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New York City, NY, USA

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Full Time Practice

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Information, Ideas, experiences, connections, friends, good decent, honest, people, the upgrade and recognition of our profession, etc.

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Speed-Trance, Clinical, Stage Shows, Street-Hypnosis, Certified Instructor/Trainer, Author, Media -- If it's do-able, I do it or I can come up with it, LOL

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The Trance-Master, John Cerbone – Fastest Hypnotist Alive, began Hypnotizing since childhood. On his own, he came up with Self-Hypnosis Methods similar to Meditation as a small kid, as early as age 4 or 5. When he shared these methods with others in need, some as early as Grammar School, into High School and College and beyond, people felt better. He has since invented and developed numerous Hypnotic Techniques and Inductions, including but not limited to "SPEED-TRANCE," well as publishing over 150 Private Session Hypnosis Scripts in the his 1st book and more in Volume 2, "HYPNOTIC SCRIPTS THAT WORK - The BREAKTHROUGH BOOK - HYPNOTIC SCRIPT ENCYCLOPEDIA" -- Now in use on 6 Continents, An Amazon Best Seller! in 3 Categories, 2 US, 1 UK!!!! John is an Internationally Published Author, Clinical Hypnotist, Stage-Show Hypnotist working as "The Trance-Master," Certified Hypnotist Instructor, He additionally host Corporate Programs, some for Fortune 500 companies. He’s earned International fame, being called the "Fastest Hypnotist Alive," by colleagues and friends, media people too! I have been clocked digitally at 2/10, 3/10 and 4/10’s of second, ice cold. He’s co-Produced The "SPEED-TRANCE" DVD set and "SKITS and BITS" DVD set, shot in LAS VEGAS, with Richard Nongard, as well as DVD set, "STREET-TRANCE." Both are now also in use on 6 continents. He likes having fun and would rather be hosting a Hypnosis Comedy Stage-Show or Training Students, or Hypnotizing than almost anything else! Facebook ---> Hypnotist.John.Cerbone & TranceMasterJohn


Hypnotizing, SPEED-TRANCING, Hosting Comedy Hypnosis Stage Shows, getting through my life, laughing, Comedy, Sci-Fi, singing, jokes. Actually, who's got time for hobbies when I am working morning, noon and night? OK, here's a few, humm, let's see . . . Skeet Surfing, Wild Bear Mud Wrestling, Photographic Wild Boar Hunting, Stratospheric Parachuting, Blindfolded Bomb Defusing, Bare-Handed Electric Eel Hunting, [American Rules] Squirrel Juggling, Redundant Archaeology, Active Volcano Jumping, Cheetah Racing, Polymorphous Situational Improvisation, Neanderthal Reenactments, Time/Space Continuum Quandaries, Competitive Hula Hooping, Submarine Racing, Submarine Water-Skiing, Contemplating Belly Button Lint and Low Impact Inverted Carnival Barking [competitive]- I did say "Comedy" above, didn't I? ;-D'''''''''''''''''''

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Thanks John!

Hi John, thanks for the friend request.

I have enjoyed watching your work over the years.

Hi John, thanks for the add - great to network with you. M

"The" John Cerbone! Thank you for the friend request.

Thank you for the friend request - it is lovely to be networking with you.

Thank you for the add... appreciate it...

Thank you for friending! My husband and I will both be atthe training session. Can't wait for the 27th!! Have a great day!

Thanks for friending, John. I don't know. What are that state's tax rate? (Guess what I've been working on.)

Thanks again! I look forward to learning A LOT from you and your colleagues!!

Thanks for friending me. I appreciate it!!! If anyone else in the group wants to read my profile and friend me if we have some common interests, please do so!!! Thanks again!!!!

Thanks for the "friend add", John. I'm eagerly awaiting the "Speed Trance" DVDs in the mail.


Thank for be my friend in hypnothoungsts, and nice to know you

Hi, Thanks for the "friend add." I appreciate it!


I just noticed you're from Staten Island. You know we Brooklynites named your Borough; we'd look curiously across "the narrows" and question, "is-that-an-island?" After awhile it just stuck. (I heard this when I was a kid)

Hi John,

Thank you for adding me. You know what I really like about you? The way you make everyone laugh and the way you laugh right along with them.


Vince C a.k.a. Vinny from Brooklyn

Hi John,

I just wanted to tell you that yesterday, I utilized a script idea from your book, Hypnosis Scripts that Work, with a pain client who is rather reticent about divulging personal details. After she revealed her deep Christian faith, I did a process centered around your "Activating Healing" and profound change was witnessed. Thanks for being part of my team!

Regards, Kelley

Hi John, sorry, haven't been on this website for a while so didn't see your friend request. Thanks so much for the invitation. By the know how you do that universal re-enforcer with the color red? Richard used that on us, and I just realized our new house has red shutters and a red stripe down the bout that? I know you are smiling broadly here. Moving day is the 17th...and now we have a guest room so you can come get out of the cold anytime you want.

Hi John, thank you for the invitation to join you as a friend. I can tell there is much to be learned from you!


Hi John, I bought your script book back in 2009 and it is just great.I have been using ever since then.


John... Trance Master John,Its been forever, how have you been, I do hope you have not forgotten your young south african friend?Eternal Smiles,Leo Gopal
Thanks for your warm welcome, John! I have your Street Trance video. It's wonderful. I've been doing small shows and wow'ing everyone using some of your techniques. I've actually started using some of these rapid induction techniques in my private practice. (It's becoming increasingly difficult to do progressive relaxations now that this is in my bag of tricks!)
Thanks how are you John? Happy Easter.
thank you John i really apprciate this, i have been interested in hypnosis ever since my mom was hypnotized and many many years ago in her colloge psychology class and what was recorded was another language that she spoke and she never knew that language. i have seen some the work that you have done on street hypnosis and i am very interested in purchasing your 2 dvd set for street hypnosis.i i so however, have a stage presence problem that must be overcome, andy suggestions please reply.
John, thank you for the add, i hope to learn alot from your teaching. from what i have seen i you are on ef th ebest, thank you for the support and teaching
Thanks for your kind welcome John. Was just reading some more great reviews on your work so I'm off to buy Speed Trance.
Thanks Celine, for remembering it was my birthday! I was teaching a Speed-Trance Class, more tomorrow.Miles of smiles to you for remembering!Trance On!JohnakaThe Trance-Master
hypnotic happy birthday wishes to you my friend >:D< Celine
Thank you for the add sir , it's an honour ^_^
That's a mighty generous offer! I'll have to think about it....The music on my page is by the musician who does my CD music and will eventually be part of a CD. Maybe. If we ever get organized.
Hi John figure it's been a while since I've been up on your board, maybe this will help me earn some more points, so I can catch up and quit chasing your behind, although I must say it looks great in those new pants ROTFLMAOCheers!~
Interesting John Im starting up my own Hypnosis Website that gives out free information as well as products maybe I could feature one of your products on there and sell it for you. If you'd like, or you could write a blog on my site.have a fantastic day!
Hi John.
Thanks for the offer. Something to consider, though I was joking. I'll let you know how the move turns out and take it from there.
Thanks for the message John. Packing is a trance state for me. I've done it more than 50 times. I may need a induction to bring me back to reality after this more, lol!
Hi John,Thanks for the friend request. I look forward to learning more about you and spending some time perusing this site. We're currently moving to a new house, so I'm fairly busy packing. After the first of June, I'll be more free to pusue my personal interests.Elizabeth Powers
At the risk of quoting Randolph Duke from the movie Trading Places, "Yes, yes, I'd suppose so."Some of our methods require touching, certain inductions I've invented like Speed-Trance Inductions, and Ideo-Motor signaling in regression, tapping to deepen, head, shoulders, back of the neck, etc. .Inappropriate touching is by it's definition, Inappropriate.There's great, good, and bad in all professions, groups of people and all walks of life.In some cases, certain Orthodox Groups, where I've done shows, I can't touch the women at all for religious reasons, so I've invented ways of no-touch Speed Inductions, usually, having been a drummer most of my life, involve them holding on side of a drum stick, and me the other, inventive huh?
Hello John-FYI- I posted this on the Inappropriate Touching discussion - on our behalf;Hi,Great Topic Melissa,I was taught never to touch clients and after thinking about it - I decided that lesson was fear based and I decided to disregard it...Short of a mental disorder- every one knows the difference between touching a client respectfully or violating a client and it is never appropriate to violate a client!If a hypnosis practitioner did that in NYC - the Trance Master and I would track him* own and beat the crap out of him -- Right Trance Master?* Assuming the dirtbag was a male - no offense...
Hi John,Thanks for the request! You are awesome! I've seen so many of your videos that I feel like I already know you. Keep in touch!
Hi John, Good to see you on here and thanks for the welcome!
Good to see you!
Thanks John, Your Truly a great Friend!Cheers!~
Mr. Cerbone!I've heard so much about you! and it's an honour that you would add me as a friend!I hope that as I venture into this art of hypnosis, you'll be able to help me.
Teach!Greetings from the book tour!I just posted a video on my page. Relationship 101!Check it out!xo
I look so forward to such a great group that is on the same journey. Great to see the sense of humor also. Cendi
Thanks for noticing my wide variety of skills.Enjoy your ride here, lots to see, learn and do.Keep On Traincing! ;-)
John,Thanks for joining the referral group!It's great to help one another out by referring gigs./clients with one another!
Hi John,Thanks for the welcome and I'm looking forward to learning, learning, and then learning some more:)Regards,Larry
Hey, did you already know we were on the show together before you added me?
Thanks for the invite! Look forward to gaining some insight here and a better sense of humor:-).PeaceCorrine
Doing my best to to send you some waqrm, have you seen my yooutube?TranceMasterJohnBack later mananaJohn
Muha, Miss you in ANtonio or of the san type,You in your warm weather don't forget to throw a warm jet stream our way!Thinking of you and needing points to catch up !ROTFLMAOWish you where hereCheers!~
John,I graduated from the University of Baltimore in 1967. I'm happy to see that my old stompin' grounds has a good Hypno-guy. I lived in Amagansett (spelling?) New York as a childLet me know if there are any classes or conferences near us.Thanks,Charlie
John,I graduated from the University of Baltimore in 1967. I'm happy to see that my old stompin' grounds has a good Hypno-guy.Let me know if there are any classes or conferences near us.Thanks,Charlie
I'm no magician, but I do have a few wonderful tricks up my sleeve, there's been a lot going in with hypnosis and it's fascinating, fun and a wee bit dangerous, and it's that I'm afraid off!!I see people in so many trances and I'm askling myself who is the BIG trancemaster, People ain't so good they put themselves in so deep a sleep.I find it interesting, Have an amazing day :D
Hi there, trancemaster, cool name, great to be friends with you. Have pure trancey day :D
Thanks for inviting me as a friend. Your profile is amazing!Bobbie
Thank you for the welcome. As I look at this wonderful site. I am reminded how easy it is for us to reach out and and accept a new friend. What a beautiful idea if would be if each of us would take the time to ask someone to be our friend.Walter
Hi John - thanks for the friend invitation - look forward to learning a lot here!Kerrie
You Bugger I am behind you again your cheating with all your vids RotflmassoffThat's okay I am just glad it's you!!cheers!
Hi John. Thanks for add me in your friends list. It's the first time I can chat with you. Let me tell you that I know your work. I have a lot of your DVDs, I got them from Richard Nongard. Great Information.BYW: Is richard reachable at this forum? I chat with him several times in the Magic Cafe Forum.Anyway, I just registered in this Forum because found important names on it like yours.Cheers!
Thank you John,I'll have some great fun in here... Information overload... Just lovin it...Michelle
Hello John,finding my self still around in here... Love to learn always more about the Mind...Michelle
Hey John, welcome! Any questions, ask away. ERT is one of the best, easiest and fastest ways to help your clients. (Can't hurt you, either.)I am available for any questions, but suggest you check out my web site and free ebook for more info. I've been using and lecturing on ERT since 1993 with only positive results. Paul
Hey John, The course in Mancherster was amazing...Thank you for sharing your knowledge and humour. Yourself and Richard are truely ambassators to our profession......
Hi JohnThanks for your response.I do have a very keen interest in Self Hypnosis, have tried sveral CD,s, and watched Stage Hypno. performances. I find them very absorbing.I do try but just don't seem to be able to concentrate.Any tips or recommendations, greatly appreciated.Sincerely,Henry W.
neener neener neener I am still ahead of you !! LOL Can't sleep, go figure a hypnotist that can't sleep LOL!
Thanks you for adding me! Happy New Year.
looking forward to seeing you in the u.k
Hello John,Happy Holidays.Your FriendSteve
nah nah nah nah nah I am going to have more points than you by the end of the night!~BUt I am renouned now so hey!Cheers!~Amanda
ya right you got to break 5000 first, its my turn, here ruby stone....come to mama!Cheers!` thanks for the support and prayers, your a true friend!Amanda
Heres a group that I created to help people practice their language pattern skills. You may want to join the group, its been a ton of fun so far :)
John,I wanted to thank you for doing the pre talk on a friend of mine for me......I was talking about hypnosis and he mentioned that he went to the state fair at The Meadowlands a few years ago and watched this amazing hypnotist do his show over and over again. He couldn't remember who it was.... so I said was it by any chance John Cerbone (knowing you're a fellow New Yawkuh)... He says "yeah that who it was..."So I start my pretalk and he cuts in by saying, "yeah I know, Cerbone said all of that stuff and he also said that more intelligent people go into trance easier...." (obviously this friend feels he's quite intelligent). I smiled, went straight into the induction, and one minute later he was out cold :).So thanks for that!He was also massively impressed that I communicate with you, and that helped him see me as THE HYPNOTIST.I do hope to have a chance to meet you or train from you at some point in time... (wife, life, and everything currently standing in the way of that).Joe
Thanks. I still find it remarkable that we are birthday twins. Both on the same day. Funny.Same year too, right? :-pMarc
hey John you know same to you from both me and Josh.... You have been a huge support in all of this FG stuff.... Keep on Being You because your the best at it!Cheers!~Amanda
John,Met up with Richard the other day and wanted to thank you for what you contribute for hypnosis. I have learned a lot and enjoy your energy and style. Look forward to meeting you in the future.
if not my head then what? ROTFLMEROOTS!
What ever hun, that you need to tell yourself , you are stilll looking at the back of my head now lol
Ha Ha Ha I am way ahead of the trancemaster 6455 lol
Dude i may have an In with my old producer he was really interested in tt and he has connections to get me corprate shows.... Plus I have a client in dubia, not getting paid yet but soon lol
Ha Ha John how does it feel to be staring at My back???? lol ROTFLMAO... UDO OME lol YMCA? COD UPS FBI CRS,, LOL you know I am pro....
I didn't know you were a star trek fan. I have been since I first discovered the show. They actually got to hang out with Jimmy [Scottie] years ago. I am looking forward to seeing it,thanks again Fable!John
Thanks for the comments on my page John,I am working on the star trek theme tommorow.thanks for the project.I'll let you know when it's viewableLove and hugs,Fable
look again hot shot!!
Hey John it's truly from the heart you are a great friend to both of us and we really appriciate the time we get to hang out with you.... All the best man I am working with the news comp tomorrow old friend of mine my old producer, when I was on CK's Club for Kids, he loved me and really wants to help,,,, so hopefully soon we will get to hang out in the same building lolCheeze Breath and Hicups!Amanda and Josh
Hey beautiful, you should upload those picutures... Hypno over skype , you hypnotize us and post it that would be sweet... Then you d have prooooooof that you kick ass and can so hypno over the web...... Love hanging out with you John it's the one part of my day i am especially exiced for... Talk later....Amanda... Ps. Probably wouldn;t let this one post.... Don't matter to me I still get my points so ha!
Hey John,Thank you for the welcome. I'm looking forward to teaching and learning....mostly learning. I'm into comedy as well, also acting, directing, teaching, etc. Retired Executive Director from 20th Century Fox, former cop, former just about everything....but, full time Hypnotherapist and Stage Hypnotist. I'm directing "Miracle on 34th Street", which opens here in Southern California (Yeah, I know what you're thinking and you're probably right), tomorrow night. I have enjoyed very much your Speed Trance DVD with Richard Nongarrd. Great work!
Hey John,So glad to hear your show went well. Love to get more details about the event. Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving, and hope you Mom is doing better.Thankful to have you as a friend. Take care.Keith
Hi John I hadnt really heard of you until just recently with coming onto hypno thought ..... now im a fan, been looking at your you tube clips, shame I wasn't nearer I would like some one 2 one training lol
Dude John I need to talkt o you asap what ever you are doing it can wait I got you the biggest gig yet IM Imediately
would you be willing to conduct a seminar out here in Kauai? I've got one coming up with Phil Farber and I can't freaking wait!
hey john, thought id jus say ur a great inspiration!!i especially enjoy ur speed inductions.... much inspiration!
Let your hair grow.... Winks.
Hey John Broad shoulders are a good thing to have, shows you can handle the weight of the world. lol Yah it is an insanely fun Busy busy busy... WHat was it some great person said? If you want something go for it... It's definatly going to be an adventure that/s forsure. lol All the best.. Oh yah you bugger posted that comment twice, what so you could get double the points lol jjTake care John
You are right, I do need a hair cut, I think my travels accellerate my hair growth. I hope it's good, fun, busy.Thanks for seeking me out a gig, I appreeciate it beyond what will words allow me to say,are you enjoying my broad shoulders? LOLAll My Best to You,Keep On Trancing!John
hey John hope all is well with you I am going to be busy this next little bit so I don't know how much I will be around, I am still looking for a gig for you, and I will keep you posted when I find somethingyes your head looks fine from the back but you need a hair cut... lolAnd yes we both get points for these posts.. All the bestAmanda
Thanx for the inviteany material ud like to share with me or advice and hints will be greatly appreciated! u can mail me anytime on
Hello. John. Thanks for the invite^^I'm looking foward to knowing you and your art~- Kyle
John, I have you book HYPNOTIC SCRIPTS THAT WORK - The BREAKTHROUGH BOOK - HYPNOTIC SCRIPT ENCYCLOPEDIA. Excellent book. Highly recommend for any hypnotist.Thanks,Erv
John,Thanks for the invite! I've been a fan (via youtube) for quite some time!
Thanks for that John.....Dudley
hey john, yes its a lovely place. Jan is a very busy time for me! Send me details on the course and i will have a look at it. Im doing the Train the Trainer with the ngh in London in May i think it is! You guys can email details to me at or send to my hotmail: dhhypnosis@hotmail.comRegardsDudley
Hey John, Thanks for the explination, that is a huge bummer... SUE SUE SUE!!! lol or can you being that he isn't a citizen... ? Anyway it has been said to me a time or two that I look good from the back, but I unfortunatly think that I am now looking at the back of your head... Anyway hope all is well for you I am still working on finding you some gigs....All the bestAmanda
Hey John, greetings from sunny Ireland! Love your work! Warm Regards Dudley Hayden
Hi John hope you ar very well, and greetings to you from sunny Ireland! Love your work. Warmest Regards Dudley Hayden
Wish you luck in your endeavors.Anna
Hi JohnI think its the Lucy show connection you gave me with the wonderful Pat Collins, wasn't she brilliant . I never get tired of seeing and being entertained by hypnosis stage shows, especially if they are creatively done.Best WishesJonathon
Hi and thank you for welcomming me to this exciting site.No doubt we will be in contact.
Hey john I know your busy , and I am sorry to hear about your mother... But I must ask what do you classify an illegal bicyclist? In canada The bike have the right away...Anyhoo, your presence with us is missed...I too Have been busy but all here... How great is that work and get hypnopoints... lolAll the bestYour leaderAmanda
Hi John, thanks for the response. I generally redirect my clients away from the misperceptions toward the daily experience of highway or TV hypnosis. Was fascinated to learn from you that the testing is an offshoot of stage hypnosis; just never thought of it like that. Trance away, my friend!Susan
Thanks for the welcome to the site! I'm new to the site and have been reading about and watching hypnosis videos for the past 4 years. This site seems to be one of the best resources i've found, and full of information on the latest hypnohappenings and inductions. Ultimately, I feel I have the know-how, it's just gaining the confidence to actually do it! I'm finding great conversations about confidence and starting out in the forums.
favored by subtitling their videosI do not speak EnglishI admire you from colombia
favored by subtitling their videosI do not speak English
Hey John, Thanks so much for the welcome. When are you coming to visit us in New Rochelle again? I know you're busy but make some time for your friends here. We miss you. All the best trancin'. Wendy
Thanks John, for the welcome to this site. I wasn't aware this was going to be such a lively (!) site and so I have to admit that I don't have the time just yet to explore it and get to know people. I am looking forward though to doing this and I appreciate everyone who has welcomed me here. Regards, Janice
haha I think I finally got it to workI'm so pumped
Hey John thanks for your post on my blog Pursued With PASSION, as always smiles from ear to ear... :)Wonderful Poetic, you are, a whole side of you I didn't know existed.Lolbest as alwaysAmanda
Hi John,Just finished watching your and Richards Speed Trance DVD. Absolutely fantastic, I can't wait to get out there and use your butterfly induction!! I was also really impressed with the kind words you used on the lady and the fantastic positive thoughts you left her. These 'gifts' were such a kind thing to give to someone John and this is the part about hypnosis that really grabs me, the idea that you can leave someone feeling so much better than they were before they went under.Fantastic stuff and a great DVD.Cheers mate! x
Good morning John! I was up late last night watching your youtube speed inductions. The butterfly technique is brilliant! I'm not sure if people are open to speed inductions in my practice but its a wonderful technique to know. I'd just learnt the staring one recently but that's done with a person standing. This one is better and has them sitting already....ready for whatever else may come!! Thank you for adding me as your friend, John
Thanks John....hope to chat with you sometime
Hi John Thsnk \you for inviting me as your friend.I have your dvd Speed Trance.Is very good.I love your butterfy induction.I will keep in touch with you.Regards
Thank you for friend add. New here, but hope to meet like-minded people and come up with projects. Will be bouncing in with you......
Thank you for adding me. Looking forward to learning from you. :) Regards.
Hey John, thanks for finding me. I am an utter layman and have become rather obsessed with trance and hypnosis! I have subscribed to many youtube vids (including yours!) and joined this and other forums. I have ordered Richard Nongard's How to Hypnotize Anyone DVD and am going to Jon Chase's masterclass next Sunday.As yet, I haven't tried putting anyone under, but I have been studying lots of videos (including yours!) and have read Nathan Thomas' lessons on the how and why's of hypnosis, which have been invaluable and fascinating. I'm just a bit apprehensive in putting into practice everything I've learned, but am sure that after attending Jon's class, I will have the confidence to go for it.This is going to be an on-going process and I'm so exited!! I have seen yu demonstrate lots of inductions and your butterfly one is great! Nathan explained how and why it works very clearly.Anyway, I'm rambling! If you have any other literature or vids that you can recommend for the layman I would appreciate it John. Thanks for finding me and hopefully speak soon!Darren x
Hello John, Thanks for the friendship. Look forward to learning more!Chris
Hi JohnYou are certainly a talented man and also a very busy one thanks for the welcomeDianne
Hello John, Thanks for your friendship request. You certainly seem to lead a busy life. I must get round to padding out my profile as it's a tad skeletal at the moment, but I think I shall sound very boring compared to you! Kind regards, Jan.
Thank you good sirI've watched your DVD and you onlineNot to kiss your ass manbut your good as hellI'm still working on knocking people out haha
hi. thanks for the welcome
Thanks for adding me as a friend. This looks like an interesting site and I'll enjoy going through it!
Thank you John for being so welcoming and warm-hearted. ~Grace
John, good to join you as a friend. You look like an incredible hypnotist. Would love to meet you. If you are ever in San Francisco, great cup of coffee, or lunch is on me and we can chat and share some stories, information about hypnosis, etc. If you are ever in town during the first part of the month, I host the NLP Cafe, SF which has wonderful speakers on hypnosis/ NLP and other topics. Had Terry Rowles last month, fascinating. See you.
Hi JohnThank You for adding me as a friend.We are here to have fun, fun, fun.Many Blessings & fun and joy to you,
Hi JohnThanks for the add. Looking forward to looking around this site. It looks great. Have an awesome day!
Hi John,Are we all making the rounds or what? What site will crop up next!Would there be THE SITE where we would stay a while ... so off to check into the many sites we are all on! Whatever sites they may be ... A sighting of you is a pleasure!
Thank you John for adding me to your list of friends.
Hi John.....thankyou for the invite.... glad I joined the site.Cheers :)
Hi John,Thanks for the friend add! I've enjoyed your videos!- Matt Davis
Hi John. looking forward to sharing.
Hey John! Thanks for inviting me to sign up to this site. I'm extremely excited and can't wait to sink my teeth into the knowledge shared on this site as well as share some of my own. See you tomorrow night @ 5!
Hi John, I have enjoyed many of your videos and look forward to learning from your experience. All the best always, Conrad
Thanks John such the welcome and the inclusion--delighted to be here. Kim
What a great story John and example for the success of your speed trance technique! More laughter in the ER would be easier to deal vs the usual moans, screams and misc explicatives! So what is your first step recommendation for being able to learn this process?
Hi John, Thanks for adding me to your friend list. Your web info looks very interesting and I am very interested in learning new techniques for "speed trances". My main profession and love is ER nursing and I would really love to develop techniques that will work in a fast paced, high stress enviornment for immediate pain control and stress reduction.Mary
Hiya John,Glad to have you as a friend, I have your speed-trance DVD, great value and even better info.All the best,Sebastian
Hi there,I think I've seen your videos before. Speed is vital of course, and induction easy.Very interesting.Thanks for adding me.Kieron
Hi John, Thanks for adding me as a friend. Your coming to the UK next year? Where abouts in UK? I would like to come and see you if I get the chance. Look forward to keeping in contact with you as with every one else. I can see this is going to be a big learning curve for me now. Regards Adrian.
High john, I see your comming to the UK in 2009, To do a Training, pity it's right up the other end, hope you have a great time.
I'll be back ...
Thank you for your welcome. I have read through some of your info and you have a wealth of information and experience that I am sure will prove to be invaluable for me as I learn about hypnosis.
Very pleased to meet you my friend - look forward to speaking the learning from you
Teach! I am so happy to be a member! Thank you for the wonderful education. Here's to years of healing, inspiration, and having fun while doing it for years to come!
Hi John!Thank you :o)
Hi John!Thanks for the invite. my speciality is psychic research & how hypnosis can interface with it. However, Im'e still a sucker for speed hypnosis demo's. I hope I can learn from you.Martin
Hi John,Good to see you here. I will eventually watch the DVDs I have from you! Watched the one with Richard Nongard and yourself - Speed Trance and enjoyed it.Cheers for nowDavid
Hey JohnYah that was me on there. It always is fun.... Thanks for the get well wishes, I got some really bad flu bug, but plenty of rest and positive suggestions.... lol I should be back to abnormal me again soon.Best wishes and Take careAmanda
Hi JohnThanks for the invite good to see you here.Love and LightBernie
Hi, Nice to see you today. I need to work out a date for your interview. Here is the link to the show to check it out:'
Hey John,It was great meeting you when you came to my chapter on Long Island. Looking forward to seeing you again,Janine
thanks john, good to be amongst the masses with the same interests..hope all is well my friend.cj
Hi John,Look forward to sharing information with you.Rosa
Hey John,Thanks for the friend add on. Strange... I thought that I just added you recently. Perhaps another small glitch in the "matrix"...
John, Great videos on instant and rapid inductions. Thanks so much for sharing. I plan on doing some street hypnosis prior to a show at the improv in Pittsburgh. Your info will definately be helpful.
hello JohnThanks for the invite. I enjoy your products and you responses on the forum. It folks like yourself are a big help. You realize that the better we all do, the better we all do.Thanks againRandy
Hi john. Thank you for your invitation to be your friend. Thats what i like about this site and the hypnotic community in general - big fish talk to and help little fish instead of eating them!RegardsGraham
Hi John... Thanks for inviting me to be a friend. I look forward to watching your videos. I am especially interested in speedy/super fast inductions. Thank you for posting them! Margaret
Hi John,Thanks for inviting me to join this communitySean
John,I was watching some of your videos today...your inductions are awesome! Very impressive.JW
Hi John...Thanks.....friends is always a great way to start. I thought I just sent a reply, (comment), to you, it must have gotten's another. I do look forward to learning more about your talents and about what you do.Steve
Hi John, friend, a pleasure to start knowing about you. I look forward to learning more about you, your talents and insights, maybe some day as I come up to speed, that can be visa versa too.Steve
Hi John! Yes indeed I was finally successful at signing on and in. Thanks so much again for your invitation to do so. I'm looking forward to becoming involved in discussion and looking forward to contributing to and gaining from the collective knowledge. All the best from me to you ... talk soon ...Linda
Thanks for the welcome.Missed your company.Good to be found by you.Pearlan
John, its been forever...lets catch up soon.JW
Hi John, I took one of your 2-hour classes at NGH,it was very good and I bought one of your script books. So I am pleased to learn your career is going well.Stay in touch,William Mitchell
by the way I understand now why you picked Red for your page lol
Hey,John thanks for sharing your time and knowledge with us allthanks ward.
Hi John - Really enjoyed the Speed Trance DVDs. Fascinating stuff and I'm looking forward to using the skills more as I build up my confidence with them.
Thanks for the friend invite John. Interesting groups you belong to, I will be joining some. I'm a bit of a scifi nut myself :)
I just ordered and received today, your book Hypnotic Scripts That Work. I am a hypnotherapy student and this looks quite promising. I am loking forward to reading it. Lisa
I can see from your face that you are one funny guy! lolWendy Lewis Psychic, UK
Funny thing that I also collect watches, but seldom wear one. Ah well time. Tell me more about DVDs and books. Perhaps you already mentioned those items elsewhere? I mean would hate to miss out on the hits of 6 continents. Stella
John you sound like a nut I like you. I also like your hobbies might just join you for the pure fun of it. Must say the only speed trance I knew about until now is Elman and I'm pretty good at getting somebody's cooperationj for trance in less than a minute. Let's definitely talk a whole lot more. Stella
Thanks John demostrations are a great idea. it's like advertising and practicing all at the same time
Hey John I was wondering how the best way to approch practicing on complete strangers is. See the subjects on whom I used to practice are now out of my social circle as life takes us all down different roads I want my first show to be with in the next year but I really want to get some practicing in. Any ideas on how to approch someone and say .... "Hey can I hypnotize you"
Thanks John all your suggestions are really great I can't wait to get out there.
Thanks again for the tip on an available room at the convention. My friend contacted the lady and got her reservation, so eveyone is happy. The benefits of quick networking in action!
thanks for the invite, Thank you for your contributions to hypnosis!I love to wach you work!I hope one day to catch on of your classesDan
Hi John ...Thank you for that fantastic DVD you sent me Speed Trance .......I would love to be half as good as you .......It can be very isolated here in Adelaide .....your DVD has helped me to stay motivated ...Thanks againCRAIG
Hope I wasn't too rough yesterday. I write comedy sometimes, the "edge" makes it funny - IF you have a rapport with the audience first. So if it was too early in our relationship to join you in "Polymorphous Situational Improvisation", I apologize!
Thanks for extending the friendly hand. Like your stuff, though it's hard to distinguish between what works the first time, what works best for re-inductions. Would like to stay in touch! Yisroel H
Hi there JohnThanks for adding me to your friends. Your videos are great.cheersJohn
Hey, John, I used your wiggly finger induction this weekend for the first time. Thanks for sharing so many videos of your work!
Hi JohnThanks for the invitation. I will take a look at some of the groups you list and talk to you further.Best regards,Bernie
Hi there. How old were you the first time you were ever hypnotized yourself? Mine was at 10 by someone named Joan Brandon, a beautiful platinum blonde daughter of a show biz magician. Are you also a magician?
Glad to have you as a "friend'. Will you be at the NGH conference next month in Marlborough, Ma. ? p.s. I like the list of your hobbies. Bonnie.
The Trance Master is Truelly Amazing, thanks for helping me on my hypnotic path...Leo.
Hello John Thank you for the invite. I will be in touch.