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February 4, 1964

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In a dream, mind

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I am passionately nerdily interested in everything, every facet, of our mind and hypnosis. I love to explore on both sides of the proverbial pocket watch-as a hypnotist and as a subject. The art and the science of hypnosis and trancework fascinates me more than I can express. My favorite part of this process is when a person opens their eyes and they just glow with the realization that they can really change and do what they have wanted to do for so long. That they themselves are incredibly powerful. That they have control. They discover resources within themselves for a universe of possibilities. I love when someone tells me about all the exciting possibilities and connections they see as open to them. The changes they now see. Even more I love what they discover in the days, weeks, months later after sessions. How their lives grow as a result of their learning they are so much more than they knew before and can do so much more. That I can be a guide to them in part of their exploration, growing, and learning is the best thing on the planet to me. There is nothing I want to do more in the whole universe.

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Studying counseling hypnotherapy with the Orca Institute and attending the HPTI hyp100 course.


amateur sciences (astronomy, biology), brewing various ales, wines, and teas, gardening, small scale farming, traditional skills of everyday living, computer nerd-life long old school, building and tinkering with things from wood to computers. historical reenactment. lots of reading :) Flute (transverse modern and Irish), tin whistle (soprano and low D), beginning piano (Korg SP-250), hammered dulcimer.

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"Thx Graham, congrats new book :)"
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"I can recommend Diane Auld Counselling and Hypnotherapy The Way of the Heart™ Field Integrations Vancouver B.C. Diane is very highly gifted as a..."
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"Journey to self, rinse, repeat. "
Lisa B
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"Jeff, I've never seen a person ask another if they were homosexual or heterosexual. I'm curious what motivates you to ask? "
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"So far for me it has been very surprising. The exercise that involves playing music while in trance was by far the most surprising and mindblowing yet. I..."
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Lisa B
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Lisa B
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"Therapeutic Metaphors by David Gordon?"

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wow I did not know that about the meaning. I was aware that it was symbolic for transformation but not Greek for Psyche thank you for that! I wish I knew more about why it seems so consistent with myself and the butterflies. I thought at first it was because of my perfume but I stopped wearing any to test. looking for any info possible ore someone else with this experience

Thanks Lisa, it's always a pleasure to work with you. Look forward to talking again soon :).

Hi Lisa, It does look like we have a lot in common. It's great to connect here with You. ~ Tony

Thanks for your note. Gilligan's trance camp is the best ... and yes, of course the future DOES hold amazing things. FYI, I'm going to be presenting a pre conference and post conference program at HypnoThougts this coming year. Both are enriched with Gilligan inspired material and processes. Pre conference is Empowering Trance - 1 day to get people in a real special place before the conference. Post conference is two days on Generative Hypnosis and will be real special. Hope to see you in Vegas.

I'm about to bed down for the night love; but great to see you here again and hope you are recovering well now. Thanks for joining the Group and look forward to your contribution!

Hugs and Affection,



I've just finished reading some of your posts on one discussion and it reminded me of how wonderful your posts are. They are well thought out, non-antagonistic, and accented with wonderful humor. Keep posting! I love it.

Take care and play safe.


Hi Lisa and for those who don't know I'm real sorry Lisa to hear that you had a stroke. :( and i hope you recover fully really soon. xoxox

Thanks Lisa - I love your comment "gentle day" - it's brilliant hypnosis as it makes you feel gentle (and good). Kind wishes. M

Hi Lisa! Thank you for adding me! I love California, having grown up in the snow. How long have you been in GA?

Hi Lisa,

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I am not always on HT. Where were you stationed when you were in the AF? I have been learning hypnosis for about 3 years and am looking to go for training through Jeffrey Stephens and Dantallion Jones in November in Newark, NJ. I have been doing the home study courses but feel that I need the actual hands on training.

Thank you very much for adding me.

Oh I have done that many times. Although, when I forget my landlord's name, it's usually not due to accidental trance phenomena. I just don't like him :)

Hi Lisa, thanks for reaching out! Thanks also for your wonderful words about Prairie Dogs. I really appreciate it and it means a lot to me. I'm so happy you enjoy it.

Thanks again Lisa, I'll call you when I return from New Mexico. I like the way you sign .... "Gentle Morning" etc. :)

VERY glad you enjoyed the Trancewars game! :)

Thank you, Lisa. I always enjoy your well written and insightful posts. Knowing you are great! BE well. Michelle

I thank you for yourcommentLisa and look forward to more input from you in the future.

Hi Lisa, just thought I should let you know that after some strong advice from a number of hypnotists I respect, I've decided to sell the e-book for a minimal price. I'm doing this with mixed feelings, so I'm selling it for a token price!

However, if anyone feels that that price puts it beyond their reach, I'm happy to consider 'pro bono' copies. You can find it at

If you do decide to read it, I would really value your feedback.

Hi Lisa.

The ebook is free, at least for now.

I've attached it to the end of Michael Ellner's review (which was a pleasure to read!).

Thanks for your interest. I'd be really interested in any feedback you have.

Take a deep breath and ........... relax :)


Thank you for your kindness.

I will pass that info along to the people who are working on this.

No red tape? Wow, here they can not get a can of beans without a social security card and a state ID.

Thank you, stay sweet! Orion

Hi lisa and thanks for your comments on smoking cessation records. Can I ask, do you keep records on which scripts you use and follow up your clients after a period of time to find out how successful your treatment has been?

Aren't you a risk taker!!

Hi Lisa, Thanks for the add and I'm glad you liked and learned something from my post. That's what it's all about! :-)

Hi Lisa thanks for helping I shall email you with more details of the proposed research and I just need your private email, which you have given me so thank you and Merry Christmas my friend

Aloha and welcome to Hypnothoughts. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Hawaii Hypnosis Podcasts

Thanks for the add Lisa, looking forward to sharing with you. I have opened up blog comment posting..I didnt realize it was "off". Create a great day !...Carol

I love the book series and the movies as well. The last movie was well done. As with all of them there are departures from the novels but they keep to the important things. Let me know when you've seen the last movie and we can discuss it if you like :)

Now I know what "Boston butt" is! Thank you for the education...LOL! :O)
I have never heard of "Boston butt". What is it? :O)
Wow! Like me, you've moved around a lot. (I was an Army brat and also lived in Germany and Texas). The things about the south (other than Atlanta) that could use some improvement are (1) culture and diversity; and (2) healthier lifestyles. There is a lot of sameness and conformity in Nashville, but the culture and diversity is better than other places in the south. I do miss Atlanta, though. I love the pulse of the city and the culture, diversity, intellectuals and open-minded people. But Nashville is breathtaking and the people are super friendly. Oh...and I do love me some Vidalia onions!!!!!! LOL! :O)
Thanks, Lisa! Happy to be official friends! ~ Kelley

To answer your question about my fluency in ASL, I'm at a rusty ASL III level right now. I really need to brush up and get back to a conversational level. That said, I have some ideas on how to work with the Deaf even at this level ... nonverbal induction, combined with memorizing the signs for specific queries and processes and automatic writing, lol. Sounds kinda complicated, huh? ;)

Best to brush up on my ASL and get back to where I used to be at least.


Thanks for the Friend Request and the feedback on my blog post!

Lisa, thanks so much for the ideas - I've been amazed as to how quick all the comments have arrived. I'm going to introduce them, bit by bit, to my son and see how he gets on.

Methinks he's going to enjoy this!



MErci Lisa ;)

Im glad you enjoyed;) not sure yuou learn a lot..

AS english is not my first language, if from timesto times , you notice things not understandable, do not hesitate to tell it to me ans help me making my home work in that area

Bonne journee;)


Thank you.. That would be wonderful..

What a kind offer



Hi Lisa,

Thank you for the warm greeting and accepting the friend request. Nice to meet fellow Georgia people with a shared passion.

Have a GREAT Weekend!


Hi Lisa,

Welcome to Hypnothoughts. I hope you like me find your time here rewarding.

Marc Carlin

Virtual Gastric Band Training

Welcome to HypnoThoughts!Roger MooreHypnosis Health Info
A warm welcome to hypnothoughts community,I trust you will have an enjoyableand fruitful time here,Love and hugs,FableLawrie Shaw the Sunderland Hypnotherapist