A partner to explore hypnosis with (don't end sentence with preposition

Created: 09/12/14 04:24:26PM by @bill-j

Hello Everyone,
My name is Bill. I have been interested in Hypnosis just about my whole life. I can remember my parents buying me a book on hypnosis in the 5/6 grade. I must have been expressing an interest around the house, before that, to elicit their response. I finally learned to hypnotize in college, and hypnotized some guys around the dorm but didnt mention it very much because I didnt want to thought of as a weirdo. I have this ambivalence between my interest in exploring hypnosis and this concern. Over the next 20/30 years I had some opportunities to practice hypnosis mostly at parties, and most of my poor wifes friends. While this was fun it want meeting my desire to explore varying aspect of hypnosis and develop a partnership and collaboration with my hypnotic partner/s. Since Im now retired I find I have gotten more and more curious on a wide variety of subjects. One thing I have gained is knowing myself better, and accepting myself, but I digress.

Here is what I would like to propose. I would like to see if there are any ladies who would like to join me. I want to look at female body image problems (this is something we could help other people with), where are you when you are deeply hypnotized? are there certain words that are more effective in trance inducement? Is there color or sound when you deeply hypnotized? When detaching the conscious mind from the subconscious, is it better to leave the conscious/subconscious mind together? but with the conscious mind in the background, or is it better to hypnotically detach the conscious from the subconscious.

I could see this getting larger so we can compare results, but however it sorts out. Give it a thought.

Look forward hearing from you. At a future date, I think that we should talk on the telephone. I believe you and get more of an impression about person when you hear their voice, their intonation, and their sense of humor (important) etc.

I am taxing your patience