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03/16/17 12:31:44PM

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I remember vividly someone telling me "If you walked through a door, and as you stand there, you realise that you are surprised on a large stage with five thousand people looking at you expectantly, and I hand you a rock and say 'hold this!' What are you going to do?"

I know what I wouldn't do..


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John Cleesattel

03/16/17 12:32:51PM

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It appears to be all about the mind's understanding of how the body reacts.

The "preconditioning" has happened about every 16 hours for your entire life.

We all know what sleep is, and the body knows what it does when it sleeps... so when it automatically reacts to the sleep command... the body just does it.

I have tried "Freeze"... and it works quite well also.


03/16/17 03:02:28PM

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I think John hit on a large part of it. There is a long history of hypnotists using "sleep," and we know what somebody being asleep looks like. Since there is that built-in expectancy, when you say "sleep" provided they have some understanding of what's expected, they are likely to do so. Preframing it also helps set the stage for that.

If you said "Bark" instead of sleep...I suspect they would be more confused and that might elicit their conscious to wonder just WTF you were talking about. "Freeze" or "sleep" or something that is inline with what you want to happen, or something else if it is preframed (I worked with someone whose word to go into trance was cinnamon) should work. But if you shout out "Bark" they may bark if they take that as a command...or they may just snap out of it due to confusion or that decidedly NOT meeting their expectation.

I also think you can install a bit of a trigger (or auditory anchor) with "sleep" or snapping your fingers, so that each time you say "sleep," for instance, the person drops into trance, or goes "deeper," or whatever. That is not the case in the initial use, however that anchor installs over time.



03/16/17 03:45:54PM

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Sounds more like entrainment than hypnosis to me.

If they feel like they almost want to yawn, then they will begin to notice their awareness different.

Just like a liquid lunch on hot lazy sunny days.

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Barry Neale

03/16/17 03:54:59PM

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Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?


03/16/17 04:13:44PM

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Barry Neale:
Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?

That was supposed to be salivating.

Barry Neale

03/16/17 04:26:19PM

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I had a similar conversation with Gil Boyne many years ago and he referred me to the book, The Word by Pavlov.

He did a lot more than just feed dogs


03/16/17 04:34:24PM

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That's right Barry!

He was actually a Nobel Prize winner.

Roy Hunter

03/17/17 08:44:37AM

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Charles Tebbetts taught that the number of induction techniques (including but not limited to rapid inductions) was either as limited or limitless as your imagination. While telling that to my hypnosis class a number of years back, I had a huge plastic paper clip several inches long. I said, "If you use your imagination, this is a hypnotic paper clip. If you choose hypnosis, and IMAGINE entering hypnosis immediately, then you can BELIEVE it will happen. However, do NOT touch this paper clip unless you EXPECT to be hypnotized...then let your subconscious become CONVINCED that you go into instant hypnosis..."

After saying those words to the class, I tossed the paper clip to an analytical student sitting in the back row and said, "THINK FAST!" By reflex action, he caught the plastic paper clip, and then said a swear word just before trancing out within seconds.

Simon Suh

03/19/17 10:09:48AM

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damn, that's some hardcore mind manipulation there <3 :) not my cup of tea yet, but I'll definitely try and incorporate something as creative for my client's goals in the future. Thank you for the wonderful hypnosis script Mr. Hunter! <3 :)

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