recommendations for smoker when leaving my office

Created: 10/21/11 11:49:55AM by @trevor-eivers

Hi ,

When a smoker leaves my office I present them with a handout of recommendations and

a free CD to listen to reinforce the suggestions. I have the document attached to this post -

any feedback would be more than welcome ! thanks

These recommendations include:

- 6 tips of things to do after the smoking session (get rid of any ashtrays around the house, drink lots of water, etc.)

- How to deal with cravings - moments of temptation : not sure about this one anymore, as I kind of feel it is a subtle suggestion that they will experience 'cravings' and 'moments of temptation'

- A step by step how to do self hypnosis

- A reminder of the Anchoring technique, imegery-visualization suggestions and a breathing technique

- How the body heals itself very quickly