regression, why does it work ?

Created: 12/13/12 07:10:05AM by @ik-a

Dear Hypnothoughts members,

I have just finished reading Dave Elman's book Hypnotherapy. Many many great insights. I have my workshop on hypnosis a month later and i'm just preparing myself and doing some homework. However, i have a few questions about regression :

1) When we take the client to the first cause of the problem, what makes the problem disappear ? Making a reframe of that cause situation ? How do i know the problem disappeared ?

2) Can i just ask the subconscious to go to the cause of a problem, instead of trying to find it by exploring client's history ?

3) what can be done to prevent a possible abreaction of a traumatic event. I know in Timeline Therapy we dissociate the client from the event to prevent association to a trauma. How about in regression ?