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November 18, 1974

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Hypnosis, Illustrator, Artist, Guitarist & Songwriter.

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Hi Lee, I'm good thanks. Sounds like you are having a hypno-blast down in London!Still spreading the amnesia?
I wish you all the best during this holiday season and may 2009 bring you plenty of personal and business successes!All the best,Marc
Hugs and warm welcomes
Easy Lee! Lovely to meet you on Jon's course ysterday, what a great day! So... are you a believer now?! I tried to hypnotise Em, my fiance yesterday with numerous inductions that we learned, but she would go under. She was trying and wanted to, but couldn't. Maybe she's the 1 in 5?!Good luck with it all mate and let me know how you get on.x
Hey, Lee! Thanks for the positive feedback...I'm glad you enjoy my videos! You actually have perfect timing. There's something on the horizon for England classes--it's in initial planning stages. Please send me your email address and I'll add you to my hypnosis Newsletter. It will announce when I plan to visit for classes.I'd love to meet up while I'm out there and introduce you to my friend who is getting started in hypnosis. He lives just outside London.
Hi Lee,good to see you here. Spooky picutre!Anthony
Welcome. I think you will like it here.