12yr old hyperactive kid. A little guidance please.

Created: 02/06/12 09:21:22AM by @juan-acosta

Hello everyone,

I was just contacted by a mom who wants her 12yr old son to be able to concentrate and focus better. Says he's ADD although there's no formal diagnosis. We set up a session for this Wednesday.

I read a few of the ADD/ADHD threads here and I wanted to expand on them a little. Specifically, I'm looking for ideas for good metaphors to use that make sense to a 12yr old. I like the idea of harnessing their ability to concentrate on things like video games and such, in a way that he can learn to control that attention and focus it on the tasks at hand, such as school, reading, etc.

Are there some metaphors that you've found particularly useful for this?

Any other tips?

Thank you!


Ps. I will continue to research the ADD threads. Don't feel the need to keep repeating the same thing if you know where I can find this info already. :-) Thx!