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August 25, 1955

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Croydon South London

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Truth, Knowledge, influence, helping/healing others.

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Motivation, overcoming, pain control, healing, pre and post surgery, hypnosis, weight, smoking, BDD, helping people to walk again, anything else

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Picture a man in the prime of his life wearing full leathers, and helmet climbing onto a motorcycle to head out onto a dark wet highway one dark and lonely night. His life taken away that night by a careless driver. The ensuing accident sent him into a fully vegetative coma. When against odds he came out of that coma but paralyzed with total amnesia unable even to speak his body had by taking away everything including self limiting beliefs unwittingly given him back the one thing he needed to overcome the months of pain, and also permanent paralysis. That person found he had a powerful will to tackle, and breach the impossible using a naturally occurring phenomena, Self-hypnosis. Now I walk, talk and type as good as anybody, yet I am no more miraculous than anybody here for we all whether you see it or not have our own fantastic story.


Public speaking, Radio Hosting, Interviews, Interviewing(Contact me), Hypnosis, healing, spirituality, writing, motivation, computers, Internet, blogging

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Hi Keith! Welcome to the Portland School of Hypnosis group. Looking forward to lots a great interaction. I have no doubt that my students will benefit by your participation!

Thanks Keinthanthony ,

I'll gladly give you my 2 cents anytime, that about all the cash I have at the moment. The car on the other hand is where I have draw the line. It take a special set of skit and a advanced knowledge of the use of duet tape to keep it going.


Thank you for the New Year's video!

Thank you for the friend invitation - and so sorry you weren't feeling well on World Hypnotism Day!

hello young man....its been a long time since ive been on here....i am still about and doing good....most of my time is spent studying...still lol!!

look forward to catching up with you....hope you are well :-) xx

Thanks for the invite and the welcome!
Thanks for the warm welcoming. Should have a photo up soon. Hope to be good friends :)

Thank you! :O)

Good to be here. Thank you.

Sounds good - great thanks
Thanks for the welcome - excellant quote and so true!

Hi guys,nice to meet you all.Cannot wait to introduce hypnosis in sports coaching.


Hello, Keithanthony. Thank you for adding me. Have a nice day. :)

Hello Keith, I'm a new member, my name is Bart. Whats the best way to contact people

in my area. I'm studying hypnosis and need people to learn with. I'm good with computers

but I don't know anything about the social networking stuff. Thank for any help.

Love your quote!

Keith, Hello again. Got your comment. I am a believer that what happens between a client and myself is greater than the both of us. Because our mind's are such power sources, we barely scratch the surface of what we are capable of. Just recently I recently I gave away a free session at a health fair, the person who won was an entrepeneur who knew nothing about hypnosis. He came in for a session and had no specific issue he wanted to work on, just wanted to learn about hypnosis.

We did the session and he spontaneously regressed to his childhood, had very pleasant memories and then progressed into the future, nothing significant arising. Following it he said he was amazed at his experiences and even though he meditates he'd never been that deep. We spoke briefly and he left.

A couple days later we spoke and he told me he felt like his life had dramatically shifted, he'd changed some of his goal plans and even his family relationships had improved. He was so excited, he booked another session. He told me what he was most amazed at was that he had told me nothing and everything that I'd done was exactly what he wanted and needed and couldn't understand how I would know that. I replied that I didn't, because it wasn't me, it was him - all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. There is a force greater than ourselves at work, I feel blessed to be a small part of that. Lani

Keith, Hello. Your comment is appreciated. And yes, I do feel a great responsibility. You sound like a kindred spirit...thank you friend. Lani Nicholls

Thank you so much.

Thank you for accepting. I am a Real Estate Broker but my passion is Hypnotheraphy!

My main passion is working with Seniors, I love the challege of working with the whole family.

I still do not have a web page for my Hypnotheraphy, that is what I am working on now. As soon as I can make the transition from Real Estate Broker owner, I will be doing Hypnotheraphy full time. I volunteer at North Star Lodge Cancer center. I am working with pain control, weight loss, working on my stop smoking scripts. I will be doing Real Estate as a hobbie soon!

Nice to meet You!

What a wonderfully welcoming group this forum is! I have been thrilled with the information, resources, and insight I have read so far... and, I'm looking forward to discovering even more as I continue my explorations :) Thank you for the welcome and the invite!

Wishing you an outstanding day,


Once again, thanks. Lani Nicholls

Hello Keith, your welcome message is appreciated, thanks much. Need to figure out how to navigate to and through all the wonderful things on the HypnoThoughts site. So glad I joined...looking forward to connecting with all these amazing people.

Lani Nicholls, CHt

Hi. I really do not understand how this all works. I have an email that says you posted a comment on my profile, but I don't know how to get it. So thanks for the welcome and if there is something else, could you please send me some instructions on hoe to get it? Thanks you in advance.- Patrick

Welcome to Hypnothoughts please join us, and say hello in the Unofficial Welcome Lounge created as a gentle introduction point for new members, and returning members to say hello in a friendly relaxed environment
Thank you for the welcome.


A few weeks back you offered suggestions regarding the care of my father who had had a stroke. He passed away June 24th almost 2 months after his bilateral stroke. I appreciate your concern and warmth. THANKS


The circles are fascinating, I love them. Thanks for the invite to practice trance work and to chat, I would very much like that. Just say when! Happy 4th of July. Surprisingly here in Townsville we have a holiday today too, it is our annual show day holiday - we have a sort of country fair going on over the weekend around end of June start of July and just our luck the "Peoples Day" coincides with 4th of July this year. Cheers Adrienne


Thank you for your welcome!

Hello Keith! Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm very excited to be a part of this community I'm looking forward to making new friends and learn as much as I can!
There is so much on this website - your page alone has so much inspirational information and ideas - it's going to take an iron will to drag myself away and finish my studies ! Thank heaven I can self hypnotise myself to have an iron will at least for the next and final week! Cheers Adrienne
Hi Keith, I joined the lounge and thanks for encouraging me to go there because it is very useful indeed, I had no idea of the breadth of opportunity offered by this website. Cheers Adrienne

Thank you I will


Thank you for your welcome :-) Very nice.... Lori
Thank you, I will!
Thank you! Jolene

Thank you for your friending :) I have an old friend named Kevin who was also injured in a motorcycle accident. It cost him something he valued to the core of him-his ability to create art by painting and drawing. He was on his way to becoming a very well known artist of science fiction and fantasy-having gained the recognition and admiration of his talent from the very top people in his chosen genre. People whose opinion meant the world to him. This exceptional human being dropped out of contact with everyone in the past year-even his own family. I only got into contact with him shortly before he disappeared into his pain after 25 years. I wish with all my heart that I started speaking with him earlier or that I had somehow picked up on what was happening inside him in his emails to me-perhaps I could have said something to attenuate his pain and despair to help him find hope within himself again. Not even his son knows where he is the last time I tried to contact him. I hope where ever he is that he is safe and knows at least a little bit that his life can be richer than even before his accident. And that he made an impact on a friend's life 25+ years ago when we were both silly pups.

gentle day,


Thank you for the welcome page. I will check it tonight when I'll have more time.
Thanks for the welcome mate

Hi Keith,

Thanks for the warm welcome. I am still trying to find my way around this website, so the group you suggested sounds perfect. Thank you!



Welcome back to Hypnothoughts please join us, and say hello in the Unofficial Welcome Lounge created as a gentle introduction point for new members, and returning members to say hello in a friendly relaxed environment


Hi Keith, thanks for the welcome.

I've only recently found hypnothoughts, via Cal Banyan's website I think and I'm pleased to see there are a few ofus UK'ers here as well.

No doubt we'll catch up again soon. Rgds

Thanks Keith looking forward to being part of th egroup

plz excuse the typo (not) ?? oops

thanks for the welcome not Keith. I am new to Hypnotherapy and based at the moment in Surrey. Where about are you in London?
Thanks for the welcome!
Hi Keith - always great to meet colleagues in the same location! The event sounds 'big' - enjoy! If you are ever in Camden - I am at Camden Lock most Fridays. Blessings, Helen

Thanks for welcoming me to the group.

Thank you very much for the warm welcome

Hello Keith,
Thank you so much for your lovely comment. You brought a smile to both our faces :-) :-)
We are very honoured.
Bye bye
The English Sisters
I already feel so welcome and at home! Thanks and looking forward to future chats.

Thank you Keithanthony for the warm welcome. I am so glad you enjoy the book. You may like to also friend my husband, Larry Elman, who was the original child getting that special sleep medicine (and the boy in Hypnosleep). Looking forward to more chats

LOL Thank you, KA. I suppose one can get too much of a good thing...NOT! Beautiful day (night) to you. :)
tahnk you keith anthony for youre beautifull words of wisdom,may you always be happy healthy and a great man carlos

Welcome back, Keithanthony! it's been too long.

Good to hear from you. Yes, it was a rather strange time for me as I was not teaching the that course. I had broke up with the group the November before and was trying to stop them using my name. Of course I wasn't sick at all. What a pity you hadn't booked the year before and we could have met.

My best


Hi just popped into my head right now! A warm and fuzzy feeling came over me so I imagine you are happy. :) Thanks for making me happy, too!

Love! Kelley

Thank you for inviting me to your list.



You're welcome. Maybe some think they have "seen it all" but I try to look at all I can. I am always learning something new.
Thank you, KA! Maybe next time we can dance together!


My office has signage inside not out but I know what you mean what I am known as..

thanks for always listening to me!!!...Happy New Year to you xx
Going on 81, I need all the friends I can get. They will replace those who have gone before me. :) BTW, in 1972, my family and I spent three weeks in Ashford, Kent. A minister from Toronto, Canada, I did an exchange with a Methodist minister there. We had a wonderful time.
Brilliant link Keith, I am finding confirmation of ' visions ' I have had there. I do not know whether I would have had these 'visions' without my mini NDE. Do you feel yours is relevant to these times. I include part of my sharing elsewhere, where light networking is more central to posts.My original visions and lucid dream experiences were 30 - 37 yrs ago as was mini NDE."I have felt drawn to the sharing of my experiences of Lightwith a few old and new spiritual friends recently,by means of our sharing our Awakening stories to each strengthen each otherin these times approaching great changes.It is becoming clear to me that they were indeed part given then for these times,as more relating to them are coming to me in their remembering,things I do not remember being conveyed at the time,that bear out their present and timeless relevance.It has often been my experience that in recalling a * vision * in ones minds eye or in describing it,that due to the timelessness of where they come from,it can have the effect of again standing before the gate of its wisdom for new insights to unfold."On this site I allude to a 60's version of 'shamanic' experience prior the NDEthen about these times further down the page. you look further down in the replies Sonia opens up about her experience to have been of assistance anyway, I am lucky to have friends nudge my 'remembering' at times. 'Remembering' all we need know to be within us, rather than looking outside for new knowledge, seems a key part of things nowadays*love n light* Teri xxx
Pam Reynold's Near Death Experience This case comes the closest to hard evidence that consciousness survives physical death. During her brain operation, blood was drained from the brain and the heart stopped. She was incapable of hallucinating, yet she was out of the body and her observations come close to proving it. Debunkers have worked extra hard to try to disprove this case. But cardiologist Michael Sabom who studied this case and others says that Pam Reynolds was really out of the body and having a spiritual experience. Consciousness can survive physical death.You know it's real, I know it's real, this is just in case you ever need a helping hand explaining it to a dingbat.
Just had to 'defend' the same video yet again, hopefully this time i was clear enough. :-)
Thanks so much for you kind words!! :-)
I live on a busy roundabout where the traffic roars around frequently punctuated with emergency vehicle sirensit is never quiet. However today we have snow, the traffiic has vanished, and we have SILENCE!It's quite eerie.
I love your free huggs youtube... I sure wish I knew how to embed youtube videos in the things I am on....

Hi your site is fab. I also use a USB mic like you cost 40. The SHARM product is good but expensive and it's taking me a long time to get my head round it. Just made some cd's for weight lose clients which are ok but I could do better, just need to keep trying.warmest wishesjanet
its never to late to greet another...and huggs to you.
No, no. Not a problem. I was getting frustrated with the incongruent thing going on with that guy...joseph? All is well. No worries!

Fake Word Of the Day: Puppyboardingp-p -brdinounAn interrogation technique in which two or more small dogs lick the targets mouth and nose so vigorously that it is difficult to breath and often causes one to give up state secrets they didnt even know they possessed.
Thanks for the add :] and thanks for your comment on my blog. I can already feel I'll improve a lot just by being on this site.
hi thanks for the bright welcome x
Thank you so much for the welcome and friendshipAnge
Hi Keithanthony,I would like to join your hypno buddies circle on Skype. My Skype name is simone49.ThanksElaine
Hi Keithanthony,Thank you very much. This is great information. I will order the DVD's. Can i just check that the one for $149 is the correct one. I have just looked on at Igor's free course and i am ready to go. Thank you for sharing, its very much appreciated.Elaine
Thank you Keithanthony. If it were not for your encouragement, I would never have pursued hypnosis, or discovered Stephen Brooks' Ericksonian course. I am grateful to you, and to Aino aka PolarMom.
I'm waiting to be accepted for Mayday University Hospital Radio as regular DJ/chat host. A hospital has got to be a great place to be to increase my exposure to the medical profession to demonstrate my more subtle talent with healing, and hypnosis, when I am visiting listeners on the wards.

I cant believe Radio Mayday have a website but you cannot listen online, so I'm sure they need me to shake them up. Going online will also bring a wider audience that may get my hypnosis practice noticed even more so I'm investing in the future for when I'm ready to start hypnosis business.

If I get the position I owe the inspiration all to Elizabeth Dye who left me unfettered for two hours co hosting her "Our Worlds" show at
Keith. I so look forward to having you on the show Sept 11th.. Hopes everyone will take time to come hear your story..
KeithAnthony... were you not at my radio show earlier.. if not their is two of you !
Keith--Check out Melissa Roth's book about migraines. I think you'll find it very useful.
This is a great community filled with loads of information and helpful people. I'm confident you will enjoy it here. Let me know if I can help in any way. And, I'm curious--- what got you interested in hypnosis in the beginning?Melissa Rothwww.alabamahypnotherapycenter.comYour Medical Hypnotherapy Connection
Welcome to HypnoThoughts!Roger MooreHypnosis Health Info
hey Keith.... Welcome to HT Looking forward to getting to know you on the boards!Always looking for more Tools.... Aino