Sometimes, it's too easy...

Created: 09/25/17 02:32:50PM by graham-old

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Graham Old

09/25/17 02:32:50PM

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Me: "What does it feel like when that hand is stuck to your leg?"

Them: "Oh my God!"

Kelley Woods

09/25/17 03:53:50PM

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LOL! One of my faves for teens, btw. You know things are going right when they can't stop smiling.

Graham Old

09/26/17 10:21:31AM

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Yep! It's great when everyone in the room is having a ball!

I'm not sure that's what some hypnos call 'going there first,' but I'm certainly not adverse to smiling along with them! :)

Scott Hogue

10/02/17 04:09:16PM

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I remember the simplest, easiest session I ever had.

As they sat in the chair I said, "Oh, the bathroom is to the left and second door on the left, you might want to take care of that before we start..."

They were so shocked. They said, How did you know I needed to go to the bathroom?

You aren't the first person to sit in that chair, this is what I do.

Anything I said after that was as good as gold.

Best and a few laughs for you and yours,

Scott Hogue CChH


10/03/17 02:19:06AM

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I think I've told this one before, but relevant to the topic...with one of my first goes at hypnosis with a friend, I did an eye closure induction. All went great, and a did a motivational intervention with symbolism. He wanted to go in again and do something else, which caught me off guard and unprepared, so I just said, Ok, well er... same as before.... and I was focussing on myself, internalising and rehearsing my induction I got interrupted by "I can't open my eyes!". Does not get ANY easier than that. It's like, "can you hypnotise me"..."Yeah"....Gone.

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