Virtual Gastric Band Technique

Created: 07/01/11 07:37:44AM by @george-guarino

I use Sheila Granger's Virtual Gastric Band technique with great success with my clients. After the first sessionclients typically report losing a pound a day. The imagery of a golfball size pouch being formed by 'surgically' placing a band around the top portion of the stomach is very powerful. One really does feel comfortably fuller faster. The 8 rulesare hypnotically conditioned in, allowingthe client to have a new relationship with food. Head-hunger (emotional eating) is also dealt with.

I'm not sure what this system is, or how it's different from Sheila' but the general idea of a Virtual Gastric Band is very powerful. As time goes by we will all be tweeking and improving upon these 'systems' . I like Sheila's becasue she has done trials in the UK with a 90% success rate. That's a power suggestion when I tell my clients that "we are going to use the exact same proticol to get the results you need... is that OK with you?"

Be well.

George Guarino