smoking, drinking and drug addiction

Created: 10/11/11 08:06:03AM by @jeanie-friedland
I have a client who is both addicted to crack, would like to stop smoking and drinks too much. These behaviors have been recurring for over 20 years. He's been in and out of rehab. In hypnosis, I asked him about his reasons for originally beginning to smoke (at the age of 10) and he said to gain approval of his peer group and to seem more grown up. I was not surprised. Then I asked him if he needed to appear grown up now and he said no. I asked if he still needed the approval of his peers and he said yes. This worries me. I am working toward strengthening his ego, and then will see about helping the young man grow up as his mother brings him to appointments. I will approach the smoking after some basic maturity isues have been addressed. Any comments from those of you with more experience than me would be appreciated.