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When is Your Birthday?

January 10, 1976

Where do you live?

Buxton, Derbyshire

Hypnosis Experience:

Full Time Practice

What are you looking for on this site?

To connect with other therapists, discuss different topics and exchange ideas.

Areas of Interest:

Anxiety, psychosomatic disorders, weight loss.

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I am a registered clinical hypnotherapist, I trained with the LCCH and University of West London. I'm passionate about hypnosis and fascinated by the unlimited power of the mind. I have a background in art and design. I speak English, Spanish and a bit of Italian.


Fitness, reading, cooking, arts.

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Thanks for the invite, Karin; welcome to the site!

Hey Karin, Thanks for the invite. All the best :)

Hi Karin

Thank you for sending me the invite - already spent time and it's great that everyone is able to share and learn.


Thank you Karin......it is great to be here

Thank you for the welcome, Karin!

Hi Karin,

Thank you for the invite.

Be well!


A warm welcome to hypnothoughts community,

I trust you will have an enjoyable and fruitful time here,

Love and hugs,


Lawrie Shaw the Sunderland Hypnotherapist


thank you for your invite! I wonder how you are dealing with weight control. I have used regression in one or two patients with apparent emotional conflicts but am otherwise currently trialling a fairly scripted concept (I could show you the script). Many thanks, Tillmann

Thank you Karin for your warm welcome and I look forward to the discussions and information that this wonderful site offers!

Hi Karin, thanks for adding me as a friend. Welcome to the world of Hypnothoughts.


Thanks, Karin, for your friend's invitation...:-)

Thanks for adding me as your friend. I've been here since the beginning and can assure you HT is the best hypnosis resource on the planet at this time. I'm certain you will benefit from your time here.

Welcome to HypnoThoughts Karin.

Hello Karin, thanks for the invite and welcome to Hypnothoughts - I've found it invaluable in the few months I've been a member - there are some very interesting and excellent discussions on here, and everyone is generous with their experience. It's nice to see more folks on here from the UK! Maz

Hi Karin,

Welcome to Hypnothoughts!


Welcome to Hypnothoughts! Hope the community resources will help you learn and grow as a hypnotist! :-)

Welcome to HypnoThoughts!

Roger Moore
Hypnosis Health Info