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April 15, 1949

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Longmont, Colorado

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Medical Hypnotherapy--irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, hypertension, migraines, immune disorders, other medically related issues.

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First learned hypnosis as an undergraduate and used it to get through graduate school. Started practicing it professionally in the mid 80's. Specialize in medical applications of hypnosis. After healing myself of disabling IBS and FMS using hypnosis I decided to get certified and began a full time private practice specializing in medical and healthcare applications of hypnotherapy. I am totally addicted to hypnosis.


My daughter, horses, water sports, photography, traveling, painting, shoveling snow, trying to walk on the ice, hauling in firewood, staying warm.

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Melissa J. Roth
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"Oh, yeah. Anxiety is so rampant that I almost always combine an anxiety reframe with every client I see--just in case. "

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Hi Melissa,Thank you for accepting my invitation as a friend. I visited you website and there are two books that I am interested in acquiring and these are how to work Ina medical setting and the other is how to acquire MD referrals,

Hey Melissa, I purchased a product from you for one of my employees and haven't received it. Your websites seem to be down. Can you contact me please?

Happy New year Melissa! Love your hair :-)You look marvelous..... ;) kiss JADE

Hi Melissa

I don't know if you are aware but someone appears to be trying to sell ebooks of several of your courses on ebay,


Hello Melissa, thanks for the add - unfortunately your message did not seem to fully download, so I only know you were going to discuss pain issues, which you have done a great deal of work with -thanks so much for that - I'm particularly interested in pain around addiction if you can offer me some pointers, as well as palliative care and anti-emesis.

Thanks again x

Melissa, Thank you for the welcome. It has been some time since I have been online. I still do part time work. I love hypnosis. It sings to my heart. I will be back in the saddle again soon. I come to this site and feel wonderful reading the current work and knowledge shared here.

Well it looks like the old gal that I am is on my way back to a path that brings me round full circle. I have been asking the age old question. What shall I do? So here I am at this site again. I had a hit this evening to come here again. So I trust the intuitive mind that brought me here. I am making lifestyle changes. I feel at home again. More later. I still have my books from my courses and written scripts and so on from my own writings on the techniques used in various hypnotic trans and the like. I have come alive again! More later! Again a heartfelt thanks for this site and the people here.


Wow, i would have never thought that Cal might have anything to do with this? I would be surprised as he has been selling one of my products on his website for years. I always thought highly of him until I read the post by Jerry Kein a few months ago.

It never occured to me that this was an attack on hypnothoughts either. Jeez. Well its not going to scare me off. I know Terence has had problems with Andy Austin previously so I don't know if this something to do with his departure? Andy has been sharing the link to the fakephds on his blog.

I find it a real shame because i really enjoy helping out on Hypnothoughts

Yes those photos are out of date. They must be 10 years old now. Both of the websites that they came from are quite old and I they are not run by me so i have no control over them.

There are a number of inaccuracies in the "facts" about me in the blog. I have no connection to Calumus other than Morris Berg (who runs the UK Calamus)refers people to one of my old home study courses, and as for Huntingdon, years ago I used to have the UK reprint rights to Bruce Kaloski's Medical Hypnotherapy Course and he asked me to include details of Huntingdon to purchasers of his course so he musthave mentioned me on his site.Oh well!

I have had a great year with my horse. We have been out competing a lot this year and wonthe overall champion prize at several two day rodeos. She is scarily fast at barrels and pole bending and loves the cow work.

Your horse is doing really well!

My instructor is 78 years old and he is still starting horses and rides everyday and runs a farm. He won't let me get away with me saying "I am getting too old for this!"




I wondered why this person hasn't listed this person on his hall of fame?


Hi Melissa,

Sorry to hear that you have been added to this fakephd list along with myself.



Hi Melissa, well, I went to the dinner and even the basic science was over my head. I recognized "limbic system and a few other words. He did quote a study on pain I believe from the 1960s that mention that pain had an emotional component. I remember reading the exact thing online from a link from here. I thought that it was very interesting, but ofcourse his direction was from what phramacology approaches work best in his clinic for acute onset of chronic pain (gee I hope I said that right). His talk was from the direction of "the right combinations have shown to decrease the amount of heavy dosing narcotics. I wish I could recall what it is that he uses in his combos.

He did do a good job reviewing the different theories of pain and indicate that not one theory answers all the questions. But did mention that the different meds basically block the signal between source and some point before interpretation by the brain. Wow, just like hypnosis. Some parts sounded wonderfully familiar while somethings sounded like I forgot everything in Anatomy and Physiology 1&2. Take care andplay safe. Adrian

Always my pleasure. Gary and Larry and I were talking about how we will miss your trainings since Katherine has moved to San Diego. I guess we'll just have to travel now...:-).


I would like to formally introduce myself, as an advisory from Scott, am a student at HPTI, and while I have known of you for some time, never got the opportunity to say hello.

Look forward to making your acquaintance, in the not so distant future.

Jon Wiebold

Thank you for the warm welcome, Melissa!

I think you're right! I AM going to like it here! So many resources AND friendly people! What can be better?!


Thank you very much for the welcome Melissa :)

Thank you Melissa!, I can already see the difference between this community and others where there is very little to none interaction at all. Very happy to have landed here :-)

Hi Melissa, I was talking with an ER doc exchanging ideas about pain management and the conversation went to fibromyalgia. He quoted a Dr. Omoigui book "The Biochemical Origin of Pain" that he believes that Fibro is an inflammatory illness but not in the muscles, instead it is an inflammation of the spinal cord. I didn't know if you were interested in that info, maybe if that is so, then specific suggestions might be able to be better directed. Oh well, hope you are doing well. Adrian

Hi Melissa,

Sorry it took so long to respond! Personal and business things have been a bit overwhelming this year, and it's been tough getting back to the site. :) I started getting interested in Hypnotherapy at around age of 11 when I picked up my first Dick Sutphen book. :) I've been en-tranced ever since! :)

Hello Melissa,

Thank you for your welcome. I became interested in hypnosis while considering a career in psychology. After doing some research, I found that clients responded quicker to hypnosis and immediately became interested in it. So, I applied to the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy in Ireland and I've never been happier. I love my career and I look forward to sharing, learning and growing with like minded individuals as yourself. I live in Europe but I was born and raised a New Yorker.:)

Hi Melissa, thanks for your welcome -- some time ago, now! My experiences as a child with dental hypnosis (no anesthetic, and lots of drilling), led me to the field to work with pain. Most of my clients at this point are seeing me for phobias, habits and weight. My belief is that my practice will draw more pain clients when I'm ready for them. I understand you and Scott have a seminar coming up in June -- I wish I could attend! Any chance you'll be selling DVDs of the program?

Melissa, What got me interested in Hypnosis was a DVD series entitled, The Secrets of Erotic Hypnosis, by Mark Cunnignham. I used it in my long distance relationship with my girlfriend and instantly achieved out of this world results. I was sold on hypnosis and am doing research on how to create a practice in Portland, OR... where my girlfriend lives :)

Hi Melissa, thank you for the welcome. I have taken a long time to respond but have settled in my office and have the site on favourites here.

My first experience with hypnosis was a hypno-birth in 1986. Fantastic!If I can make all my clients feel half as good as I did then I will be doing well. Needless to say, hypno-birthing is not a service I offer.

Best wishes

Aileen (Glasgow, Scotland)

Hi Melissa,

Thanks so much for the message and my apologies for a late response. I have so many things going on, emails seem to pile up. To answer your question I worked for years as a sales trainer and spent most of my time writing and researching, then found NLP and eventually hypnosis. Now only work on weight loss issues and stage hypnosis. Just working on a small show for weight loss clubs. Kind of education in between the fun.

God to hear from you I hope we catch up soon, Steve Ashman

Does one discover hypnosis? Or does hypnosis discover you? My earliest recollections of hypnosis must be from those advertisements in those junky comic books and paperback novels the grainy ads with the pictures of spiral wheels or fob watches, the hypnotist with the hypnotic gaze, and text promising the budding magnetiser that he or she can gain skills that will surpass The Great Mesmer. I didnt give much credit to those ads, certainly no more than I gave to the x-ray vision goggles that were invariably advertised on the same page. Still, the seed had been planted... what was hypnosis such that a hypnotist could interact with anothers mind by means of a mere gesture or a phrase? Like a child pulling toys apart to analyse their mechanisms, my inherent curiosity wanted eventual resolution of these matters.

It wasnt until later adulthood that I actively pursued the notion of training in hypnotherapy, if only to understand myself better. Tad James came to town and offered an NLP course with a hypnosis certification which I attended. I also attended his master practitioner NLP training which offered more training in hypnosis. Tads compressed syllabus relied heavily on light hypnotic state receptivity and these two presentations were no exception. A student who later did Tads train-the-trainer course revealed how Tad used some sly suggestions like ...using all the resources available. Well take a break now. Oh, and you might like to look at the things for sale on the resource table... I observed people coming away from that table with literally armfuls of books and tapes one of them that I knew maxed out their credit card to the tune of a few thousand! Still, I did sign up for American Institute of Hypnotherapys Doctorate in Clinical Hypnosis which I completed over a vast number of years. While it wasnt accredited, it forced the student to thoroughly assimilate and analyse the content of the major text for each of a number of subjects there was an array of subjects to choose from - and I found this valuable. (The framed testamur looks great on the wall too!) After that, I undertook the New South Wales (NSW) School of Hypnotic Sciences certificate and diploma courses. Thoroughly nice people and well-balanced courses. The courses had more conventional presentation than Tads stage show! Nowadays, its mostly undisciplined self-study: Erickson is a favourite topic, as is regression. Where will it take me? I dont know at the moment. I read somewhere on this site that, paradoxically, new hypnotherapists find beginning a practice difficult due to a lack of self-confidence - an astute observation which includes me! At the moment, an engineering profession pays the bills. Still, hypnosis discovered a greater part of me, and thats the important part.

Thanks for the welcome. I have been interested in self hypnosis for many years although I have never had much success in achieving depth. I happened on this site while looking for some ideas.

Hey Melissa, thanks for the warm welcome.

I was trained in "erotic hypnosis" to start with and that is what got me interested. After some time with that, I saw how hypnosis can improve peoples lives and wanted to help people change or improve themselves so I started training in change work. I hope to meet some people near where I live that are involved in the hypnosis community.

What got you involved?

Thank you for welcoming me. While back i heard about the silvia team where you learn to control the mind for pain and so on . Lately i have been thinking about it how to control my mind and to be better in life . So i had some time where i was reseraching to download a mp3 that i couldnt find and i came through this site. I did go and see Marc Savard which he did a good job n his show.

Thank you Mellisa. Natural childbirth using hypnosis.

Hi Melissa, thanks for your welcome and question. I actually started with an interest in NLP and soon found that it was closely linked to it just became natural for me to start investigating and learning more about Hypnosis.

Hi Melissa,

it's good to be back. I hope your move went smoothly and you have settled in


Hi melissa and thank you for your welcome. I've been interested in hypnotherapy because I realized the power of Ericksonian approach and I got better understanding of the source of our behaviors and our internal states and how we can produce great transformations with less efoorts than conscious therapy. I hope to soon have more time to be more active in this wonderful community.

Hi Melissa and thank you for the welcome. I don't think I got started in Hypnotherapy because I found it or had a desire I think more like, it found me. And I must say that I am quite pleased that it did.

Thank you Melissa for the welcome.

I had been looking for a form of healing modality back in the late 90's. After investigating many different forms I found the use of Hypnosis was doing some remarkable things and seemed to have a spiritual connection. I began my practice in 2000.

I worked as a CHT. in SC and VA. I started teaching the Silva Method. Later took Hypnotherapy in Atlanta Ga. Then opened a practice in SC and moved back to MD, & VA. Still take an occasional client. I believe that hy[pnotherapy can shorten the endless hours of traditional therapy. I worked with incest survivors. I eventually evolved a combination of therapy modalities. Thank you for the welcome Melissa. I feel at home here.

Hi Melissa - I recently started my own Hypnotherapy business. I completed my schooling last year.

Thank you for the welcome Melissa, am interested in every topic about hypnosis, always have been. and am glad i found this place where i can learn more and share ideas as well.

Thanks for the welcome Melissa. The very first time that hypnosis occurred to me was when I read an article in Oprah magazine. Then I went to see a hypnotherapist to address some anxiety and sleeping issues that I was having. It was a very positive and successful experience and I am excited about how helpful hypnosis therapy can be for a lot of people.

Thank you for the welcome. My interest started at a seminar on dream analysis thru hypnosis.

Thanks for the welcome and the open question...

I had been doing residential work with adolescents with severe behavioural issues for many years. I had a sense that there was some "thing" I was doing that worked, but I was frustrated that I couldn't always do "the thing". And I was frustrated that a lot of people were getting temporary compliance without doing "the thing," but really just setting up for future problems. And most of all I was frustrated that I didn't really know what "the thing" was and I couldn't help people to do do it themselves very well.

The I stumbled over a video of Bandler doing "wakeful trance" and it was like I was sucked into the screen.

Bingo. This is "the thing". And there is a structure to it.

Thanks for the welcome, Melissa! I actually got cured from a cat allergy myself. Of course that did the trick! :-)

Thanks for the welcome. To answer your question about what got me started in hypnosis. All my life I have wanted to help people to have a better life so I started learning Tia Chi then Qigong but then some of my friends were having issues that those would not solve. So I started looking for a way to help them and I ran across hypnosis and really got involved because it was so interesting it captured my imagination I wanted to know more. So I took some classes and once I felt like I could help my friends I tried my hand at it and was surprised that the changes that came about in my friends. That made me seek more knowledge and now it seems I am on a quest to be the best and one day I will be.

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for the welcome. I can only hope that I get time to use the site and keep up with things.

I have a practice with my partner Vic in Brighton UK. I specialise in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting (am also Advanced PSYCH-K Practitioner) and as an ex-teacher I am woking on a big project to take EFT into schools. EFT meridian tapping is a 'changing state' therapy and we also of course have to elicit information to get to the core of issues. With this in mind Vic and I took an NLP and hypnosis pratitioners course just recently. It is so interesting to learn about language patterns. EFT is yet to be accepted by the medical profession here in UK, but with Hypnosis there is a little give. So, I am looking to expand and learn and heal my own stuff whilst at the same time grow our business and capabilities in helping others heal themselves.

How about you?


Hi Melissa, many thanks for the welcome. my interest is in learning more about hypnosis for pain management as i have read a great deal about its efficacy in that area.

Hi, Melissa

About 7 years ago my husband became interested in hypnosis. He was disabled and retired on full disability. He has tremendous healing gifts and a strong background counseling, but he was wasting away at home on morphine in chronic pain. As characteristic of him, he drew on all of his strength and made a decision to cut the pain meds and get his life back (pain or not) and then he began to restructure his life post-retirement. He became very interested in hypnosis as a profession, which would enable him to set up a practice and add hypnotherapy to his "tool kit" to help others mend their lives. I was skeptical, but I kept it to myself and fully encouraged him. I wondered if he had the strength to do this (he was already 70 years old at the time!) and I thought, at most, perhaps he could use hypnosis to help control breathing problems caused by COPD and Emphysema. I fully encouraged him and stepped back to see what would happen.

I watched withamazement as everything began to unfold. First, he was able to use self hypnosis to deal with pain and breathing problems. Next, Isaw him at70 years old open the doors of his own business with enthusiasm and confidence. Then, as the clients began to come in, Iwitnessed his excitement as he noticed how much faster people responded. Where counselling alone would have taken months, he saw clients responding within 1, 2 or 3 sessions.And the norm became the recurring client, coming back many times because one success would lead to another and their goals would evolve.

Happy for him, but not convinced it was for me, I accompanied him on continuing education events (I was allowed to participate as his care giver and helper so he could focus on training while I attended to oxygen tanks, etc.) So I began to absorb hypnosis through my pores, even though I had not been certified so didn't have benefit of the mostbasic knowledge from certification. Over time, I realized I was more than ready and excited to become certified myself. Soon I was experiencing the same exhilaration that comes from knowing you've really made a difference.

It's been an awesome journey!

Hi Melissa,

I have an extensive background in metaphysics but only really became aware that hypnosis was for me within the last 2 years. I began reading books by Delores Cannon and brian weiss and these made me more deeply understand what could be accomplished with hypno therapy, plus I need some myself.. I am a self trained "loser" and need re-programming

Hey Melissa, I actually became interested in hypnosis from a gentleman named

Derren Brown and some of of the mentalist things he does. then i started to talk to people online about it in various chat rooms and found i can do it by texting. then i did more and more research and decided that this was the direction i want my life to go in. Seeing what the mind can do to the body is incredibly fascinating....


Hi Melissa I got interested in hypnosis to lose weight - cheers Mark


I have always been curious about incredible things. When I first learned that hypnosis can be used to heal, I became even more interested in it. Life is changed, forever.

Melissa I thought that I left a comment but I must have done something wrong! I first became interested in the power of the mind-body connection in the late 90's. I had a near death experience and was not expected to make it. I KNEW without a doubt that I would survive. I did much to the surprise of the doctors and was back to my normal activities very quickly, despite being told that I be bedridden for a year. Out of that experience I became interested in hypnosis and in accessing the subconscious mind. I still had young children so was unable to pursue the training that I was most interested in (The Hypnotherapy Academy of America). This past summer I finally made the decision that it was time! I moved to Santa Fe for two months and had the most remarkable experience. I am now developing and building my practice. I currently have five clients and just recently associated with an osteopath's office. All very exciting!

Hi Melissa, thanks for the welcome message. I originally got interested in hypnosis after have witnessed a hypnotherapist come to my junior high school and do a demonstration of self-hypnosis and hetero-hypnosis. I was amazed at the level of control he had over his body during the self-hypnosis. Then during the hetero-hypnosis he hypnotized a few students and had them imagine that they were doing certain type of activities. I was amazed at the degree that the students were following the suggestions. I thought to myself, "wow, this seems to be powerful and useful stuff". That's how it started. Now I'm trying to get a lot of practice so that I can become a hypnotherapist myself.

Thank you for welcoming me to the site. I first became interested in hypnosis about 25 years ago. I have always been interested the the power of the mind. A friend of mine was a hypnotist in the Phoenix area, and talked me into attending a course there. Since that time I have hypnotized a lot of people, mostly for entertainment at parties. I have been a member of our local Search and Rescue organization for about 30 years, and so, put on a Hypnosis Show for the group of about 80 for our Christmas Program this year. It was a huge success, which caused me to dig out my books, and look into it further again. Jay

Thank you for the welcome. I first became interested in hypnosis many years back. More, I was fascinated by the mind and by trance itself. Eventually I had the time and the opportunity to dive into hypnosis and it's potential, and I've never looked back since.

Thanks for the message. I've always had an interest in the subconscious mind. While on google, I found the College of Hypnotherapy known as HMI. From there on, my interest kindda grew

Hypnosis has interested me for years. So I started taking classes and became certified.

Thanks for your message Melissa, I got interested in hypnosis because of the idea of how quick people can be helped with it. I started searching net and found free introductory course offered by HMI and after the very first lesson I knew this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Few months after that course I went on HMI's Advanced Course and here I'm, starting my own practice, still learning a lot from various books and lately from all the wonderful people on HT Discussions ;-) Forgive me my poor english as it is not my mother tongue.

Thank you for welcome words.

Hi Melissa, thanks for the welcome.

thanks for the welcome, hypnosis fits perfectly with my style of psychotherapy. It is very helpful for people with anxiety and trauma. I teach all of my clients self hypnosis, this shortens their need for therapy considerably.

Hi Melissa. Thank you for the message. I am actually a Hypnotherapy student and came across this site. Do you practice?


Thanks for the welcome btw!

I'm not really sure what led me to it initially since my interest started when I was a teenager. Back then I was sure I could unlock special powers with it somehow and be a superhero. LOL!

We left Denver when my husband accepted a job in Albany, NY where we lived for 17 years. Moved here for job reasons as well.

BTW Melissa, we lived in Denver from 1970 to 1985. Our daughter lives there and we visit as often as we can.

Thanks for the welcome Melissa, and to answer your question regarding the germination of hypnosis in my life and career - In the 60's I worked for two psychiatrists at the VA hospital in Philadelphia and they started my interest in hypnosis. In the 70's I sought out a psychologist who used hypnosis to help kids on the pediatric oncology unit to help me quite smoking. I didn't let it bother me that I wasn't a child and didn't have cancer. And so began my journey with hypnosis.

What drew me to Hypnosis was to try to understand my childhood growing up with a jesuit father and a wikka mother and the way they communicated with me growing up. I have studied Hypnosis in conjunction with NLP and began with NLP and realized in listening to Richard Bandler, that one is inseparable from the other and so took my Hypnosis certification.

Hi Melissa

Thanks for the warm welcome! I read a lot of my grandfathers books of which were hypnosis book,and that is where my interest started.after a long time I decided to do my training through Translife Centre in Johannesburg South Africa.I am looking forward to all the expert advice I can get on this site.Regards Johan Venter

Hello Melissa. Thanks for the great welcome. This site looks absolutely first class. I have experienced a tone of emotional issues over the years and this is a great grounding to help others.

Be well

Phil Salt

Hi Melissa and thankyou for your welcome.

To answer your question I used to do yoga 45 years ago and then taught meditation and visulisation, so it seemed a wonderful natural progression. Then after a near death experience, I became passionate about helping others to also find their happiness and fulfilment.

It was so long ago I can't remember what made me get into it. I do remember that I had wanted to use it to deal with the parts of my daily routine that I found boring or annoying & didn't want to do or remember. I wanted to sleepwalk through my life. Not much has changed in that respect.

oddly enough i had a friend reading a book on it when i was 9 or 10 i started reading and started trying it i found that over my career i found many uses for it and in the last few years i have made it my priority and started to switch career

Hi Melissa, I use hypnosis everyday in my anesthesia practice, and it is a tremendous help during the procedures themselves and in the outcome of the surgery. My anesthesia training included some hypnosis and I actually became certified with the NGH about 18 months ago. All of my friends and acquaintances began wanting me to help them quit smoking, relieve stress, etc. and things just became a small, part time business from there!

Hi Melissa,

One of the other reasons I got into hypnosis was my mother has colitis and has found it affects her life in many negative ways, have you come across any strategies which may help her?

Dave Morrice

Hello Melissa, I am always looking for ways to help people, as a nurse, a massage therapist, a minister..I still feel like I could be doing more. I believe that the brain holds many mysteries, many obstacles, many blockages. I am curious to know more, learn more, seek more.


What got you interested in hypnosis initially?

Hi, Melissa. I've been on the periphery of hypnosis for some time, originally as an undergraduate, then later as I was earning my doctorate in cognitive psychology, and then as a professor of psycholinguistics.

For the past ten years, I've been writing a series of science fiction stories and novels with a stage hypnotist as my protagonist -- the Amazing Conroy.

I've been intending to get into the study more actively, but time and circumstance have kept me from it until now. I'm considering taking on some training, with the eventual goal of becoming certified and applying hypnosis to helping authors and other creative artists to get past some of the everyday nonsense that we all put in our own way.

Thanks for the welcome!

Hi Melissa, and you asked an interesting question about what made me interested in hypnotherapy, I suspect one that has been asked before, and It's ogt me wondering, but that's for another time.

Me, I went on an expedition to Africa in 2002, where we took challenged young people from britain and mixed thenm up with some equally challenged youngsters from Ghana.

We then took away, mobile phone, electricity, TV and radio,all comfort food,put them in disfunctionally (large) groups and had them so far out of thier comfort zone they didin't know if they were coming or going!

I then took them into a jungle where the temperature was 100F+ and we cleared a part of the rainforest to live and work and we built a camp using canvas and timber which we had to cut down. We only had water we filtered ourselves and it seemed like we were in constant danger. (we were not really) and we lived there for three months while learning to survive and I taught them how to construct a lodge out of timber with no power tools.

The upshot was we created an environment where they were open to new behaviour, experience and learning and it literally changed their lives.

It is the closest thing I have ever done to group "living and awake" hypnosis although I didn't know that at time.

Been trying to work it out ever since.

Does that answer your question? and my question in return would be ....

Whatis it like to wake up every morning in one of the most beautiful places on earth?


Dave Morrice

Hi, Melissa! All my adult life I've been interested in using the unconscious mind for personal improvement, and have been studying and experimenting with brain wave entrainment, NLP, meditation, trance states and the like for more than 20 years. I guess I've been circling round hypnosis all that time. I'm excited and optimistic about combining hypnotic techniques with these other 'unconscious access' methods.

Thank you for the welcome Melissa, I've been mildly interested in hypnosis ever since watching the 'Paul McKenna Show' here on TV as a child. It was only a passing interest until a few years ago when I read 'The Game' by Neil Strauss - and I started researching NLP, which of course led to the link with hypnosis/hypnotherapy. I've recently started my own business (unrelated to hypnosis) which means I've got a lot more time for my personal hobbies than I had when I was employed - so it's about time I found a hobby, and hypnosis is as good as any :)

Thank you again,


Hi Melissa. Thanks for the welcome. My fascination with hypnosis began with the Brian Weiss books though I found it hard to believe hypnosis really "worked" until I experienced it first hand!

I was intrigued by medical hypnosis and how it seemed to help people relax and reduce pain.

As an undergrad, I was working in a psychic research insititue at Mich State Univ in the late 70s,when they needed someone to learn hypnosis as part of one of the experiments. They sent me to the Dave Elman medical hypnosis course. I have been using hypnosis ever since.

About 8 years ago I went back to schooland became aLicensed Professional Counselor.Clinicalhypnosishas becomeinvaluable to my clients and me .

I originally was teaching Meditation and Quantum-Touch, using guided meditation in my classes. Dr. Gordon Boyd took one of my workshops and complimented me on my work and we discussed his class. That was the beginning of a whole new leg of my journey!

It started with learning milton Erickson/Ross Jefferies Techniques. Now I have transition into learning to help people stop smoking,weight loss and stress relief

I use to be a member of a Hypno group in Anaheim, CA. My membership was short lived, the head of the group changed the rules and would only allow members that took and passed his class, everyone else was booted out.Thank you for asking.

Thank you Melissa.
Well, about 2 years ago, i saw videos about it, i liked, so i started to search more things about hypnosis and i just loved everything! Then, i started a online curse with Nathan Thomas, and i just can't get enoght , and now i keep looking for more information, experience, for help me to start practice, because i'm shy, and i want to get more safe to start it.

Hi Melissa and thank you.

My interest began at age 11 with a school friend. Long story, but basically, we found a sinister looking little black book about hypnosis in the school library one day (about a thousand years ago) and my friend asked me to hypnotize her during our lunch break. I didn't think it would work, but sure got a surprise.

I've a voracious appetite for learning about people healing themselves of all manner of things the medical establishment deems 'impossible', and have my own axe to grind with said establishment.

I'm keen to learn as much as I can about creating my own script to heal myself, simply because I don't believe in having body parts surgically removed just because they're unhappy, out of balance, and don't 'conform' to 'textbook mentality'. After all, "there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio...."

It's heartening to read of others' successes and I hope to be able to add to it.

I joined a meet up group of Hypnotists and got kicked out after 6 month because I woun't spend $800 to take his class.

By the way, I read what you wrote on IBS and I'm amazed (and relieved). I have ulcerative colitis, so I hope to learn some things, ideas from here on working with that.

Thank you for the welcome, Melissa. I've been interested in lucid dreaming for a while now. After watching some documentaries on hypnotherapy, it occurred to me what I was doing might be hypnosis too. I would tell myself before I fell asleep, that I would wake up after every dream and my memory would be crystal clear to write down the dream in my book. The suggestions always worked. After a while, I would change the suggestions and get funny results.

In the documentary, the therapists were using it for past life regression, to help their clients figure out what may the reasons be for the same themes occurring over and over in their lives. I'm interested in this, but also that it sounded like lucid dreaming to me the way they were doing it. It only took them seconds to go under.

Hi Melissa,

My initial interest in hypnosis had to do with my skepticism. Im not from Missouri, but I want to be shown. Then the awesome power of hypnosis keeps me interested and motivated.

Hi Melissa,

> "I get on a soap box every once in awhile and blow off steam."

Soap boxes are great things. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone is right. That's one of the beautiful things about this industry, you see the world through so many eyes. I have been enjoying listening toNatasha Campbell-McBride who talks about "GAPS" also Tom Naughton with his great little video "Fat head". There is so much about our current health system that is wrong. There we go, you are getting me on my soap box now. Well done.

> "What got you interested in hypnosis initially?"

A number of things got me interested in hypnotherapy, I did a couple of courses in NLP which wanted to take further. I am currently on a hypnotherapy course here in New Zealand but still feel that there is something more to add. The course finishes in March. I just love seeing the positive change in people, it is so rewarding.

> "Pain control is the easiert thing I have done in hypnosis. You just havr to look at it from a little different perspective."

You mention that pain control is very easy, all I have managed is a very light glove anaesthesia, even then the client said that they still felt my touch. I would love to assist those with chronic pain, in conjunction with their GP. What is the perspective that you mentioned?

Is there any where I can obtain the necessary information to assist in advancing with this area. Being in NZ does make access to courses very restricting, also cost is a bit of an issue currently. It is always a juggling act, but that just adds to the adventure.

I greatly appreciate your time, thank you.



thanka for the welcome

Hi Melissa,

I have only recently joined HypnoThoughts and Katherine Zimmerman mentioned that you are an expert in pain management. I am very new to Hypnotherapy so currently learning all I can, as time and money allows. I am very interested in the area of pain management and control for clients as well as Hypertension.

I love your FDA rant. Industry should not be dictating the control of health issues in my opinion. I think people are now starting to wake up to the current health system. The Internet is connecting people to the truth behind the system.

I look forward to reading your comments in this area.



Hi Melissa, thanks for the warm greeting. To answer your question, I have always been curious about hypnosis. I remember my mother seeing a hypnotherapist for weight loss when I was a young girl. It represented itself in my life when I was look for more effective techniques to integrate into my coaching practice.

People and behavior fascinate me. And I am a lover of all alternative and integrative modalities. The traditional methods, while they work for some, leave many in the cold. I am honored to help facilitate healing and resource building for those that have been left behind.

Hi Melissa! Thanks for the welcome! I first became interested in hypnosis through Brian Weiss's Through Time Into Healing - using his script, I found a lot of rich details that aided me in my creative writing. I recently found that healing my UC symptoms was almost entirely through hypnotherapy; whereas my medical docs were simply masking symptoms, in hypnotherapy I actually was eliminating symptoms. My healing has been so miraculous that I've decided to embark on my own training so that I can share this powerful healing tool with others!

I became interested in hypnosis in grad school. I love the brain and how it works. Thank you for welcoming me.

Hi Melissa, thanks for the warm welcome.

What really first got me into hypnosis, was NLP, and though I have a lot of interest in hypnosis, I'm primary interest in NLP and the effects of language on our lives.

Hi Melissa,

This is an update of our last conversation. My session went very well with my tinnitus client. She has already had a few cbt sessions with me and one hypnosis, so she entered the session feeling she was already gaining some control over her tinnitus. After the hypnosis session (I used the dial turning up & down, saw it as a colour, shape and gave it a name, moved it's position, framed it and turned it into balck and white, pushed it in to the distance) my client worked excellent with this and felt quite empowered after the session. I have another 2 sessions and am thinking of going with the NLP approach still as it worked well, or even a session for panic. So thanks for the input of turning the dial up as well as down.

Best regards


Thanks for the hello

Thanks for bringing me into the community. I love what I've learned so far here! Looking forward to entering in more of the specific topics!

Thanks for the welcome Melissa. I hope to find some answers here, I will post something in the dicussion section later.

Hi Melissa

I think Hypnosis is mystical and truly amazing, it makes you think that we know more about the moon than we do out own brains, when you sis down and think about this it always stops me in my tracks.

I left the army in 1992 after serving in many different countries and struggled to adapt within society. This and my curious nature led me on quite a frightful journey but brought me to where I am today.

I love learning and improving my self awareness and in the process self actualize, this in mind understanding new ideas and discussing Hypnosis with people like yourself can only improve me and the people I work with.

Well sometimes I think it just found me. It's a long story, trust me.Chuck

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for the welcome. After looking after my daughter for the last 4 years, I'm ready to add to my skills base. I'm a social worker that worked for the Cancer Association in South Africa (among other things). In the end I felt a bit helpless and frustrated and thus my interest in hypnosis. Still researching training opportunities in Brisbane. Still reading Trancework by Yapko. Kind regards. E

Thanks Melissa ;).

It's been a journey. Initially I wanted to by pass my stubborn mind. Then I was told that I have a good hypnotic voice ;)

Thank you for the welcome note. I have been interested in hypnosis ever since I sought out apractitionerto help me stop smoking, which was back in the early 80's. It was not an interest that I persued with an avid interest until fairly recently when I came upon articles about Erickson hypnotherapy and they really struck a cord in me. I have had some formal training in counseling, but the hypnotherapy seems to me to be a better way of helping people than the training I received. :))))

Hi Melissa,

I got in to hypnotherapy via the route of counsellor (English spelling). I find most therapists use a number of therapies, I work with client's using a varied approach. Consisting of CBT, counselling and hypnosis. I have a private practice in the hospital not too far from where I live. How about yourself? I can see you have just had a big move, will you start up a private practice? Thanks for the welcoming and interest.

Hi. Thanks for your message. In answer to your question, I was initially interested in hypnosos over a decade ago out of curiosity however after working as a psych RN and being so frustrated with the system, I looked into it properly and the more I discovered the more interested I became. I also have a wicked soh so stage hypnosis really appeals to me :-)


thanks melissa,

I hope your move went well!


Thanks...researching hypnosis for some self improvement ideas.


Thanks for the welcome. I started a life coaching course which led me to a weekend hypnotherapy course which led me to a dimploma in solution focused psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. I worked for ten years in the corporate world as an HR Manager and have now given it up to focus on this full time. I love it!

Hi Melissa, I have been interested in hypnosis for many years, for personal development mainly. It seems like there is something to hypnosis, but I have never experienced any trance effects, either through self hypnosis or going to 5-10 hypnotists over the last 20+ years. Everything is demonstrated on the 20% who are very suggestible. I took a week long hypnosis workshop with Bandler a long time ago and I was very good at hypnotizing others and not at all successful with myself.

I'd be interested in self hypnosis methods for analytical people (myself), any suggestions? And clearing out what I suspect are subconscious blocks to trance.

Comments from anyone are welcome.


Hello Melissa, How are you? Liking your new home?

will do and thanks for the tip!

Hi Melissa-

I got interested in hypnosis early in college. I participated in a psych experiment. when they called to have me come back in for the next stage my parentsrefusedpermission. I didn't even know for 3 months. After that I learned more on my own when I started researching relaxation. I learned more at DU when I was doing my MA. By then I was deep into my own study of hypnosis. So 35 years or so later here I am. I only work with athletes.

Hi Melissa

Thank you for the welcome message [speaks well of the kind of people in the group :-) ]

To answer your question I'd have to go back about 50 years. All i can recall right now is that by age 17 I had taught myself, and could use,the basics of a very directive style of trance induction which I have used from time to time over the years.

More recently, about 20 years ago, when I first started to learn about the FoNLP (field of NLP) I discovered Milton Erickson and his more "permissive" style.

I did a "Quantum Hypnosis" diploma with a couple of NLP-oriented trainers. And a full one year course with an Ericksonian-oriented trainer - Stephen Brooks - though his course covers a variety of diagnostic interview and induction technique..

In the last year and a half I've beenconcentrating on pain-relief techniques as my wife got afast growing tumour on her spine in the summer of 2010 and although it has been completely removed (surgery and chemo/radio therapy) it had a very marked affect before the original growth was diagnosed and removed.

How about yourself?

Be well

Andy B.


Hi Melissa. Thanks for your welcome. Since going through a period of depression in 2002, I have been interested in the workings of the human mind. I trained as a Life Coach in 2003 but only ever practised it on a part-time basis. With the threat of redundancy looming two years ago, I decided to expand into hypnotherapy. I completed my training just under a year later and was not made redundant so continued to practice on a part-time basis. Then, with the second round of redundancies earlier this year, I was made redundant and so started my hypnotherapy practice full-time. I am still fascinated by the mind, and am still stunned at how well hypnotherapy works at turning people's lives around.

Hi Melissa, thank you for your kind words. Been interested in psychology and especially hypnosis since I was about 9 years old, never really chose to do this, it kinda chose me :-)

Hi Melissa - Thank you for your welcome to this site and I, in turn, welcome you to Colorado. I became interested in hypnotherapy when it was offered as a component to my NLP training. I originally intended to work with golfers as The Golf Mentalist (TM) but, for a variety of reasons, I decided not to pursue that market. I'm now focusing on chronic pain and other mystery diseases. I look forward to being a member here. Barbara

It was while I was doing reserch in a psycology course, which had a brief paragraph about hypnosis. Thats how I became interested.

Hi Melissa

Working in a cancer hospital introduced me to the wonders of hypnotherapy. By working with phobic patients we are able (usually - there are a few exceptions) to help them face and get them through their treatments. Now we are quite a large team trained and practicing.

Well, the human mind fascinates me.That got me into hypnosis.This and more :)What about You :)

Hi Melissa - first of all I'd like to thank you for your welcome.

Where the interest comes from - my bother-in-law and his wife run a successful Hypnotherapy Practice and felt that I would enjoy some of the discussions on this forum. I am also very open to new ideas and ways of working with people for them (and Me!!) to get new insights and understandings as to how they are in the world.

Another reason for my interest is that my own psychotherpaist who I was with for 6 years in London trained in Hypnotherapy and suggested that I maybe do some training - we have since become professional colleagues (and friends!!)

Hi. I introduced a stage hypnotist in a nightclub when I was a young DJ in Scotland.

He said that my voice was great for hypnosis.

25 years later my vocal "talent" seems to be working well for me as ahypnotherpist.

Hi Melissa, thank you for the welcome, this appears to be a friendly inteesting site and I've hardly scratched the surface yet.

I got into hypnosis I suppose because of a lot of crap I had in my young adult life - my father died when I was fourteen and I got involved with the wrong people. Drugs, fights etc and then I luckily got an apprenticeship and became an engineer. I always felt I had 'a an itch I couldn't scratch' though, somewhere at a psychological/spiritual level, and began reading in an attempt to find out what my purpose in life really was I never felt the humdrum existance was enough and there was more to life than being an engineer.

I remember reading a book about Buddhism and it asked ''Who is the watcher of our thoughts if not a higher being''. This intrigued me and I began NLP, became a Master practitioner and then studied Hypnotherapy with The Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis got an Advanced Diploma, a Diploma in Stress Management and began to practice Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.

I feel I have put alot of personal demons to bed by following this path and I would like to help other 'souls' out there who may be troubled whether its anxiety,panic,addictions,or generally feeling lost.

I feel society at large today is sick and as a saying goes ''it is not a measure of being metally sound if you are adapted to a society that is ill''.

Beautifull photo's on your page bye the way.

Perhaps you will find the following video clip explanatory and of interest...

Best wishes,


Thank youso much for clearing that up for me at last!!I'd heard opinions on both sides but it was never clear in my mind. I'm not a practising hypnotherapist, but work with friends from time to time and used your Fibromyalgiascriptswith one of them.(I sent for your class after I got home from B'ham in 2010.)
Now I have another friendwith claustrophobia so bad sheneeds 2 xanax for an MRI, and wants my help, but she also has IBS and I don't want to make anything worse for her. She was a young child in England during the war and went through many bombing raids, which she has no memory of. (Her mother told her she hid her in a trunk duringone of them.)
I did not want to regress to the ISE because she showed so much fear, but thought I might gently take her back in the past by "turning pages in a photo album" until finding an inner child needing love, if safe an appropriate to her subconscious. Would this be too hard on her too? How can I best help this friend? I amusing self-hypnosis methods for induction and deepening because she wants to learn relaxation techniques.
.....Would appreciate any help anyone can give me, and Melissa, I was sure sorry to hear about the damage to your town during those terrible tornados. Dora got torn up too, but nothing as bad as you experienced.

My postal Code is T4B 3H5

Thank you Melissa for your suggestion of Del Morrell. She seems like a very lovely lady. I must say i have had a hard time finding child hypnotists on the internet.
Melissa: As we speak, I am experiencing terrible bout of shoulder bursitis. I am visualizing you standing in front of me as you did in Glendale at the conference. I am touch my shoulder and throwing a ball of pain far far away. Feel better already, thanks for your amazing talk. I introduced myself to you. I am sharing an office with the kindest, most ardent admire of yours, Gary Yeatts in Roseville, CA. Lets talk soon. Live Life Vividly, Mr. C.

Thank you Melissa.

I think that we all are searching for what we are, what we were in past, and to know better what we are able to become.

I love all about the mind and the 2nd mind. Is very important to me to educate ourselves in a deeper way to be better everyday and help to heal what we learned in the past that causes pain, anxiety, depression, etc.

Hello Melissa and thanks for your welcome.
I am interested in working with folks who have anxiety, sleep problems, and distress related to medical procedures. I have a friend who is a dentist and says that dentists are equally distressed when their patients are anxious and would appreciate working with people who are calm. I'd love to have the skills of Dave Elman and welcome any information on how to further my skills to get to that level of confidence and abilities.

Hello Melissa

I have a lifetime interest in counselling, life-coaching and related techniques. I'm not sure how I found this site. I've been reading a fair bit of NLP lately. I just happen to be here.

Hi Melissa - Thank you for the welcome. I first became interested in hypnotherapy/nlp when I was looking for jobs that I could do and not need to put my children into childcare. I had enjoyed Psychology as a student so looked at related jobs. I did a lot of research before my training and was really fascinated by it and thought it would be amazing to have and job that would really interest me and help others at the same time. Plus I could do it at night when my kids were asleep. Perfect!


I experienced a personal crisis and was looking for help on the net. Found Steve Luzern's

site and got hooked!


Hi, it was the fact that I had seen both my parents go through cancer deaths in the 90's that convinced me that i needed to give up my 20 year habit of smoking. i saw a hypnotist and stopped immediately. I was so impressed that 18 months later i was a trained hypnotherapist too - and the results have been amazing


Dear Melissa, l was recentely working in the criminal justice field as a director of a Texas community supervision and corrections department. I became intrigued with forensic hypnosis and completed training under MaxrHowell, who is one of the founding forces for forensic hypnosis. After training I wanted additional education, contact with others in the hypnosis field and wanted to learn thy ins and outs of NLP. So here I am wanting more education, more knowledge, and more contact with the leaders in hypnosis. Ty
Hi Melissa, thanks for the welcome. As I said in my profile it's always been an interest of mine. I love the way peoples minds work and what makes them tick (or not). I also like to discover things about myself and have done alot of self improvement reading in the past. I just find it all fascinating.
I have no formal training in Hypnosis but I am very interested in the subject. This seems a very professional site and I dont feel I would be laughed at when I ask silly questions. I am interested in past life regretion. I feel that I have some lessons to learn and some things to put rght in this life and I am missing them altogether I just dont see what I am supposed to do but I know it is something. Well that is it thanks for the welcome Yvonne
Sorry, I never meant to bring up the "glitch" in a public forum! I am still interested in receiving the book, and would like to give you my credit info again, via email. I am very close to Seattle, and am leaning towards coming for the workshop in November. Just not sure what will be happening with my hubby, as I would love to include him in the timing... Thank you for your reply! D
I was searching the web looking for some information on the subject as I am new to this and would love to learn all I can about hypnosis self hypnosis and pastlife regresions. And I think that once I get some good reading done and attend some classes and interact in the site I think I will make some progress towards the goals I am trying to check off my list. Well thats it Melissa I a beginer and very excited to learn. Have a great day Yvonne
Thank you for your welcome Melissa! I actually met you at the last ACHE conference in Glendale, and ordered your book. I guess I wasn't meant to have it (on pain control) because I was never charged for it and it was never delivered. A glitch, for sure. And something that I'm willing to let go of. Although I highly admire you and respect you for your work and your practice, I don't think I'm meant to enter the world of pain control, as you have. How did I get started you ask? I would like to say it's one thing that changed my mind and made me a "believer" in hypnosis/therapy, but it was a lot of things. Seeing a change in my youngest son, who suffered from separation anxiety, was the biggest. After two sessions and a little Rx of reassurance nightly for a few nights, he was a completely different boy... I myself have had some life-changing revelations through therapy and am leaning towards helping those with addictions. I graduated CCHt in 2010 and am still finding my niche, operating on beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada. Please make a point to visit if you're ever out this way! D

Greetings Melissa,

Thank you for your warm welcome! What got me interested in Hypnosis was the self improvement factor and understanding the mind. At the time I started school I was and still on a "Spiritual" journey, so it fit perfectly to what I wanted to accomplish.


Hello Melissa,

Thank you for welcoming me. What got me interested in Hypnosis? Everything having to do with the mind and Psychology has always interested me, and I've always have been perplexed at people's, in general, inability to overcome their weaknesses. I guess what I like about Hypnosis is it gives people this ability, and more control over their lives.

I like your post about the FDA and totally agree, and maybe it's a little much for people to absorb, but I would like to add a point about their complacency in allowing Genetically altered foods, specifically GM corn containing BT toxin, to so easily enter and take over the farms and grocery stores of America. When all testing is done by the companies that stand to profit the test results are always predictably positive. Add to that the incestuous relationship between the FDA and these companies and we have the recipe for disaster.

I expect I'll be reading all your posts over time, nice to meet you. --Steve Pender

I'm a postural therapist and part of our training included NLP to connect with the clients. I realised what a valuable tool it was for both clients and my own evolution as a person. The mind pretty much has control over what our lives presents itself as, yes? :)

Hi Melissa,

Thanks fo the welcome. What brought me to hypnothoughts is the vast information on Stage Hypnosis and all aspect of hypnosis.

Dear Melissa,

Thank you so much for the welcome. I am psychologist and have been involved in hypnosis around 5 years I am a CHt. and MHt, I teach courses in Spanish and English and I have a Radio Show Hypnosis with Ana Maria through My intention is to learn as much as I can every day and I am sure I am in the correct place. Lately I have been interested in healing reconnection. Blessings and tons of love.

Melissa, what brings me here is a constantly sought-after answer/definition and purpose of self. A complete wonderment of from whence and where the person in the mirror has become. Just to be frank. There is really a multi-faceted reasoning to your inquiry, with dimensions that even I can not reference in depth. Hypnosis is one desperate solution to getting to the bottom of things.

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for the salutations. How did I get interested in Hypnosis you ask?

As a full time Yoga Therapist and Teacher our study of the mind and practices with various mediation techniques naturally lead to a deeper study of NLP and hypnosis. It is, quite simply, another tool in my toolbox that I find to be undeniably powerful and helpful in working not just with clients/students, but also with myself.

All the best,

Heather Jones

Hi Melissa:

Not sure why I was attracted, just know that it is a vocation, a love now.

Perhaps it was because I have always been a student of the mind, and I love to study people and their behavior (I am a mother of 4) and I have also studied philosophy for most of my life.

Linda Reilly

Hey thanks for making me feel welcome!!! well it started out with just a want to understand the human mind. All my life the brain and the mind {they areseparatethings!!} has been something that has deeply interested me and so i just started browsing and hypnosis came up a couple days ago and now here i am!!! lol i hope to learnalotfrom everybody and maybe i can bring something to the table myself!!

thanks again for theexceedingly warm welcome that was so kind if you!

always been a very spiritchal person hipnosis is so powerfull its amazing it is now a great part of who i am.
Especially because i believe that those things work.
Melissa, Hello. You asked me what attracted me to hypnosis/nlp, my best answer is it called me. See my blog entry. Also wanted to say thanks for the work you do, I completed your Firbro training last year...very informative and helpful. Lani Nicholls

Hi Melissa:

I do various energy healing modalities and have been to a hypnotist in the past many years ago and it just came up again into my awareness the last month or two and now I just want to add this to my practice as know 1st hand (but forgot about it for a long time) the tremendous power of it. I am on a continual journey to be of service and make my passion my vocation - WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Hi Melissa; thank you for the welcome :)

As for what intrigues me about hypnosis: a life-long interest in
the mind, learning, and resiliency ... a background in psychology
(MA) and education (special ed certified)... use of NLP techniques in
the classroom... my (mainly unconscious... but nevertheless
effective) utilization of self-hypnosis to handle fibromyalgia (yes,
I am aware that fibro-control one of your areas of expertise; I am
eager to learn more from you!)... and, most recently, the
at-the-time-almost-completely-devastating shift in my life following
a criminal act directed towards me (I 'm not a "victim" of
said act ; I won't give the perpetrator that power as I choose it
for myself ... it is much more descriptive to say I am "one heck
of a determined survivor of a criminal act"!) which has resulted
(for now) in some medical conditions (and, yes, emotional concerns)
as well as necessitating that I leave (again, for now?) the teaching
career I so-loved and to which I was utterly devoted.

My recovery has been greatly enhanced by some very loving and
caring people (Lane and Colleen Pierce; Margit Whitaker) and their
embracing of me and their sharing with me the ways in which hypnosis
and NLP can strengthen me, emotionally and physically. With candid
disclosure, I'm not even sure they are aware of how significant their
contributions have been in my life, even though I haven't been shy in
letting them know :)

Formally exploring the field, and becoming a powerful agent of
change in my own right, just seems the utterly and completely
thing to do... and, it is completely in keeping
with my lifelong philosophy regarding how I should respond to those
throughout my life who have sought to injure me: "The best
revenge is a life well-lived".

I have been a life coach for many years and decided it was time to add Hypnosis as a tool for myLifeCoaching Clients. So very nice to meet you!

Pam Caldwell

Hi Melissa, Thanks for your welcome. I ended up stumbling onto hypnosis entirely by accident. About 10 years ago I was studying my Drama degree, Drama students can be an emotional bunch at the best of times and suffer from all sorts of phobias and superstitions. So I learned about stress management which touched on NLP. Having got hold of a lot of BandlersmaterialI was inspired to work with change. Later this became useful in a sales role I had but after a while my research into NLP led me to Milton Erickson, Stephen Brooks and others. These days I have little time for face to face sessions which is a massive shame, although my recent endevours seem to be leading me towards to the work of Ernest Rossi and his work withEpigenetics. So thats my run down. How about yourself? What led you to the mouth of the rabbit hole? Which areas of Mind fire excitedsynapses within you?
Derren Brown: Mind Tricks, a BBC show got me interested most recently. I have been a long time fan of behavioral sciences and mnemonics which, please correct me if I am wrong provide solutions using somewhat similar tactics for 'hacking' your brain.

I received some clinical training in grad school, many, many moons ago. Had bits and pieces of further training in hypnosis, NLP, mediation, altered states, etc. over the years. I actually first came to this site in order to find way to contact member, but it resonates with first contact.

Now that I am here, plenty of personal, health and avocational uses would be tremendously beneficial.. Thanks for warm welcome to all.

Hi Melissa, I was doing reiki with someone what was about to start NLP, which I decided to do as well, and as you know NLP and hypnotherapy go hand in glove - the rest is history. Thanks for the welcome.

Saw this and thought of you (correctly) insisting that pain scales need to include zero!

Pain Rating

I'll keep that in mind about the pain relief class you are offering. That's a tough time of year for me to do much of anything but farm but feel free to send me the info on it!

I know what you mean about hauling horses...sometimes it's just easier to do it yourself than to worry if someone is taking care of them the way you want! ;) Have a great day!


I actually started with self hypnosis to help with memory and concentration. It has "morphed" into studying hypno-therapy with all the applications in being able to help others. My passion is being able to help people improve their health and quality of life. I have been in the natural health arena for some time and this is another area to help others achieve their goals and needs.

Hello and thank you for the message. I my mother been ill and trying to find something to help. I also have been listening to books on Edgar Cayce and I believe he was basically in hypnotic trance.

Melissa;I have been a professional hypnotherapist since 1993. I have been a professional psychic since 1974, and a professional Channeller of "The Echo" since 1975. Hypnotherapy is just the next step and the next tool for me to aid my fellow humans.Cliff Preston, BCH

Hi Melissa, thank you for the welcome message :) I am currently taking the Hypnotherapy program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. One of my classmates found this community and told me about it. It looked like a good place to network and find valuable resources so I decided to join! Looking forward to the possibilities here :)

Hello Melissa, thank you for your welcome message. And I'm sorry for being late to reply. Your question was whatattracted me to hypnosis and I want to tell you that I really wanted to study psychology at a graduate schoolfirst after I graduate my university. Actually my major is English now and I'ma three year student. However during last winter vacation, my friend suggested studying hypnosis. At that time I was having a very bad time. Anyway after that I studied and got a certification of hypnosis ,and I love hypnosis! By the way thank you for asking me about this. Have a wonderful day.

Smile always,

Seunglyeong Jeong

Melissa...I heard on Scott's interview that you were wanting to get better connected in Colorado. I will be glad to help. I have been very sick for a year now, but I am finally starting to feel better. Still moving towards radiant health, but finally out of survival. I would love to see you sometime. All my best,
Good Morning! Thanks for the welcome wishes, I appreciate it! I have long been intrigued with hypnosis but have never liked the therapist model in which it's been traditionally used. My husband and I are stock contractors and it never seemed like I'd have an outlet to work it into ouragriculturallybased life. When my school of choice began teaching coaching I decided that it was time to follow my passion and go back to school.My goal is to work with cowboys in pain management and sports focus as there is a huge need for that in our "cowboy community". However, I also find that I'm greatly intrigued with past life regressions as well so who knows where this path will eventually take me. In the end it really doesn't matter what I do, as long as I'm helping people reach their goals, I'll be happy!
Hello Melissa and thank you for the welcome! Compelled to be of service to others from a very early age, I have worked in the non-profit sector for over a decade. Understanding I was ready for a shift in my professional life, and that mycommitment to the well-being of my community remains stronger than ever, I was attracted tolearning opportunities offered by the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Initially, I was primarily interested in life coaching and holistic nutrition, but after an introductory hypnotherapy class, I fell in love with the field.For me, life coaching and hypnotherapy are symbiotic and quite powerful tools for personal transformation and healing. Thanks for asking!
Thanks Melissa for the warm welcome. I have always had an interest in hypnosis since I was about 13 and dabbled in it a little. But it wasn't until after I started a coaching profession and realized people were having a hard time getting out of their own way that I became more serious with hypnosis. Since then I have studied through several schools and advanced training and haveincorporated hypnosis into my practice. I actually now do more hypnosis and less coaching, but love both. I look forward to continuing to learn more as well as meet and become friends with fellow hypnotist. What was the reason you became a hypnotherapist?
Thank you, I will look her up.
i became interested in the power of hypnosis when i first discovered them to help me fall to sleep faster about 20 years ago. Since then i've used PMR and autogenic training to help myself and my clients. Can't wait to learn more!

Hi Melissa, your welcome amongst the many others has underllined what a brillliant decision I made when I joined this network. Everyone is so switched on, and all the information is gold. It feels like I have won the lotto! I stumbled across the website by accident when I was searching for more indepth information for a final assessment assignment - in two weeks I am going to be qualified!

I think I have always been interested in hypnosis without realising it, how else can I explain how becoming a hypnotherapist resonates inside me and feels like at last I have arrived. Two years ago many things in my life fell in a heap and I was suddenly overwhelmed by anxiety attacks - actual physical bolts of lightning searing through my body, and then the depression...and my luck was to be referred to a psychologist who is a hypnotherapist. I watched a woman come out of his office whilst I was waiting to go in. She was laughing. I remember thinking to myself, and the visual is clear as day as I write this, "I wish that could be me, but after one session I know it can't be". But guess what, after one session I came out laughing. It was wonderful. A few sessions later - about 12 because I strung out the opportunity as long as I could, and I realised I was happy to let go. I finished a diploma of counselling and also a certificate of telephone counselling (now I volunteer on the phones for Lifeline and have been also doing community recovery work after the floods in Queensland and also Cyclone Yasi, providing psychological first aid to those affected). When all that training was completed I decided to train in hypnotherapy and asked my psychologist where he had trained. I signed up in January this year and despite a few weeks away on community recovery work where I was so busy I couldnt study despite having the materials with me, it is now 1st of July and I graduate in 2 weeks . Cheers Adrienne

Hi Melissa - Thanks for your welcome. I used to work in a college where they trained osteopaths. I saw how students changed the nearer it came to their final exams, students who were quite confident and studious began to question their abilities and doubt whether they could pass. A number of them went to a hypnotherapist and seemed to do an about turn. One student said to me 'I've decided it's a waste of time to worry - if I fail then I can worry but at least I've enjoyed the exam. If I pass -then I've worried unecessarily and I haven't enjoyed the exam. This seemed perfectly logical to me so this added to an interest I already had in hypnotherapy and I decided to train to become a hypnotherapist. The more I studied the more fascinated I became about mind and body interaction and how powerful the mind is. Just over a year ago I gave up my job and sold my house to enable me to have a 'gap year' to concentrate on hypnotherapy full time. I work out of a multihealthcare clinicwhere I have referrals from other therapists. This is where my interest in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue began. I love what I'm doing and am constantly surprised by the changes and positive effects that occur. Ihope I can continue for many years. I'd be interested to know how you first came to hypnotherapy as I know you've ben practising for a number of years.
Oh! And, I might add that I am so drawn to hypnotherapy because I'm loving watching such powerfully, positive results happen so quickly with my clients. It is very rewarding. :-)

Hi Melissa: Thanks for the welcome! Nice to be here.

What drew me to hypnotherapy? Well, I'd experienced a few sessions myself several years ago and it was tremendously helpful to me. Have have been a voice and performance teacher for over 20 years and have always felt my practice was more therapeutic than anything else...helping to build people's confidence, building self-esteem, learning discipline and so on. I had been seeking other avenues of employment for additional income, as well as, looking for something stimulating in any areas of study of which I am interested. One day I was hunting around on the internet looking at dream interpretation courses, certifications, etc. and I stumbled across some information in regards to hypnotherapy. I was immediately drawn to researching hypnotherapy and soon learned about a school in Lafayette, CA...5 hours from where I live, that is called HCH Institute for Hypnotherapy and Psycho-Spiritual Trainings. I knew instantly that this is such a natural field for me. I'm so glad that I pursued hypnotherapy and have been so happy with building my practice over the last year and a half. I'm now wanting to transition more out of vocal/performance teaching and take on more hypnotherapy clients. Thank you for asking! Would love to hear your own story. Jolene

Hi Melissa, Thanks for your welcome to Hypnothoughts and welcome to Colorado! My family lived here '86-'89 and returned from Florida in '05.

You asked how I became interested in hypnosis... I had a bad car accident in '96 outside of Orlando: me@50MPH + tree = 'closed' traumatic brain injury)

After a week the doctors released me from the hospital. They told me wife that I would probably improve over the first year but after that, not to expect much. My family nursed me back to health (AKA 'put up with a 40-year-old who could act 4 at the drop of a hat'.) I knew that my brain was re-wiring itself and occasionally the term 'scrambled eggs' flashed through my mind .

For the first year I realized that whenever I couldn't initially remember a person's name, I could always see their face, hear the tone of their voice and sense how I felt about them.That realization 'opened my door to explore' and I was was drawn to hypnosis and NLP.

Enjoy the Colorado weather (it's finally behaving like summer) !

Hi Melissa. Thanks for the welcome. One of my colleagues, Patty Lee, joined and told me about the site. Thought it was worth checking out. Since I am pretty new and building a practice, I'm like a little sponge absorbing from lots of different sources.
Thanks for the welcome Melissa.
Hi Melissa, I don't really know what attracted me to hypnosis however my earlies recollection had something to do with my own benefit. I guess I was listening to an old tape - think and grow rich. I have always been interested and attracted to people's behavior, causes of anger, sources of reality, etc. Hypnotism was at that time, to me, a source of entertainment.As I continued reading more about it and other techniques or methods such as nlp . Later, I read about Edgar Cacey and his tapping into the Akashic records through a trance - hypnotic trance. Also found that Richard Feynman, a famous physicist, found it absolutely interesting. Other materials and books on past-life regression keep bringing me back to hypnotic methods and have been able to do minimal experimentation with my wife.I found this forum and decided to see if there is anyone that has been able to help children with ADD because it is something I could explore with my son. I believe that medication and drugs only impact the symptom but does nothing to correct the source of it. I also believe that ADD is a natural process that will hep the next generation of human beings.Anyhow, thank you formyour question, I hope I can make good friends in this group.David.

I have been exploring different avenues in self help, matrix energetics, meditation, affirmations, yoga...ect.. ect... I have been studying hypnosis at HMI and I LOVE IT! I really want to help myself and help others in some way. I have been exploring all of these things to improve myself but also to help other people as well overcome struggles. I feel like this is the "key" to the "subconscious" city. Change your brain...your thoughts... your actions... and reactions....


Ho do I go about contacting them? Also, what would they do to help me have that experience?

Thank you for the welcome. I'm glad to meet you and look forward to visiting with you again.


Hi MelissaThanks for the comment. Are you a practising therapist. I just qualified last week from a 2 year courseRob

Hi Melissa

Thanks for your warm welcome


Thanks for the welcome Melissa I am so excited to have found this wonderful site.


Thank you Melissa...after the look at your site, I'm excited about taking one of your classes... I'm also going to sign-for the Seattle Conference ...Never know where we are being led!
Thanks for your welcome :)

Thank you for the friend request. I am not sure if you read my profile and whether you can point me in the right direction.


Joe O.

Hi Mekissa,

Sorry for the delay in reply, but I've been so busy with so many things that I 've hadn't any time to get back to you. I've been interested in hypnosis and the workings of the mind since I was a teenager. Unfortunately, at that time there weren't any training courses in hypnosis available where I lived, and the books on the subject were rather vague when it came to the mechanics of hypnosis. However, in the early part of this century, I was introduced to a hypnosis training weekend workshop, where I finally learned the basics and received a certificate. Since then, I completed a course in Clinical Hypnosis and plan on commencing a course on Neuro Linguistic Progamming as well as Life Coaching. Thanks for the invitation and offer of help.

All the best,

Kurtis Sanders

Yes Melissa, I am sometimes a slow starter but I am here now. Thanks again for telling me about Hypnostore and giving me that little push. I was nice to spend some time with you & Katherine in LA. Hope to do it again in the near future.....Maybe Colorado. Your place looks great!

If you think of it....those DVD's would be great. I am seeing a client with Fibromyalgia.



Hi Melissa.

What a pleasure it was to see you again at the conference few days ago here in Glendale. I loved your workshop and purchased your notebook as well!

Look forward to many more connections and networkings. I will be sending you some pictures as soon as I download them. THANK YOU

Liza Boubari

ps. How can I locate Marx Howell and forensic hypnosis?

Thank you for adding me as a friend.If all you friends were to show up at your new house warming party it would be a very crowded event I'm sure. So. We come in spirit and wish you well and maybe are a bit envious at the same timeYour Knowlege and generous sharing draws many to you.Illinois flatlander, kathy sheetz
will take me a while to learn to negtiate the website, obviously
Melissa - I think I was trying to respond to your comment from email - it took me this long catching up with the technology - Thanks - Mark Babineaux
Melissa, thanks for the Friends add. I would love to meet you this weekend at the Mid-America Conference but I will be moving into my new home. So I will plan on meeting you at a future event.All the Best,Debbie Santee
Melissa, the other day during Katin's seminar I was going to tell you a little "technique" I use when writing blog posts. I found that it is helping me to write even better, and to blast past mental blocks. Its too long to describe here, you can check it out in the link below...
thanks foryour help, and for adding me to your friends list,regards.
You are amazing! Don't let anyone ever tell you different.Bill
Hi Melissa,I was a member already on the site, however for whatever reason when I tried to redo my password I was forced to resign up so here I am yet again.I was just listening on the Networking teleseminar that Matthew Walters and Brennan Smith did in preparation for the Hypnosummit this weekend and it was really useful.I trust all is well in your world.Suzanne
Hi Melisa!Thank you for your welcome comment! I am still learning this website. I was always wanted to learned about Hypnosis since I was young. I knew that hypnosis works (but did not know how). Until last year, I found the available training from a school in CA while I was still in the Navy. I did the basic hypnosis course. Now I am going through the advanced training in Hypnotherapy. The more I learn, the more I want to learn more. I am also going to school for acupuncture and East Asian medicine right now. I always believe that mind and body are always connected. NLP is a very useful, and I will definitely get more advanced training on it in the future. I heard about NLP term when I was introduced to Anthony Robbins's books and DVDs. It is a very effective modality combining with hypnosis in modifying behaviors.It is nice to meet you here! Have a wonderful day!!