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Carrollton, GA

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A place to share information and knowledge with other Hypnotherapists. Also interested in sharing experiences.

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Originally from Ellijay, Georgia. I have been in Colorado for just over 8 years now. I came out here on a business trip and fell in love with the scenery. I was here to stay 3 months later. I'm currently a student towards a Counseling Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification at the Denver School of Hypnotherapy - to be completed August 2008.


Learning and practicing alternative healing techniques, hiking, and getting away to the mountains for any excuse I can find as often as possible.

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How are your studies going? And what alternative healing techniques are you incorporating with hypnosis?
Good luck with your studies. I teach in Illinois,but like you I have thought of moving to CO.,I love it there,and I enjoy skiing at all the CO. mountain resorts.Check out my sites,Best Wishes, William
Hi,I was surprised when you said that you were from Carrollton, GA, as I used to teach at WGC when it was still WGC and not the University of West Georgia. I'm originally from Oregon (and a few other places), but I have many happy memories of Carrollton.Don
Not actually,but i have been taking online classes on Hypnosis.They are good.And i am reading books to know more.Thanx for wishinh me luck.good dayMarlin
We meet once a month. June 18th at 6:00 is our second meeting. It is at my office in Parker. I am hoping we out growth the space soon. It is a meet-up group so if you go to the name is Parker Energy Healers. Would you like to come?Grace
Hi, I just joined the Colorado Hypnotherapist group.I graduated from CSCH with Zoilita in October, 2007. I am in private practice in Parker. I am absolutely fascinated my alternative healing and energy medicine. I have started a meet up group in Parker for energy healers let me know if you are interested in attending a meeting I will send you the details. I would love to meet in real life. :)Grace Bradley
Hi,your eyes are hypnotising,so well you hypnotised me to become your friend.THANx.good luck
thank you for the friend request.
Hi Kimberly,I am sorry for the delay in response to your question re: asthma. My computer does not like logging on to this site for some reason. I get a little impatient with it at times and just hope eventually I will get through. Well, today is the day!I have had several clients with asthma and have had great success with both Hypnosis and EFT. I usually start out with EFT and end with Hypnosis. I took the Medical Hypotherapy Course a few years back which has helped me in addressing issues with Asthma.According to Loise Hay, Asthma is "smother love." There is a feeling that you do not have the right to breath for yourself. Asthmatic children often have "overdeveloped consciences." They take on guilt feeling for whatever seems wrong in their environment. They feel "unworthy," therefore guilty and in need of self punishment. They tend to suppress crying. Usually asthmatic children will "outgrow" this dis-ease.I usually work with the client to empower them to feel safe & overcome guilt. The book "Creative Scripts for Hypnotherapy" has some great scripts as well. I hope this helps in some way. Let me know if I can help in any way. It may be easier to contact me to get a quicker response out of me!!Happy New Year,Jonnata
Hi Kimberly,Thanks for adding me as a friend and best wishes for 2008.If there is anything that you need from this part of the world, just give me a call :-)Zoran
Hi Kimberly,Sorry for the delay...I DID respond right away but I messed up on where my original message ended up. So here it is again...Hey KimberlyI get a bit of everything. I've had a lot of weight cessation clients due to the fact that the media has really helped launch hypnosis as a viable option. Having said that, Weight is one of the toughest issues as it can involve many root causes.I enjoy working with stress, fertility, phobias/fears and anything to do with Self Esteem/Self Improvement. I also love working with teens and kids,,,they are wonderful and responsive.Ultra, a wonderful technique by Jerry Kein. It's a deeper state of Hypnosis...into the Super Conscious where all wisdom and knowledge is available to our clients and they have access to it. I'd go and check Jerry Kein's website at He's the master. I believe he has a DVD for UH. I had him up in Vancouver this past October to teach this amazing technique and it was really inspiring. You'll love it.Stay in touch!Merry Christmas and much abundance in 2008, KimberlyRosa
Gosh I thought I was doing something wrong! :) I am glad the message came through thank you for the welcome and do check out the site. The HO is based in Oregan and they have trainings all the time. It is the best training I have ever been on and I have been on a lot of trainings! I hope you enjoy the reserach!!cheersGlynes
Hicheck out may have to copy and past) and you will get more information there about me and the technique. Using the NLP eye accessing cues and REM sleep patterns in the wake state can help with trauma and stressCheersGlynes
Hi Kimberly,Thanks for finding me. I'm curious as to your "currently studying" status until 2008. Are you practicing? I've been through the school of "ready, fire, aim" for awhile now. You can email me at if you'd like to share ideas.Best,Craig
Hi Kimberly, thanks for adding me as a friend, wishing you all the best with your trainingJo
Thanks for your comment on the "looking for a little help" blog post. I appreciate your support. I noticed you are in Denver, too. Looking forward to connecting more.
Hi Kimberly.Thanks for adding me as a friend. I just joined this site today. Very coindental - I am leaving for Denver tomorrow Christmas Day with wife&kids to spend a few days with my sister. I also trained in massage therapy back in the day but never practised, my last wife had a day spa and wanted to get me involved! Look foward to chatting.Simon
I saw you were a massage therapist as well as a clinical hynotherapist,.. an interesting variation is the "hypno massage" in which the client feels, and oftengets much of nthe benefit of a "real" massage. Ever done that?
Hi Kimberly. currently I'm a web developer at a security company. I was a client at many years ago for my insomnia problem. Keep in touch.
Hi Kimbberly: Believe it or not I'm abig fan of bicycle road racing and have been in Ellijay, Georgia on many occasions in the past couple of years following the Tour de Georgia. Ellijay is a beautiful place, I really loved it there! Good luck with your schooling.
Hi Kimberly,Please complete your registration for Seminarsonline at:'re going to love the programs I have scheduled for 2008.Don
Hi Kimberly,I love Colorado, and one of my favorite live music venues is Red Rocks. Beautiful place.I have a resource you will find useful when comes time to get clients and market your services. Check out my blog at to the group.Cheers,Craig
Hi Kimberley,Many thanks for your comments. I currently have no plans to the visit the US for training, but it is certainly a possibility for the future.Best wishesJamie and
Hi Kimberly,Hope you are enjoying studying hypnosis. I am also in Real Estate. I have a free hypnosis download of my website. Please feel free to check it out if want to relax over the holidays. - Thanks!
Thanks for the invitation, Kimberly.
I have a friend who has Relaxation Therapy Harps in the Denver area. They are a wonderful tool for massage and for helping the client go deeper into hypnosis. I'm just starting out myself, here in Florida, and really love it. It is a logical progression for the other healing work I do.Mary Ann Walker
Hi Kimberly, it is nice to meet you!!!I have had a full timepractice for several years now and just love this work!!I wish you the very best!!Michele Amburgey
Hi Kimberly!Nice to connect. You have a lovely smile :) I would like very much to share with you what I can. I have had a fulltime practice for 14 months now and LOVE what I do. I also became an instructor this past summer and am really enjoying that aspect as well. This is a life's love for me. I find that it fulfills so many of my desires for this wonderful work with people one on one, helping them better themselves; to be a part of educating future, dynamic Clinical Hypnotherapists; and facilitating group workshops to spread the word.If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.Cheers!Rosa
Kimberly...It will be great to build our Colorado spirit. I look forward to getting to know you!All my best, Zoilita
Kimberly...Colorado is a great place for hypnosis. I hope that you love your new career. please visit my web sites andwww.coloradohypnotherapy.comall my best, Zoilita Grant MS. CCHt.
Works much better than what I tried to set up. Very nice.
Howdy and welcome to the site, Kim. *Tips black Stetson