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Karen Haggerty


Family, friends and laughing.

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Hi there,

I hope things are going great for you!

I still use your windy escalator at times :-)

Any new training courses coming up?

Enjoy your week.


Thank you for friending me :) Your work sounds wonderful. Your volunteer work is very noble. It is inspiring :)

gentle day,


Glad you enjoyed the Medical Meditation book, and thanx for posting a review on Amazon!
Many thanks! People tell me that it's just a bruise. Thanks for thinking of me.Don
Hi, Karena - Welcome. Looks like there's lots to learn and absorb here! And lots of great people to get to know. How far into your studies are you? - Charlotte
Hi Karena,Nice to meet you and you're welcome for the invitataion. I am doing home study, with this economy, I don't have the money to spend on formal training. The hardest part is to find people to practice with. They either look at you strange and you already know that the answer is hell no, then there are the ones who say yes but don't cooperate and resist, to make you look like a fool. Any practice I get in has been covert just by talking and throwing in some NLP and embedded commands. I do want to learn how to properly do instant and speed inductions and need a mentor so that I can learn to do inductions right and get some real practice in. I too like this site, I get to meet interesting people, make friends from all over the world (Which I like meeting people from other countries and becoming friends), and learning new things. Hope to chat again. Colin
Hi Karena,My name is Matthew Ferguson and I run Motivation Training in Scotland teaching Hypnotherapy and NLP (I have just invited you as a friend). I like to pass information about the use in UK of Hypnosis and was reading you thread in Hypnotherapy News about use of hypnosis for patients in St. Georges hospital before chemo. Can you possibly tell me of anywhere this is written up i.e. did you find it in the press ? Thanks Karena and look forward to your reply.
Thank you Karena for adding me as a friend on HypnoThought.
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