are you?Thank you for the lovely comment about my picture?How you finding hypnothoughts so far?Take Care Chloe-Marie.
Thanks for the welcome. I have read some about NLP but I have a rd time comprehending it. The process of regular trance is easier to understand.
Michelle:Thanks for the welcome!Nick
SalaamHi Michelle, Thanks for the welcome.I also look forward to interesting discussionswith you as well.BTW. I'm also part of the BHR community.SalaamMuneer
Welcome. I think you will enjoy this community.
Hey Michelle, I also just joined the HMI Grads and Student group. Interesting site. Thanks for turning me on to it!
Thank you Michelle, I'm already hooked and been here 4 times on this my first day! :)
Hi Michelle thank you for welcoming me .It will be nice to keep in touch.Joan
MichelleWelcome to Hypnothoughts!Keep On Trancing!John
Hi there Michelle,Welcome to hypnothoughts.I've just read your page and noticed you also love NLP.Hope to speak to you soon, don't be a stranger.Chloe-Marie.
Hi Michelle,Welcome. Glad you have joined our group.Happy TrancesNick
Welcome to HypnoThoughts!
Hey Welcome to hypnothoughts hope you enjoy the community.Best WishesAmanda