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August 24, 1957

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Marshall, Texas

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I am a hypnotist with an interest in starting a practice. I've yet to break out of the hobby stage though. I'm looking to learn and grow in this wonderful field as I incorporate it with other complementary healing modalities.

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I'm a half century old plus six now, a husband of a lovely lady with four grown children between us and six grand children. I am Ordained Chaplain and Faith Based Counselor and love to help folks overcome obstacles and discover their potential. I am an Reiki Master/Teacher and practice several types of energetic healing. I love to share Emotional Freedom Technique and other types of proven techniques that are a wonderful help. I'm quite techy by nature but love the woods as well. I wildcraft for fun and benefits and am working toward a Naturopathic Healing Arts Practice We have 8 cats and 2 dogs that fill our home with lots of love.


Loving, learning, louging and laughing. Building simple Web Sites. http://agapehealingartscenter.com http://agapereiki.com

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Just reviewing comments and thanks. Hope you will find it helpful
I went to seminary at TCU in Fort Worth and served as pastor for a few years in San Antonio,Tx. I would love to do more trainings in Tx. let me know if your fellow Chaplains would like a class. We could open their experience with a class on Hypnotism and Grief Counseling. The NGH has a clergy sub-group,you should join! The Convention is great in Boston. Pull up NGH.netGod Bless your work,William
Hi JT, yoou are a welcomed and loved friend thank you for sharing. best of all that the Universe has waiting for you to accept .Rev. Robert
Thank you sir for your warm welcome. I look frward to being a part of the hypnothough pose.cheersjohn carter
Thanks for the invite. What which faith Ordained you as a Chaplain?I used to live in Texas and I know Marshal. Where are you training?May God bless your efforts to use Hypnotism as a tool to serve and help people.William
Thanks JT, you're right it's certainly great to be here, gonna see what's going on and then I can start absorbing and contributing, I'm in love with my ignorance and enjoy learning so much, everyone who's said hello is really nice.Greetings from England :D
hey JT- just stopping by your page to say hello.
Thanks for the warm greeting JT. I really appreciate it.Dave
Thank you for welcoming me to the site. i do think it is a great place to share information and get new ideas. Best wishes to you.
Thanks for the welcome. Keep in touch.Helen
Thanks for the warm welcome! I too want to create a practice. I created an office, just need to attract clients. Will be training in NLP as a specialty.Regards,Bobbie
Sincere thanks regarding you're comments. My site reflects what I do everyday... educate. I see you are a Reiki Master that is my next goal. Reiki is truly life changing. All the best to you and your studies. If I can be of assistance in any way just send me an email. Love and Light, Wendy aka hypnonurse
Thank you for the note. I am new to the profession but I am quickly learning and most of what I have learned so far is that I need to learn more. This is going to be and interesting and rewarding professsion to be engaged in.
Hello JT. Thanks for the kind words.. The website is a work in progress, but I like it.
Thanks for the welcome JT. I look forward to talking with in the future!
Thank you for the welcome! Peace and love. Adrian Cameron
Thanks JT
Hi, JT. I am always interested in meeting and talking with fellow hypnotist.Ron
Thanks JT!
Thank you for the welcome. Jose
JT - thanks for the note! I see you're an EFT'er as well - I've found that combining EFT with hypnotherapy is an amazing compliment to the success rate of my clients.I'm new to the site so my profile isn't built up yet, but you can find me on linkedin if you like.Take Care!Paul
JT, love your website. Agape Reiki, how wonderful!The ABC report is interesting. I believe we are coming Full Circle into true health and healing, and the media has gotten on board!I love that you too do Faith Based Hypnosis, my clients find the spiritual techniques very healing as Im sure yours do as well!KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!! Renee'
Hey JT, great Bio. You are definitely my kind of people. Thank you for browsing my site. I am still working on it and learning more each day.I too love growing stuff and animals well they are the best. Quantum Touch has been an amazing journey for me. I love feeling the energy move through the subject, and seeing the look on their faces.I have been looking for a dear old friend in Marshall Texas and havnt been able to find him, Thomas McKinney is his name, his familys' name is Ellison.Do you know them by chance?Anyways, great to have you as my friend! Take care, Renee'
thank you
Hi JT and thank you.Chris
Oh yeah I agree with julben about HMI. I just applied for financial aid so I can go to the school. I hope I get it. I will be moving to California to attend.Hope you have a great week!
Howdy, JT! Yep, us Texas folk have to stick together! Glad to know you, and thanks for the compliment on my website! Keep in touch! Blessings!
One of the reasons I was asking is that I work closely with a couple faith based organizations here and I started the counseling program at Lutheran Social Services of Southern California back in the early 90's.Thanks for the kind words about my web site.
Hi Bro! Where are you located? Tell me more about your faith based counseling.
Hello JT...thanks for your post...If you are interested in becoming a hypnotherapist I would highly recommend the Hypnosis Motivational Institute (www.hypnosis.edu)..They are the first and only Nationally Accredited Hypnotherapy College...they are also funded by Financial Aid if you qualify...I am currently finishing my residency and Distance Education through them..Contact me if you want to know more about them...Good Luck!!
Hi JT... thanks for the email... Brandy and I are really enjoying the tv show... we just sent a pilot dvd to an agent in San Diego to get a network show so wish us luck. You said that you're sort of dabbling in Hypnosis for now... I hope you're enjoying your experience... do you actually practice? I've been teaching hypnosis and have had a private practice for the past 5 years... so if you have any questions... let me know. I've got 3 dogs and 4 cats right now so always happy to meet another animal lover JT... Blessings, Mitch
There is an awesome hypnosis class in Tampa on June 27-29. It is free if you sign up in advance. It is taught by Topher Morrison, one of the best trainers I've ever worked with. Go to www.tophermorrison.com for details. There is also a small but very high quality conference in New Orleans in July. Contact Bonnie Miller on this site for more info on it. Hope to meet you in person at one of these. And, welcome to Hypnothoughts.
Thanks JT. EFT can be used with almost any issue, but it works particularly well with compulsive behaviors and habits. It's another form of desensitization. With smoking, for instance, when the client gets the urge, he/she can simply use EFT and the urge will pass.
Dear JT.....Welcome to the site! I hope that you are enjoying life. Please be my friend. Please visit my web sites.All my best,Zoilita Grant MS. CCHtwww.hypnotherapyproducts.netwww.coloradohypnotherapy.comwww.zoilitagrant.net
Thanks Robert,Always good to consider input from others.
Welcome to Hypnothoughts JT! Sounds like you may already know what is right for you.Robert