What do you charge for smoking cessation?

Created: 10/14/11 01:13:25PM by @kathryn-beck

I know this will vary greatly depending on if people do one session or more, if they do packaged deals, where they live, etc. But I thought it would be good food for thought. :)

I charge $80 per session regardless of what people are coming to me for. The session lasts around an hour and a half for smoking cessation and usually do one session.

I wonder sometimes if I should charge more, as I have been told that compared to what the clients were spending per month on cigarettes, $80 is a real bargain. (Ah, if only I could charge what some pay per month on cigs! It amazes me the amount people are throwing away per month!). However, I know that having my fee lower allows more people to use my services since insurance is no help.

Please share how much you charge, if you charge per session or for a stop smoking program (and mention how many sessions if you do), and where you live (state is fine). I live in Indiana, and was charging $150 when I lived in New York City.