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September 7, 1978

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Part Time Practice

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To build a network of progressive hypnotists willing to go the extra mile for the growth of the profession and the modality of hypnosis.

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Pain Relief, Personal Development, Behavior Modification, Performance Enhancement, Emotional Identification, Entertainment (Stage/Street), Sales & Communication Skills

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I'm a public speaker and hypno-coach, founder of Hypnodontist.com. I work with private clients, and train dental practices how to optimize the patient experience, as a consultant.


Beach Volleyball, Golf, Performing, Learning

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"Thank you all! I have passed on the info my buddy needed.  Hope you're all having a blast at HTLive!   J"
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Thanks Juan,

Looking forward to meeting and training with you in Vegas!

No worries. We will come up a time to meet and chat. Will be fun. Talk soon.

Hi Juan,

Things are great. I am leaving tomorrow to go on a 7 day Western Carribean cruise. All packed and watching the VP debates. Life is good!! I am looking forward to seeing you in person next year as well although haven't heard anything from the school yet.

Well, we haven't been officially accepted into the program yet. Just started the application process. Hopefully all will work out well and we can see you again at the first of the year in L.A. Judy just joined this group also...


I look forward to meeting you to...we're going to be learning a great deal!

Ditto, see you there

I'mhonor Juan. Ready to meet you all in january. Happy hollydays by the way.

This is going to be great-looking forward to meeting you too.

Likewise, Juan!

Likewise, Juan!

Thank you, Juan...I look forward to being friends here. Hey, is that a fushigi ball you have there?!

Welcome to Hypnothoughts. I'm confident you will enjoy it here. I"m curious. What attracted you to hypnosis/NLP in the first place?

Melissa Roth


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trust you will have an enjoyable

and fruitful time here,

Love and hugs,


Lawrie Shaw the Sunderland Hypnotherapist