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Las Vegas

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As a Client, Full Time Practice

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To give back to the hypnosis & NLP community while also enjoying a place to learn from other quality practitioners as well...

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NLP, Life Coach, Hypnosis, & EFT Training

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My name is Kevin Cole, and I am a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, licensed and approved by Dr. Richard Bandler and The Society of NLP. I have a private practice along with teaching NLP, Life Coaching, Hypnosis, and EFT courses internationally. I am also the president of one of the largest free practice groups for hypnosis and NLP called The San Diego NLP & Hypnosis Network (Formerly known as The San Diego Sleepwalkers). I now live in Las Vegas, but frequently return to San Diego to teach, see clients, and or just enjoy the beach. If you're really curious about me, you can read more here...


Rock Climbing, Skydiving, Hiking, and soon to add Scuba Diving and Surfing to the list...

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Posted a response to "Craig Sigl training - looking for reviews or feedback"
"Craig's stuff is very good. I don't have his "Mental Toughness" training, but I do have his "Sports Hypnosis Training" and I'd say it's very good...."

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Hi Kevin! The last time I saw you was at Christian Mikelson's event in SD. Its been even longer since I was last on Hypnothoughts and so I just saw your message. I'm now part of the team at The Newport Clinic, which was just opened by Scott Sandland and Richard Clark. Since hypnosis is now my life again, I'm catching up with old friends. How are you and what are you up to? I hope you are well and thriving.

Hope to see you soon,


Kevin -

I apologize. we were "planning" to get together and chat, and life got in the way. I don't really even remember what we were going to chat about; but I presume it was about hypnosis and dentistry.

I'm still happy to chat - and you can name the subject!

Again, my apologies-

Steve Sandler DDS CHt

Hey Kevin!

I just wanted to stop by and say thanks.

You are very active and always seem to be willing to pitch in an opinion or some advice. The reason I love this site so much is because of active and encouraging members like yourself.

All the best!


Thanks so much for the compliment and I welcome you as a new friend. Looking forward to some interesting and stimulating conversations! If I can be of help on your personal quest feel free to ask. MH
Hey Kevin! No worries. I'm not anxious. Whenever you're able to call is fine. Thanks a bunch!!!
Sounds good Kevin! I look forward to talking with you.

Great video Kevin;

the patients go into a trance state and can no longer perceive pain in the same way... finally something is being done :-)
Bye bye
The English Sisters

Hi Kevin,
it's our pleasure and we are sure we will enjoy your interview :-)
Have a good time
Bye bye
The English Sisters

Hi kevin

Lovely to connect with you here on hypnothoughts.

We are looking forward to your soon to be released interview with Nadia Harper

Bye bye

The English Sisters

Welcome to Script Bank. Looking forward to your input.


Thanks again for a wonderful weekend!
Hi Kevin,Thanks for your friend request. I'm proud to know you -- even at a distance!Don
Kevin, thanks for sharing the videos. Are you also going to post the other longer video you have on your site? The one with the guy with shoulder pain. That was quite a piece of therapy. I am hoping you will.
It's a pleasure to have you as a friend, Kevin.
Kevin,Its truly been ages,How are you?Eternal Smiles,Leo Gopal
Thanks very much - it's great to be here!
Hi Kevin,Just wanted to introduce myself, I came across this page; to be honest with you because I was researching you. I live in San Diego and want to become certified in NLP. Just have to get the money :) in the mean time I'd like to attend a practice group. How do I do that?Rob
Recently I met with a man who has been a hypnotist for about 40 yrs. He did not believe that I could learn in 2 weeks what took him 40 years. He declared that NO-BODY Could Ever Hypnotize Him!Later, as he observed me working with a client--- In Less Than 5 minutes he suddenly got up & left the room, admitting later that he felt himself going into trance and had to leave to avoid going deeper!Kudos to Trainer Kevin Cole of Empowerment Quest Intl. for providing such excellent training! ...Thanks Kevin.
Hi Kevin-it was great talking to you. Thanks again for your time.
Will do Kevin. Was working last night. I will catch up this morning. Chat you soon.Ciao
Hi Kevin,I wish I was in San Diego to take one of your trainings, you are an amazing instructor. f you decide to come to Florida, plz let me know...Cheers :)
Thanks for the detailed description, Kevin! I sincerely hope I do catch that in the near future.
Hey Kevin, Glad to see you made it here. I'da thunk you would have already been on here! See you around. Michelle (meetup)
I know that area well - we stay sometimes at Hotel Circle when my brother's house is full. - Looking forward to coffee.
Thanks Kevin - I was poking around your site - I had someone down in San Diego looking for NLP training - I gave him or info along with a couple of others.My brother lives out in El Cajon - we get down there on occasion - we'll have to meet for a cup of coffee. Where is your office? I used to have an office on 4th.
Kevin I must Certainly Admit that the link and intro you have given IATH on your site is truly great, I thank you so much!IATH is growing really well with over 160 members in just over a month and considering our small market its really good, I Read your story of yourself on your site.... and was so intrigued because it may not be exactly like mine but it certainly is very similar as to where u were and where i am now and where you are and where i want to be...I would really like for you to be a mentor on IATH sometime, and would really like to contact u VIA an IM if you have?and i am truly touched, this is the first time a fellow hypnotist has addressed me as a colleague, thank you so much!!!Hope to hear from you soon!Eternal Smiles,Leo Gopal!
Thank you for accepting the friend request, glad to have you aboard!Perhaps there was a glitch in the Matrix? ;-DNow, what do those red and blue pills do again? LOLKeep On Trancing!John
Hi Sir, Thank you so much for your reply and support to my recent post, very much appreciated, and also thank you for the friend invite hope to keep in contact, all the very best,Eternal Smiles,Leo
Yes sir. Still in the Tampa area. Office Studio in Ybor City. Doing a lot of stuff online and recording.Hey - FYI - you ought to check out my new music CD at - 2 tracks - 30 minutes and 17 minutes - cool stuff - recorded in studio professionally and it is very nice. We played it at the Orlando training.I'm Going to be doing 1 a month with a professional musician. The intent is to provide hypnotists music that they can use in session for clients and record for personal tapes.
Sure was. It was great. I did the 2 day changework module. Lots of fun with John & Richard and Kathleen.Nice group.What are you up to?Elvis
Hey Kevin. Remember meeting you at the Orlando training. Good to see you here.Elvis
Ah. Email lag. I actually recieved that invite 3 or 4 times, starting awhile ago. I guess the internet had the hiccups. NP.Hope things are wonderful for you there in the South.Best,-Patricia
Hi Kevin.Thanks for the invitation to join you on HypnoThoughts. I am not exactly sure what that means, however.Take good care,-Patricia
What do you think of that picture? Kind of James Bondish don't ya think?
Hola Kevin,Great! Congratulations, where do you meet?I'm in downtown San Diego & of course Tijuana.How about Breakfast one of these days?Saludos!Rey
Thank you Kevin,This one is about our next Power Journey to Teotihuacan.Perhaps you have read the Four Agreements.Enjoy!
burry eh?yes I guess I am....glad 2 b on board!
Hello Kevin,Please visit my page for other videos.Here's one of my hypnosurgery videos. No chemicals at all. Enjoy!www.elrey.tkh="425" height="344">
Hey Kevin,I don't always check the site here as often as others.Yes, we have been doing really well with the group. I'll be here when you catch your breath, and I am looking forward to working together to create something really dynamic with the groups.Have fun on your adventures!Val
Hi, Kevin,Thanks for the welcome. I've been playing around the site and trying to figure out how everything works. Maybe you can help. What exactly does adding someone to the "friend" catagory mean. Is it any different than just communicating with someone.Are you practicing in Thousand Oaks now - or have you moved on?Thanks for the help.
Hi Kevin,Thanks for accepting my invitation. I noticed you in a picture along with a friend of mine, Hugh Cole, and was wondering if you are related?Looking forward to a rewarding experience here on hypnothoughts.Marc
Hi Kevin,Thanks for your message. I have planned to teach for many years now but had to shelve my plans due to the loss of my son and the healing time that I required. I'm so happy to be in the place where I am today and I absolutely love teaching with passion.
Hi, Kevin.Thanks for the kind note. Yes, occasionally I do make it down to SD, so I will be sure to let you know. It sounds like you would be another great person to learn from. to get some lunch and watch my Seniors graduate. :)Talk to you soon.-ErikaP.S. If there are any books you have read on hypnosis and would recommend for a beginner like myself I would appreciate knowing about them. :)
Yes, we met at the meetup group. I was there with my business partner, Marla (I see her below!). Hope things are going fabulously for you. We opened our new school, the Motivational Institute of Hypnotherapy. Let us know what you are up to! - Jessika
Fancy stuff indeed! You are so Rockin On Kevin!
Hi Kevin, It was nice meeting up again. By the way, if you know anyone in SD that wants to become certified in Hypnotherapy please send them to our school. We offer a 300 hour certification program through the Motivational Institute of Hypnotherapy. Thanks. Hope our paths connect again soon.Marla
Hey Kevin! The movie biz is humming along at the moment!Glad to hear that San Diego's suiting you well. I loved living down there, and still miss it!
Hi kevin,Thanks for the tip on this web site it looks good! Been keeping up with some hypnosis and NLP on a part time basis with some success. I would like to do it full time, but have too many financial commitments at the moment and not enough time.. or is that an excuse? Anyway I will concentrate on getting things going one day very soon! Have you ever been involved in doing any stage hypnosis? I was thinking I might like to do this as it appeals to my performing side, but don't really know where to go for this Any ideas?Anyway good to hear from youWarm wishesGarry
Hi Kevin,Welcome to the group. I am up north in the East Bay.Warmest Hello's,Seth-Deborah
Hi Kevin,Thanks for the invite. I have friends and relatives in Diego that I visit. I'll hit you up for a drink next time I'm in town.Best,Craig
That's the beauty of this group ..... Learning... Info...Realness
welcome to the group .. Enjoy!
Hi Kevin,Welcome to!We are sort of neighbors. I'm in San Francisco.If you are interested in learning online marketing, I moderate a group here on Hypnothoughts called Internet Marketing for Hypnotists.Cheers,Craig