Review of Kimberley's GBH Manual

Created: 03/30/12 07:54:47PM by @stan-alexander-med
For about the past week I have been studying Kimberley's GBH Manual. The system is well thought out, and delivers a well rounded approach. The program offers a good number of scripts that cover all of the sessions, great tips for creating the environment, and a very nice handout to be given to your clients. I am very picky about what I will use, and can certainly see the information in the manual becoming part of my standard arsenal. If I could have one thing added, it would be a script or two for take home CDs, but I suspect that most of us are more than competant enough to create a CD or two without a script. Given that I will be applying the information with clients, I consider the manual to have been a very good purchase.Thanks Kimberley for releasing this to the community!