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I love my work. This is the greatest "job" I have ever had. I am a supportive individual by nature, and I came to hypnosis to help me achieve more in the sport that I have loved and been professionally active in for 2/3 of my life. When I found hypnotism to be the tool to help me, I realized that showing others how to help themselves with this tool would be my life's mission. I love to ski, surf, and play.


skiing, surfing, traveling, loving, playing

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Marc Carlin
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Marc Carlin
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Marc Carlin
@marc-carlin • last year
Marc Carlin
@marc-carlin • last year
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"Hi Laurie, Thanks for the kind words.  It was a real fun morning for me to work with the hosts of Good Day NY live.   I am loving that other video..."
Marc Carlin
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Posted a response to "Gastric Band Hypnosis Story Featured on"
"Thanks for posting this Kathleen. I haven't been on the hypnothoughts site for quite a while and just noticed your post here. The story was..."

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Hey Marc Good to hear from you. I have been interested in hypnosis for a long time but have only recently become more involved. all the best Gary

Thanks, Marc -- Will do!


Thank you for the invitation. I expect thatI'll learn a great deal here and expand my thinking every time I stop by.


Marc, I would very much like your comments on my articles in the articles section of my website, There are some key articles there including the one on Free Will, Commentary of my theory of hypnosis, Cancer and any other ones that catch your interest.Al Barrios

Hi Marc,

Great hearing from you. Hopefully I'll see more of you around on these sites!

All Best,


Hi Marc - thanks for the welcome :)

thanks marc! so welcoming and nice of you!

Thank you Marc for welcoming me. I am very new to this type of communication. I am enjoying the information that I am learning

Hi Marc. Thanks for your offer of help. I'd very much appreciate advice on finding places to perform at in South East England. Do you know of any venues or people I can contact please?



Thanks for such a warm welcome. I look forward to interacting with you and others on my exploration of this site!

Thank you for the warm welcome, Marc.....^^

Thank you for the welcome!

Thanks for the welcome Marc!!! :-)

Thank you for your kind welcome Marc ... and your valued comments on my recent post.

thanks Marc, I am getting such a supports from hypnothaerapists all over the globe and I really hope that something will change as a result of this case. You are invited to our group in

thegroup'sname is in Hebrew but you can find there lots of English writers and you are more than welcome to participate.

Thanks for the welcome Marc. I will certainly take you up on your generous offer.

Thank you for accepting me as your friend. best regards, Costa

Thanks Marc

Hi Marc - thank you for the welcome - looking forward to fascinating and rewarding times from here in sunny Dubai!

Thank you for your hand of friendship Marc. Shona

Thank you so much for the warm welcome! :)

Thank you for your welcome Marc and for extending me your support. I am enjoying being on this forum already! There is a lot going on.

Hey Marc.

Thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to interacting with all my fellow artists of the mind here on the forum.

Have a fantastic day.


Hi Marc! Thank you so much for welcoming me to the forum. I am looking forward to (finally) learning more about hypnosis and integrating it into my practice. Thank you for the support. Cheers! Marc Redmon

Thanks, Marc.

I am glad to be here, and I am sure i will benefit greatly being here.

Best regards,

Oddvar M.

Dear Marc,

Thank You.
I shall surely get back.

Warm regards,


thanks Marc :-) Roberta Alessandra

Hi Marc,

Thank you for your warm welcome..

Have a blessed day


Hi Marc, thank you for the warm welcome, friend request and help offer.

I am sure i will be able to learn so much from this site and am very excited to do so.


Thank you Marc! I am an Ericksonian DCH living in Pittsburgh.

First name is David . I think I'll just leave it that way. Otherwise this could get messy. Middle name is Scott.Caution: don't try to analyze this. Thanks againDavid
Thank you for warm welcom. I look forward to getting a lot of answers from you. Just kidding . It is a little true. I haven't been as active as you but I hope there somewhere somehow someway I can help you as well if there is let me know thank you again .Scott Shaffer

thanks for your comment!



I appreciate the "friend invite", as well as you concern about my knee pain. I also have shin splints. I'll try wearing different tennis shoes. Thanks


Hey did I ever hook you up with a google+ invite? Also when you asked for the google+ invite you called me Matthew ;)

Hi, Marc, just finished reading Virtual Gastric Band Workbook.. great resource for our clients also. Congratulations

Thank for the friendly welcome! Feel very accepted here and look forward to learning all I can.



Greetings Marc, I am interested in your training. Do you have any published statistics?


Thanks for the welcome Marc. I have also trained in the hypnotic lap band protocol in California.

Thank you Marc for your welcome. Certainly looking forward to the training in Orlando. I would also like to get involved with the research on the virtual gastric band, offering my expertise of 30 year academic and pharmaceutical research. I believe its good time to set up a database and to prepare a questionaire for collecting data from the practices of program graduates. Let's have extra time to talk in Orlando

I just updated my website: in preparation to move my practice from San Francisco Bay to N. Virginia/ Washington DC area.

Best wishes,


Thank Marc...but was that an embedded command? LOL....;)
Thanks Marc!

Hi Marc,

Thank you for your friend request :) Have a lovely day. It is a stunningly beautiful day here. Makes me want to go fishing <g>

gentle day,


Thank you very much for your kind welcome!

Rach xx

Hi Marc,

Thank you for your kind welcome. Glad to be here. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but I liked your embedded "I hope 'you like me' find your time here..." Cheers.


Hi Marc,

Thanks for the welcome! I can see this site is going to be a great resource. I find your Virtual Gastric Band Program interesting. Be sure to post if you ever do a training in the Washington, Oregon or Idaho region.


Thank for be my friend in hypnothoungsts, and nice to know you

Thank you Marc for your kind request. I look forward to the journey!


Looking forward to meeting you soon.
Definitely stirred up the hornets nest, but I tend to agree with you. I read Joergen Rasmussens "Provocative Hypnosis" book and it changed my idea of what a hypnotherapist could be like!

Thank you for the kind welcome into this site. I look forward in conversing with all my new friends here... and hopefully furthering my education into hypnosis.

Hello Mark thanks for your invite. Please join my blog
Thanks for the friend request - look forward to being part of this community of professionals!

Hello Marc

Thanks for your note, I think connecting with all these wonderful people is going to be really nice. Thanks

Thank you very much for those kind remarks. Marx Howell
Thanks Marc - good to meet you. JG
Thanks for the welcome, look forward to the exchange of ideas.
Thanks for the welcome Marc. I am already getting value out of being a member.
Thank you for add me as friend


Please feel free to email me direct if and when you'd like

Thanks Marc !!! And nice language pattern there!!

Thanks for the Welcome, Marc. Looking forward to sharing thoughts, ideas, etc.

To Your Holistic Health!
Thanks for the warm welcome Marc!
Thank you Marc for the warm welcome!
Marc, Thank You for your warm welcome.
Thanks Marc. I appreciate the welcome. Steve
Thank you for the warm welcome into the community.
Thank you Marc
Hi there and thanks for the warm welcome from a sunny South Africa. Take care.
Thank you for the warm welcome to the site!
Thank you for the warm welcome.
Hi MarcThanks for the invite to your seminar ...I cant make it in November unfortunatly ...keep me posted if you ever do it again ....Hopefully next time I will be able to come over ......I have always wanted to visit NYC\CraigAustralia
White water rafting sounds exciting.Hope you are having a great week.
Stopping by to say Hi.
Thank you.
You have my vote... why vote for the first African-American, the first septugenarian or the first woman when I can vote for the first hypnotist!
Thanks for the welcome. Altho I live in Florida now,(just moved here 6 months ago) I still have strong ties in the city. Perhaps we might meet on the next trip.
Oh, I have heard of Queens, just not Bayside. I thought it was probably in San Francisco or San Diego or somewhere.Carol
Thanks for the invitation. I like your upbeat profile!
HI Mark, I am a hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner. I combine them both in the work I do in a suburb of Kansas City. Where is Bayside?
Hi Marc,Thank you so mch for the friendship , what a wonderful spirit you are I am originally from R.I. just a hop ,skip and a jump away from N.Y. Welcome to ourgathering of spiritual members. Robert
Howdy Marc,Wasn't Thailand great? I use what we learned there just about every day. The interesting stories are best shared over a beer though :)
Welcome to the site, Marc. I know you will enjoy it.Like you, I have a website that has been under construction for some time now so it is the old original one that shows on the www. Clients & classes or a new website....hmmm....?You will enjoy the wide variety of people, topics and ideas on this site and Scott keeps adding more ways to play all the time. Have fun!
Hi Mark, it's great to see your smiling face again. I still remember Las Vegas with a big smile, and a soundtrack of Mark's voice... ;-)
Hi Marc Thanks for the invite. I'll be in touch.
Would like to hear a teleseminar you present one day, but like you, my life is full to the point of no time to spare right now! Best wishes with your series. Janice
Hey Marc. Thanks. I'll get started :-)
Hi Marc,Thanks for the welcome. This looks like a great site for information sharing and I'm looking forward to exploring it a little more fully when I finish this class. (Pain control and accelerated healing) Teresa
Hi Marc -- thanks for the warm welcome -- I look forward to good times here! - Jonathan
Hey Mr. Carlin. Thank you for the welcome. To be honest, I don't exactly know where to begin with the site.
Thanks Marc: I hope to have informative and positive discussions in this group. What a great site.
Marc: I think that this field of endeavor is the most fascinating that I have ever encountered. I have been a computer programmer, systems analyst, real estate broker, professional speaker, stock broker, teacher, and so many other things. I think of them all the "magic" of hypnosis and NLP in transforming lives is the most wonderful. The field is so vast that it would take many life times to explore it. I love meeting with clients and seeing the change take place. Wow!Paul
Thank you very much.I'm glad to have the name of your childhood heros.I hope that we can become very good friends and that someday you will be willing to hypnotise me.Maybe you could make me more like Dale Evans.
Marc,Thanks for the greetings and we'll talk later.Take care,Taylor
I appreciate your warm greetings.
hi marc can i make someone taste anything that i suggest
hi marc can u teach me technique of hypnosis which i can use anywhere and in a uncontrolled environment
Hey Marc,Look forward to chatting with youAlexia x
thank you sir for adding me as friend
Hi there Marc!Thank you for welcoming me!!
Thank you Mark.Ozni
Hello, Marc!Thank you for welcoming me, and I would delight in chatting with you some time. You sound like a caring and passionate person; I'm happy to have you as a friend!~Val
Thank you, Marc, for your warm welcome. I am very pleased to have found this site!Katelyn
Hi Marc,Thank you for adding me to your list. I'm glad to have you as a friend.Zoran
Marc,Thanks for the invitation. You sound like a very interesting character, just the kind I enjoy!Tina
Thank you for the feedback Marc.Stephenask-the-hypnotist.comFREE guides to Self-hypnosis & Choosing A Hypnotist
Hi, Marc,Thanks for the invitation. I'm glad to add you as a friend.Paul
Hi there Marc!Thank you so much for your kind's an honor to talk to so many brilliant minds about such a fabulous art.Looking forward to picking some minds..... :)KA
Hi Mark,You should come during the 2010 Olympics.. we are hosting them.
Hi MarkI was in Vegas about 2 months ago with Barry and Nan! Hope all is well with you...
Hi Marc,Thank you for adding me to your list!!! I wish you the very best in your practice!!! Keep in touch!!Michele
Good to speak with you as well. It's only recently that I've been able to regularly practice some of my skills. Hope to speak with you soon.Chris
Isn't this a great community!! All these minds coming together is very exciting!
Hello Marc,Thank you for your welcome and kind words. The mind/body/spirit connection is like ice cream; sometimesit enjoys more than just one flavor. The mind is amazing,I like your choice of purpose.Diane
Marc, you are clearly one of the good guys. It is my honor to know you and I am looking forward to getting together with you again in some interesting place!
I'm really excited about some new things that are happening around here. This site rocks! It's got a great community feel, and I enjoy all the "hypno" things "all the time" feel to it.I used to be patient waiting for pages to load, but with all the things I want to do on this site, I am finding myself getting impatient. It's time for some self-hypnosis to slow myself down. whoa boy slow down.MarcThe NYC Hypnotist
You are one of the coolest (and most supportive) guys I knowTexas Tranceman
Thanks, I'm just trying to keep the momentum moving, ya know?I have a fairly unique opportunity because I'm on staff in three clinical offices. I don't have to work to get new clients, so I can spend more time building this site.It's been far too long since we've talked. I'm really looking forward to your contributions to this site.
Hi Marc,Thanks for the invite!Craig
Hi Marc, welcome aboard!
Hi MarcIt's really great to have you here. I always learn so much from ytalking with you.Hugh Cole Texas Tranceman
ThanksIt looks interestingPete D
Hi Marc,It's nice to meet you!
Smiles Marc.... Enjoy the site .. its a wonderful place to connect with others...
Hi Marc,Thanks for adding me as your friend. Please to make your accointance.Kevin
Thanks For Your Friendship

Please accept my audio gift of: Inner Peace & Wealth

The soul substance for invoking the Law of Attraction into your life

Thanks for finding me on here. I hope you are aware of the great reputation you have among your peers.Happy to be your friend,Scott Sandland
Thanks Marc! Your kind words are really appreciated. It would be pretty terrific if you'll help spread the word about Pnosis -- especially encouraging people to stop by the home page and sign up for the weekly EnTrance Me Note feature article -- just type in a name and email address there in the upper facing right thin fields. And if you'd consider posting your practice to the free Pnosis directory -- just click on Directory, register (left facing col), log in, click on United States, click on New York State, and look for the prompt under and just to the left of the moon.... Pnosis has more than achieved proof of concept, and with some more work it can be another major force for helping hypnotism achieve community validation and exposure. Stay in touch. Best regards, you skiing, surfing, traveling, loving, playing guy! Ralph
Marc, welcome . . . nice to put a face to that name. Glad to see you're here.