90-day Self-Hypnosis Gastric Band Weight Loss

Created: 12/19/12 10:38:00AM by @duncan-tooley

After doing my Tooley Mental Gastric Band one-to-one weight wellness program for 3 years, I committed to developing a version that could be used by individuals at home. It is now available as the "Think Myself Slim" (http://www.ThinkMyselfSLIM.com) installment program that begins January 5, 2013. The fee for the complete program is $397, or $30 per session that includes education material, hypnosis audios, reminder affirmation cards, and weekly journal as well as a physical pedometer mailed to the participants.

To kick-off the program, I have created Christmas Gift Certificates for yourself or a loved one, or even to recommend to a client, for this program at the ridiculous price of $147 which includes a money back guarantee.

I even thought (actually the Spirit inspired me) of a way to involve you. I created the "Hypnotist's Special" for the 90-day program at $47 if you need to shed some excess weight and agree to provide feedback that will help me make this the "Best weight reduction alternative ever."

All the details arehere including testimonials (from the materials included in the program) and the 100% money back guarantee.

Give yourself a gift!

If you have someone who won't do an office weight program, send her to http://www.ThinkMyselfSLIM.com,

or be a hero and send her tohttp://www.DuncanTooleyHypnosis.com where she can give herself a Gift Certificate and save 63%.

Have a Great Holiday!

-- Duncan