gastric band hypno

Created: 09/28/13 02:22:55AM by @christine8

Hello, I'm a newly graduated hypnotherapist and I have a client request hypnotic gastric banding. I researched the whole procedure and came up with a 3 session program. Session 1 preparing for surgery, going over what was involved, cutting out fats and sugars and walking,leading up and preparing for the surgery. I also did a future pace to the new thinner her. Session 2 is the actual surgery and with lots of suggestions. Session 3 is adjusting the band.

I was very happy with what I had prepared. My client has had 2 sessions. She initially lost 4 kilograms but hasn't cut down on her food as what was expected by eating 1/2 as much as she used to. She's serving herself a full plate of food in the evening and eating it. Its been about 5 weeks and she hasn't gained any more weight but she hasn't lost any either. She can't exercise as she is in need of a knee replacement but needs to loose weight before her surgeon will do the operation.

After session 1 & 2, I was pleased that she had lost some weight but figured that maybe gastric band hypno is just another name for hypnotic weight loss? But as its been many weeks and she isn't loosing any weight, I'm at a loss about what to do. She's coming back next week to have the adjustment hypno. I was thinking of doing some parts therapy or maybe a regression followed by her adjusting the band to a tight fit and then give actual direct suggestions, rather than expecting the gastric band to restrict her food.

Does anyone here have any suggestions that might be of help with this client?

Thanks in advance.