Contribute to compilation of best practices for hypnosis gastric band

Created: 04/09/12 03:04:32PM by @duncan-tooley

Please participate in an exciting compilation of hypnosis weight loss practices that can make us all more effective and profitable. (Here is the link

The abundance of overweight clients and the Law of Attraction insure that we are not in competition with one another! We have a responsibility to bring our healing work to as many needy clients as possible, and sharing our best practices will benefit us in doing so.

Besides the compiled survey results, you will receive my complimentary gift that you can use immediately in your weight loss practice. My gift is a very effective process for turning off a food or drink craving. It consists of a script you can use for any substance, plus example ebook, worksheet, mantra cards and audio for turning down a French fry craving. The process is so effective that clients forget that they previously had a craving!

Thank you for participating!

Go here to take the survey and get your gift.