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I will NOT advertise in the forums, blogs, homepage, etc. in any way and will limit all promotion to the designated areas. I understand this site has a "no advertising" policy and will respect it and the members who appreciate this rule.

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When is Your Birthday?

July 21, 1982

Where do you live?

Columbus, Georgia

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Full Time Practice

What are you looking for on this site?

I'm looking to network with other hypnotists, make friends and learn from hypnotists who have come before me.

Areas of Interest:

Smoking & Fear Removal

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I'm a 27 year old certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, The International Hypnosis Association, The Society of Experiential Trance & The Fellowship of Christian Hypnotists. I'm currently the youngest certified Hypnotist in Columbus, Georgia and I'm the owner of a popular Hypnosis blog called which features articles from some of the biggest names in the world.


Hypnosis, Personal Development, Reading, Studying, taking in a good movie, eating out, having fun and once again anything hypnosis.

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We don't allow personal attacks, fighting, spamming, promoting, etc. in the forum. We have a special private group for fights and another for announcements. Please keep them in their appropriate place.

Thanks I will

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Rod Stewert - Forever Young
Nickleback - Savin' Me
Nickelback - If Everyone Cared
Matchbox 20 - How Far We've Come

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JOSH!!!it has been forever, how are you my old friend?hope you havent forgotten your young south african friend,eternal smiles,leo gopal
Aloha and thanks for joining Dual Inductions. Also we've got that skypenosis group ( were we do group trancing, etc. I tried to find a way to do true dual inductions, but I don't think you can, as I don't think skype will allow someone to "position" the voices on separate channels :(Antonio
Hi Joshua. I came across your website while doing some research on Rapid / Instant inductions. What would recommend as the best resource for Instant / Rapid induction training?Regards,Aladdin
Thanks for the invitation Joshua. Hope you are having a great time and meeting new friends.Fina
Thanks Joshua. Have a great week!Cheryl
Hi Joshua,I have taken a class on Twitter and am going to get started very soon now on using it to market my practice. They told me to not start Tweeting until I was ready to stay fully engaged or people would "stop following you and make comments about how boring you are"!So, I now have my website up and am working on more ad copy and soon will be Tweeting with everyone.Thanks for the info you and the Group are giving to all of us. It is very helpful.Tweeting soon,Cheryl
Hi JoshuaThanks it will be great to chat with you : )Mark
Thanks, Joshua. I'm loving!
Hi Joshua,Have you performed Zap yet?Will you be on this Saturdays Zap Call?Hon WongDeveloper of Zap
Hi Josh and welcome to ERT. Check out the free ebook at and learn about the effectiveness of ERT. Then any questions, just ask. Paul
One last comment before I go, I would be most greatful if you could help publicise the new blog as much as possible, as we are trying to get as much recognition as possible as Im sure you'll understand!I also have to try make a name for myself real quick as I will be working closely with Nathan from now on...Any help from you on the publicity side will be wonderful!!RegardsAdrian
Greetings to you too!I've heard lots and read even more about you, i've also listened to many of your podcasts! I don't know if you've already checked out the new blog?http://themindtunnel.blogspot.comI look forward to working closely with you!
Joshua:Thanks for your wonderful supportive words, kind of you!Keep On Trancing!
Thanks Joshua! I'm excited to be here, it seems like a hip (hyp) rockin' place.
Oh hi there Josh.Thanks for the comment.Oh it's greta to talk to another member.Could i possibly ask you a question? at the moment i'm struggling to upload a youtube video, for about 15minutes do you know how i could do this?Take Care.Chloe-Marie.
I must admit, Its been too long since we've spoken, hoping it will be soon!Take Care My friend!
Hey Joshi havn't seen you around for a while!how are things going with your? i love the new look you gave your blog!
Thank you. Things are going well here. I hope you're doing well too. Please send my regards to your wife for me, and let me know how your practice is going.Cheers,--KC
HI Joshua,Thanks for the invite to contribute. Sorry about delay in getting back to you: only just noticed it.I will take a rain check if you don't mind as I have a big writing project on right now.CheersStephen
Joshua...hope all is well. i will be getting the rest of that information out to you soon.JW
Thanks Joshua for the kind comment! It is always nice to receive positive feedback.Have a Great Day!Jennifer
Thanks for comment Joshua and the nice chat we had .
Thanks and like I said on my post it couldn't have come at a better time... I was super stoked to find out that is what I won cause like yourself it was definalty something I wanted!!Good Luck with whte rest of the week's contest..
Thanks JoshHypnothought is my second home the rest of the world hardly exsists outside of my responsibilities right now. LOL! I am addicted and can't seem to pull myself away from here. Hope we can contiune corrispondance thanks.Amanda
Lol, Thank you so much, is a real honor to have met you i have seen in the forums much discussions on how much you love instants...which is your most used on first timers, outside a clinical scene, and how do u do it, (ur personal touch)... ?sorry but i ask EVERYONE this question :DThanks a million,Leo
Thanks Joshua. Yes, Omni got me started in instant inductions. Bob Brenner taught me the arm pull induction.-Sean
Hi Joshua,I'm sending this blanket message to those who are responding to my friend requests. If you know of other hypnotists interested in the work I do. Please pass this message on to them.If you go to my website and go to my Online Seminar page, you'll see that Wednesday nights at 9pm Eastern time I do a FREE online seminar. Please join my group to discuss all things hypnosis.Also see listen to this podcast the online seminar, you must become hypnoresearcher's friend first by going to Open up a free account there and become my friend.I'm going to start a forum here on HypnoThoughts. Please join that and we can chat there. I will call it Brain Fitness Research. If you are going to the NGH convention, please come to my Friday seminar and workshop. The seminar is on getting what you want from life and the workshop is for helping people grieving who have loved ones who've passed over.In the workshop participants will learn how to connect with their deceased loved ones. We actually do it in the workshop. Very experiential.Chat with you soon.SusanSee you there!Susan
Welcome, Joshua to the group.Susan
Hey Joshua,I will not be available beginning tonight through Sunday. Email me at:woodrowrcoxiii at and we'll set up a time to talk over the phone. I would be glad to answer any questions you may have.Till then...Peace...
Heh! Superhero team of All sorts of funny mental pics going on right now. XDI really appreciate your help in hypnosis.So I see you are going to the next NGH convention? I'm hoping to if I can.
Hey Joshua!Thanks so much for the comments and kind words!Glad you liked the latest vid...It was a fun one. :)I'll deffinately check out that forum. Thanks so much for letting me know. Keep in touch and looking forward to chatting with you!KA
Thanks for the add.... Have a great weekend~
Tried to send you an email, but I guess one has to be a friend first. Did not know that. LOL
HI Joshua,It was great to meet Taylor and the rest of the Gang from Up North. It's great to meet you, even if its only in a virtual format. Hopefully I will get up that way in the future. If your ever in San Diego drop me a line.Sincerely,David
I just checked out your website, it's great! Nice job!Randy
Hi Joshua,Many thanks for taking a look at the videos, I will be putting a new one up every few weeks for you to enjoy. Good luck with putting on your own training.Best wishesJamie Smart