Scott Has Been Taken...

Created: 11/12/16 02:27:09PM by adam-kilgore

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Adam Kilgore

11/12/16 02:27:09PM

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It doesn't seem likely for Scott to just abandon his work.


He's been tirelessly working on this site for years, recruiting help and building it.


However, even as recently as last week, a discussion came up in which the he was called out to participate, but he was a no show.


In fact, if you look at his profile, he doesn't seem to have had much interaction with the site at all. In fact, his last interaction with the site appears to be a like on a post over 6 months ago.

His last full contribution to the site seems to have happened 7 months ago, when he posted a about HTLive and a video.


Scott seems to have also sent some emails in the mean time regarding the site, although these are often just an overview of what's happening in the forum, blogs, and videos, so it could easily be generated by a service.

Scott seems have disappeared, but why? This site is his life's work. Part of it, anyway. He loves this site. Well, he likes it. Point being...Scott has disappeared. And it's odd of him. I suspect he's dead or has been taken.

Now, if he's been taken, we're out of luck because my calls to Liam Neeson have gone without success. It doesn't help that I don't have Liam's number.

Or maybe he's forgotten his password. But taken seems more likely.

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Fable Goodman

11/12/16 03:53:40PM

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Is it worth putting up a reward for his safe return?



Barry Neale

11/13/16 05:23:27AM

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I don't think it is just Scott that has been taken. Since the site was changed there has been so little activity that I am starting to believe most of the 17,000 or so members have also been taken. 

There just seems to be a few members of the rebel alliance left.

I blame Trump/Brexit!



11/13/16 12:21:45PM

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You can try and blame Donald Trump like everyone else seems to be doing these days, but it was not him who abandoned the ship.  The fact is Scott has long ago lost interest and just doesn't care anymore. If Trump was Captain of this ship I'm certain it would be smooth sailing. 

Sean Michael Andrews

11/13/16 01:52:17PM

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Sometimes I can't tell when you guys are kidding or not. :-) 

After presiding over the biggest hypnosis convention in the world, I think he's earned a little break. I would really enjoy seeing a photo of Scott holding a recent newspaper though... (Proof of life and all). Best to wait a few days until he can find a non-political front page. No need to stir up a hornets' nest!!!


P.S. Looking forward to August 2017!!!

Adam Kilgore

11/13/16 03:59:42PM

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I think you're right. He must be dead.

Thomas Houle

11/14/16 09:11:22AM

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Yes I agree he has been taken by his new born baby and in the mist of changing diapers right now. Lol

I don't know Scott personally but I have worked for some Entrepreneurs in my past. They are driven and very creative by nature. From what I can tell he has created many entities that demand his time and financial resources. 

I would pose this question;

Where are the presenters from HypnoThoughts Live? I see so little participation from them on this forum. Whether it's starting a discussion, providing guidance, or even advertising on this site. Maybe they did years ago before I joined. Dont get me wrong I love every presenter that I have taken a class from in Vegas. I know they are all probably working hard at building their business which they should be. 

This a brain child of Scott and other that also gave birth to HypnoThoughts Live where fellow hypnosis enthusiasts can come to teach, learn, spend and make a few bucks.

To quote Dorothy in the Wizad of Oz.

There is no place like HypnoThoughts 

There is no place like HypnoThoughts 

There is no place like HypnoThoughts 



PS. Appreciate all the contributors, let keep it going!


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Barry Neale

11/14/16 09:54:59AM

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Hi Thomas,

I agree with your sentiments about the presenters AND where the heck are all the other aspiring hypnotists/therapists who have questions?

Several years ago this site was buzzing.

Every day there were new discussions being posted and questions being asked and answered.

But now..... virtually zilch. In fact this is the only discussion or post in the last 3 days!

It's a real shame because I would have loved to have had access to all these great minds when I was first starting out and yet now, for whatever reason no one seems to be taking advantage of this.




Sean Michael Andrews

11/14/16 12:34:52PM

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Great points, gentlemen! Here's something that I struggle with when I think about posting. I have this concern that if I post on a particular topic, I will accidentally pick a topic that has been "done to death," which would be a downer to me personally. (Maybe I should see a good hypnotist about this!) Part of me says, "But the newbies might not be aware of this."

Another thing that happens here a lot is that when a newbie posts a question, within minutes, your good selves post an excellent answer! What can I say, but "What he said!" 

I await your advice! :-)


P.S. Heck with it. I'm just gonna post!!!


Michael Ellner

11/14/16 01:04:27PM

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Good news — Scott is alive and well. And he is very, very busy. There are huge demands on his time and engery and he has much less time and energy for HT.


For me, HT’s appeal was/is the opportunity to exchange information and ideas in a relativity safe and supportive environment. The earlier discussions, blogs and sense of community made HT the “go-to” online resource for all things hypnosis.  


I miss the good old days and I still believe that HT remains an ideal space for members to ask questions, start discussions and share opinions and experience. It remains to be seen if members take advantage of this opportunity.


Michael E.


I would love it if all presenters at HT-L were spending some time on HT. I think that all first time presenters at HT-L should be required to participate on HT leading up to the conference. 


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